The most correct way of life this year (suggested collection)
The most correct way of life this year (suggested collection)
There is always a good reason for a wonderful life.

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Life is very short, too short to embrace the morning, already holding the dusk.

everyone must be nice, healthy and happy.

Let's take a look at the most correct way of life, collect it and do it.


go to bed earlier

staying up late at night is actually torturing your body, which will bring certain health risks to your body.

so be sure to go to bed early. It is recommended to go to bed before 23:00.


drink water more frequently

wait until you are thirsty before you want to drink water, when the body is already in a state of lack of water. Friends should learn to drink before they are thirsty and take the initiative to drink on time every day.

especially when you get up in the morning, a cup of warm water can moisturize the intestines and defecate, and a cup of warm water before going to bed can have the effect of heat preservation.


exercise a little more

exercise can give people a healthy body and a good state of mind, making the body and mind young forever.

sitting for a long time is easy to cause muscle decline and atrophy, but also cause overwork of the cervical, shoulder and lumbar vertebrae. Therefore, walking more and exercising frequently is the only way to be healthy.


be lazy once in a while

Life is so hard that it's normal to think about being lazy once in a while, but sometimes it's healthier and happier to be lazy.

Don't think too much and worry about trifles. It's very tiring.

Life is muddled through, but it turns out to be indifferent, clean and broad-minded.


Travel needs a little

it is better to travel ten thousand miles than to read ten thousand books, go out more, and you will find that the world is really beautiful. The beautiful scenery can make you forget all your troubles. Of course, this will have to wait until the spring blossoms.

Don't hesitate to go to places you haven't been to but really want to see.

really wait until old age, physical strength may not be able to keep up with your heart.


eat some lean meat

Don't always think that eating meat is unhealthy and blindly eating light food will lead to unhealthy health.

because meat contains some nutrients that other foods do not have, it is necessary to eat some of them properly and replenish them.


more fruits and vegetables

eating more vegetables is good for your health. You should eat no less than 300 grams of vegetables every day, mainly leafy vegetables and dark vegetables (such as dark green, red, orange, purple, etc.).

try to eat one or two kinds of fruit every day.


less oil and salt

eating too much salt will increase the burden on the kidney and may reduce the barrier effect of oral mucosa.

Cooking oil should be of better quality and should be changed frequently. Half two oil per person per day is fine.


eat a little miscellaneous

in order to eat scientifically, the variety of food should be enriched and meat should be balanced.

you should also eat some coarse and fine grains to ensure that the various nutrients needed by the body are adequate, and the more miscellaneous the varieties, the better.


Food is a little hot

eating more raw and cold food will affect the digestion and absorption of spleen and stomach, and even cause damage.

therefore, we should try to avoid eating raw and cold food, especially in the severe winter.


have more friends

We should seize the opportunity to meet old classmates and old friends, cherish the affection of old brothers and old friends, have free time to drink tea, and have nothing to talk about.

Don't miss making like-minded new friends, true confidants, is the most valuable.

but the current situation is special, and large-scale gatherings must be avoided at this time.


have more hobbies

has a wide range of hobbies that can help you find fun in your mundane life. Calligraphy and painting piano and chess, swimming fitness, Taijiquan, square dance.

you can enjoy yourself, find a garden where you can be happy, and plant your own scenery.


take everything easy

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sadness is inevitable in life. As long as you keep an optimistic state of mind and have an open-minded state of mind, sorrow will disappear.

therefore, when you encounter urgent matters, you should be calm; when you encounter difficulties, you should be sober.

when you encounter things that are angry, you should be open to the public, not angry, not impatient.


laugh more every day

as the saying goes, smile is less than ten years. Smile is the best care product and the cheapest secret recipe for frozen age.

smile or laugh.

there is always a wonderful reason for a wonderful life, and he who laughs last laughs sweetest.


live a chic life

chic and unrestrained, is a kind of magnanimity that is at peace with the rest of the world, looking lightly at the past, laughing at the present, watching the flowers blossom and falling, and the contentment of Yunjuan Yunshu.

chic, is to do what you like, go the way you like, and be the person you like to do.

Let your heart fly and let your heart be free and free.

in fact, happiness, health and happiness in life are "a little bit" plus "a little bit".

remember this, be happier, be healthier, and live longer.