The one who really loves you will never say that to you.
The one who really loves you will never say that to you.
No matter how many words "I love you" are not as good as "I'm here".

usually a relationship for a long time, between two people will inevitably have some time to love and kill each other, at the same time, there will be a lot of "cruel words".

when you argue or argue with him, he will say, "that's who I am."

when you complain about his lack of progress and inaction, he will say, "you don't know until now!"

when you say that he has changed now, that he is no longer romantic or ceremonial, he will say, "I regret it, but I see it now."


the word "I was like this" blocks all your words, cools your heart thoroughly and makes you fall to the freezing point.

although the words do not sound so vicious, they give people a sense of helplessness and discouragement.

I even think: such a person, do you think he still has love?

I think people who really love you will not say this sentence, only selfish people who do not love enough will often say so.

the leaves are not yellow in a day, the heart is not cool in a day, and the coolness in the heart must be accumulated by hopelessness and death over and over again.

you know, no matter how enthusiastic a person is, he can't wake up and pretend to sleep; no matter how much love he has, he can't cover a cold heart.

one person's indifference will eventually silence another person.

I have always believed that the greatest way to love someone is to be willing to change yourself for the sake of each other.

does not mean to live completely into the ideal type in the other person's mind, but to change voluntarily for the sake of each other and for the sake of a common future.

know a male friend who doesn't pay attention to his image before getting married and never controls eating and drinking. As a result, he is not too old, but his figure is very rich.

his wife did not dislike him, and the two had a happy marriage.

but his wife herself is a very self-disciplined person. She often exercises and works out and signs up for dance and yoga classes. The whole person lives a very delicate life.

before long, he took the initiative to sign up for class with his wife to go to the gym, and the two often went night jogging and mountain climbing together.

I saw him some time ago. His figure has obviously become stylish, and he looks very energetic.

when I asked him where he had the motivation to change himself, he smiled foolishly and said, "probably the power of love."

sounds creepy, but it was because of his wife that he changed his mind.

I have seen too many "dead pigs are not afraid of boiling water" people, whether single or married, have always lived a very self-centered life, only for the immediate comfort, never willing to try to change.

it's comfortable to stay in the comfort zone, but it's a sign of true love when she changes herself for the one she loves.

as the saying goes:

the person who can change for you must be the one who cares about you very much, and the one who can change himself must be the one who has you in his heart.

because a person's attitude towards you reflects how much he loves you.

someone once said that there is a common problem in love. When you can't get it, you scratch your heart and think about it all the time. When you get it, you don't know how to cherish it.

after you really get along, you will find that the gentleman and polite person will yell at the waiter; the person who says he wants to give you a future is simply a salted fish who doesn't want to make progress.

when you feel deceived to question him, he just says faintly, "that's who I am, but you didn't see it clearly."

maybe it's not that he doesn't love you, but he doesn't love enough to change himself for you, because in his heart, he is the most important.

and the person who really loves you will never prevaricate you with such an excuse.

even now he is not the best appearance, but he will try to change for you, try to work hard, run on the road with you, and strive for your common future.

even now, he still has a lot of bad habits that bother you. He may not be able to change them for a while, but he will try to change them for you. Many things are not whether he can do it, but whether he wants to do it or not.

there are many ways to love someone, but what moves me most is that I have become a different person because of you.

finally, I would like to say that for those of us who have heard of love, we must remember:

the greatest significance of love is that two souls attract each other, but also that two hearts depend on each other.

and the greatest significance of marriage is that no matter how many words "I love you" are not as good as "I am here".

, good night.

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