The mouth is someone else's; the road is your own.
The mouth is someone else's; the road is your own.
Go your own way and do your own thing openly and openly.

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Little monk in one Zen

Shakespeare said that in the eyes of a thousand viewers, there are a thousand Hamlets.

there are countless people in the world who naturally have innumerable mouths.

since there are countless mouths, there is endless right and wrong.

there is also a saying in Zengguang Xianwen: who does not talk about others behind them, and no one behind them.

it doesn't matter what other people say, it's important to be yourself.

A human mouth has two skins, don't take it to heart

in the fable "comments on Birds", there is a passage:

the sparrow says the swallow is a coward who is afraid of the cold; the swallow says the oriole, but has a beautiful costume;

the oriole says that the lark has a pleasant voice and an impure motive; the lark says that the parrot is the most unprincipled.

the parrot says the magpie is born with a servile face; the magpie says the goshawk aims too high; the goshawk says the sparrow has an inch of mouse eyes.

there is no one in the world who is not talked about, and you can't satisfy everyone.

people who like you, you do everything right; people who hate you, you live is superfluous.

there is a self-inflicted sadness in life, which is to live in the mouths of others.

remember the ironic story of the couple riding donkeys:

others are accused of saying:

"the woman was so rude that she let her husband lead the donkey."

the wife blushed and let her husband ride the donkey.

then, someone accused him of saying:

"the man was so ruthless that he let his wife lead the donkey and ride it by himself."

the husband felt ashamed, too, so they decided to ride the donkey together.

as a result, someone said:

"the couple are so bad that they ride a little donkey and they are obviously abusing animals."

after hearing this, the husband and wife were completely confused, so they walked together with the donkey.

but surprisingly, some people still say:

"this couple is really stupid. They are obviously holding a donkey, but neither of them rides it. Then why do you keep this animal?"

with the passing of the world, it is difficult to adjust the population.

No matter how kind you are, someone will say you are bad; no matter how perfect you are, there will be people who will tell you what to do.

just like the couple in the story:

when you are poor, some people dislike you; when you are rich, some people envy you; the more you care, the more upset you will be.

most of the time, it's not that you don't do well, but some people just like to find fault.

as the great poet Dante said:

"go your own way and let others talk."

words are in the mouth of others,

the road is at your own feet

the long road of life does not come out of the mouths of others, but step by step.

to be a man, never lose the courage to move forward because of the words of others.

once, on the post bar, I saw such a very useful sentence:

I never value the opinions of others, because I know that one person is as difficult as a hundred people want, as long as he likes it;

I don't care about other people's insults, because I understand that I am not other people's wisdom teeth, no matter how you say it, it will not affect me;

I do not expect the happiness of others, because I know that how others have nothing to do with me, the most important thing is to live my own life.

you can't stop your mouth growing on others; listen to other people's gossip, no matter what's good or bad.

Life, once caught in other people's gossip, will be very tired.

but if you stick to your own path, life will be much easier.

as the saying goes:

those who have ability will be said; those who have no ability will only talk about others.

instead of thinking about what others say about you behind your back, it's better to take a good step with your heart.

facts speak louder than rumors, and actions are more powerful than words!

Today, someone laughs at you, but tomorrow he will be impressed.

now, others despise you, but in the future it will be too high for him to ascend.

try your best to go your own way and do your own thing attentively. Time will tell.

go your own way and be your own master

the scenery of life is not in the evaluation of others; walking your own way is the most beautiful scenery.

as Mr. Li Ka-shing said:

to overcome the anxiety and depression of life, you must first learn to be your own master.

Don't be shaken by bad comments, don't feel sorry for yourself because others look down on you;

only by sticking to the road under your feet can you embrace true happiness.

I have heard such a tearful story:

on the bus, there was a dirty boy with a shabby handbag in his arms, but his mother's urn in it.

A lady next to her, after learning what had happened to the boy, said lovingly, "what a miserable child!"

but the boy smiled folly and said:

"Auntie, actually, I am a little bit.I don't suffer from fate. In the past, I always cared about others' eyes and felt bitter, but now I know that I should be as brave as Forrest Gump. "

the lady was surprised and asked, "I can't believe you know Forrest Gump?"

the lady was even more surprised and asked, "son, what did you learn from Forrest Gump?"

the boy then said:

"I have learned that don't care about other people's eyes and go your own way; everyone is unique, just like chocolate, some are bitter, some are sweet."

Life is not easy. If you are bound by gossip, you will be bound by yourself.

No matter whether the day is good or bad, there is no need for others to know the pain, let alone comfort the pain.

those who understand you will naturally understand; for those who do not understand you, it is useless to break the sky.

go your own way openly and do your own things openly.

, as long as you have a clear conscience and survive the rain, snow and frost of life, the future will be sunny.