The most comfortable relationship turns out to be the Law of Panax Notoginseng.
The most comfortable relationship turns out to be the Law of Panax Notoginseng.
Everything you see is happy, and what you look forward to is perfect.

there is a folk saying:

it takes three minutes of rice and seven minutes of water to make porridge; three minutes of cold and seven percent of fullness to keep in good health;

three points of reading, seven points of taste; three points of drunkenness and seven minutes of waking up when drinking.

the so-called "Sanqi Law" applies to most things, and it also applies to relationships and feelings.

in my opinion, the most comfortable relationship,

nothing but speaking clearly, seven points tacit understanding; three points of communication, seven points of tolerance; three points of joy, seven points of cherish.

take a poetic, stay calm, in order to find their own stability and calm in the complicated world.

speak clearly, seven points tacit understanding

the ancients said: no matter how much you talk to someone who has no chance with you, it is nonsense.

your presence can awaken all the feelings of the person who is predestined with you.

like the famous pianist Yu Boya and the woodcutter period in the Spring and Autumn period.

"what Boya read, Zhong Zi must get it."

whatever comes to mind when Boya plays the piano, Zhong Ziqi can clearly express his heart.

when Boya was playing the piano, he thought of the towering Mount Tai. Zhong Ziqi listened and exclaimed:

"Great! It's like the towering Mount Tai standing in front of me! "

when Boya played the piano, he thought of the broad rivers. Zhong Ziqi exclaimed:

"well, it's like an endless river flowing in front of me!"

after Zhong Ziqi died, Boya was so devastated that he thought that there was no longer his bosom friend in the world.

break your favorite piano, break the strings, and don't want to play the piano for the rest of your life.

speaking is common, tacit understanding is not common, friends are easy to get, bosom friends are hard to find.

if you can run into such a comfortable relationship, you will believe that there is still beauty in the world.

writer Su Qin said:

what is tacit understanding? At the beginning, a tacit understanding is a conversation, and you will understand it. Later, a tacit understanding is a look in the eye, and it becomes clear when you see it. Later, tacit understanding is a kind of belief, and I feel at ease when I think of it.

tacit understanding makes the warmest distance in the world.

A comfortable relationship between people is clearly stated and seven percent tacit understanding.

understand your implication, your desire to stop, and all the meanings of your sadness, worry, and happiness;

can complement and help you, can also enhance your strengths and avoid weaknesses, and share all the pain in detail, complexity, and depression.

this tacit understanding is not inborn, but the true feelings that spread from the inside to the outside in the name of love and care in the course of getting along day by day.

even a glass of water, a look and a hug can make you feel full of tenderness and solidity.

three points of communication, seven points of tolerance

there is a saying on the Internet: "there are no two identical leaves or two identical snowflakes in the world."

Love or friendship.

A sincere and lasting relationship requires communication and mutual tolerance.

the feelings of the entertainment industry are on and off, and it is always hard to figure out whether it is true or false.

many so-called "immortal couples" are also strangers and go their separate ways.

rely on? It depends on tolerance and understanding.

the two men, an introverted melancholy man and an extroverted shrewd woman, do not match in any way.

in a variety show, Carina Lau revealed the details of her life with Tony Leung:

he didn't come back with a suitcase until the house was basically decorated.

when she is in a bad mood, she will fly to London without saying a word to feed the pigeons. Carina Lau even arranges the wedding.

if these things had fallen on others, they would have been unbearable, but Carina Lau had no sense of grievance at all.

because in their most difficult time, but also the other side has been by her side, encourage her, comfort her.

tell her affectionately: "this circle is so complicated, let's leave. We can go wherever you want."

in their view, love is to give and tolerate each other, there is no right or wrong, do not talk about gains and losses.

whether stars or ordinary people, triviality is the norm, and contradictions and quarrels are common.

has always liked this sentence:

the most valuable love is always understanding and action.

maybe we all have fantasies about perfect relationships, but we all come to understand that there are few matches made in heaven and friends between gods, and life always has its own difficulties.

there has never been a unified standard for two people to get along.

I understand your personality, so I will not judge you, you understand my needs, so you will not give up on me.

understanding each other, meeting slowly and falling in love for a long time is the best way to achieve it.

three points of joy, seven points of cherish

some people say, "in this world, if you meet one person who is really good to you, there will be one less."

Don't lose someone who is nice to you;

Don't let down a heart that treats you sincerely.


how many feelings begin with fate, coincide with joy, but are destroyed by not cherishing it.

when Ang Lee, a famous director, was interviewed by Luyu, there was a passage that touched me very much.

Lu Yu asked, "what is your greatest happiness at this stage?"

Ang Lee replied:

if my wife can smile at me, I will relax a little and I will feel very happy.

whenever I see this passage, I will be in awe.

it turns out that I am not your husband or your father, so you have to listen to me and obey me.

but I try my best to cherish you and win your respect.

I have always envied the feelings of my grandparents. My grandfather is weak and my grandmother is tough. They have been in love and killed each other for decades.

Grandpa likes to raise flowers and plants, and grandma says flowers and plants to trick mosquitoes.

the next day he dug up a small flower bed from the vegetable field in the yard for him to grow.

Grandma likes to play cards with her old sister, while Grandpa complains that she always loses money at poor cards.

but still cook the meal at home and wait for her to come back.

on the day when Grandpa pays his pension, he always rides his 28 bike to drive his grandmother to the market.

A small hairpin and a pair of mediocre gloves will make grandma feel like a treasure.

it is precisely because we cherish each other that we can make every ordinary little thing in life move people's hearts.

any relationship deserves to be owned only if you know how to cherish it. Only with your heart can you last long.

only those who know how to cherish are worthy of being spoiled in the palm of their hands.

those who cherish others will be cherished and cared for by others.

like Zhihu netizens

@ nite

said such a paragraph:

We just happened to meet, and then formed a team to explore this beautiful world, together to defeat the monsters along the road, not to bind each other, let alone sacrifice.

when we are together, we will certainly live a more interesting and meaningful life than when I was alone, so that we can fall in love with each other.

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meet or fall in love,

all the feelings worth getting along with are nothing but a comfort.

keep a tacit understanding in speaking, learn to be tolerant in communication, and cherish it in joy.

in this way, we can be free and comfortable for a long time.

, may you and I live without self-pity, inferiority and self-doubt for the rest of our lives.

but can be spoiled, loved and treated gently, meet a good person, find a bosom friend.

what you see is happy, and what you look forward to is complete.