The most comfortable relationship: lucky to meet, happen to be in tune
The most comfortable relationship: lucky to meet, happen to be in tune
The most rare thing in life is to meet someone who knows what you want.

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Zhang ailing once said:

among thousands of people, you meet the one you want to meet. Through thousands of years, in the boundless wilderness of time, you happen to meet them, neither earlier nor a bit too late. There is nothing else to say but to ask softly, "Oh, are you here, too?"


in the roulette of fate, everyone is searching, eager to meet someone who agrees with his soul.

the luckiest thing is to meet the right person at the right time.

otherwise, if you meet too early, you will easily miss each other; if you meet too late, you will lose the courage to love.

if there is such a person passing through your world, don't lose it.

you should stand bravely in front of him, smile and say to him:

"Hi, I'm here."

meet too much, know too little

from being born, we meet all kinds of people every day.

some pass by in a hurry without leaving a trace, while others stay for a short time and soon forget each other.

only a very small number of people can really accompany us through this life.

the world is very big. There are too many people who meet each other, but few know each other.

not everyone deserves to be invited into life. The more people around you, the better.

A good relationship requires both parties to work together and manage attentively in order to last.

A young man went to the Zen Yuan to participate in Zen with his master.

he asked the master, "how good does a relationship have to be before it is the best?"

Master smiled and replied, "it's so good that two people love each other."

after meeting, the two masters first sat down, and then they made tea together.

one person washes the teacup and one person washes the tea.

then one person hands over tea, boiling water, one person makes tea, and the other makes hot teacups.

the two masters work together so tacitly that they will not let the tea spill, nor will the teacup touch the teapot.

the young man sighed, "you two have such a tacit understanding!"

it was then that Master said, "isn't that what feelings are like?" From unfamiliarity to familiarity at the beginning is the result of the joint efforts of two people, running-in and supporting each other to the end. "

the young man had an epiphany immediately.

there is a saying: "acquaintance is the origin, acquaintance is the fate, and keeping each other is the fate."

whether we can have a sincere relationship depends not only on heaven, but also on people.

you are good to me and I am good to you, and this friendship will naturally continue.

otherwise, each says his own words, does his own things, does not communicate with each other, does not communicate with each other, and no matter how good fate is, it will be exhausted.

the most important thing in the communication between people is to exchange the heart for the heart.

the three values are different, so you don't have to make do

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in the movie passing through your World, Xiao Rong and Chen Mo are partners of the big school radio station.

in the long-term relationship, the two took a liking to each other and officially started a relationship because of a gambling appointment.

they go to the radio together every day, occasionally laughing and playing, or hugging each other and imagining the future.

the happy appearance of the two makes the audience feel the taste of love and is sure that they will last forever.

however, after a program, Xiao Rong suddenly broke up with Chen Mo.

it turns out that Xiao Rong is eager to stand higher and farther away, but Chen Mo is content and grateful and content with the status quo.

she thinks that two people should match each other, while Chen Mo pursues the supremacy of true love.

Xiao Rong said to Chen Mo, "I have given all my youth to love, but I don't have another youth." It's good for you to fall in love, but I think fit is the most important thing. "

so, the two people who once fell in love with each other parted ways.

Tu Lei said: "if the values of two people are different and difficult to reconcile, they will never be happy together."

No matter how deep the feelings are, they will only become a heavier burden in the opposite direction.

the saddest thing between people is to live with people who don't understand themselves.

he does not understand your happiness, nor does he understand your sadness. In the long years, he tortured each other and suffered together.

Life is so short that instead of consuming each other with people with different values, it is better to find a person who resonates with each other and grow old together.

there is a good saying:

Love is not looking for lost ribs, but looking for a resonance with no sense of disobedience. At the same frequency, love can communicate and grow


when we are alive, we don't need much. We just need someone who knows himself.

when I want candy, you give me a sweet candy instead of forcing me to eat xylitol and say that candy is bad for teeth.

if each other's values are not unified, even if they get along day and night, they will inevitably be separated from each other.

only those with the same frequency, even if they climb over mountains, will eventually get together.

Life is too expensive to be wasted.

your goodness should be left to those who really understand you.

clench the sand where you can't get your fists together, and let's go.

has a feeling called being in tune

there is a saying in the Book of changes: "one voice corresponds to each other, and one asks for it at the same time."

the same sounds collide with each other and resonate; when the same gases are fused together, they sense each other.

as I get older, I like to get along with people who are in tune with me.

like-minded, like-minded, there is no need to explain too much, everything goes without saying.

I saw a video of Chai Jing interviewing Zhou Xingchi before.

Chai Jing asked him that when he remade Journey to the West, the plot theme was completely different. Knowing that he would be accused of plagiarizing his former self, why did he insist on using the words of many years ago in the new film?

Stephen Chow replied, "maybe I have a complex with these words."

Chai Jing said with a smile: "can I understand that this is an involuntary idea? I just want to say what I want to say in my life at this time."

Zhou Xingchi nodded like a child and said, "that's right!" Then he asked, "do you feel that way?"

after Chai Jing nodded, Zhou Xingchi said "Thank you, thank you" with emotion.

like this sentence very much:

"people who are in tune with each other will not reason with you when you want to comfort, nor will they fight you when you are so angry that they smoke.


in a hundred years of life, the most rare thing is to meet such a bosom and thoughtful person.

understand your implication, but also feel sorry for your desire to stop,

be able to look at things from your point of view and your way of thinking on the premise of respect and understanding.

can also feel your subtle emotional changes, empathize with all your joys and sorrows, and put ordinary words into your heart.

so, most of the time, it's not that we don't want to communicate with people, just because we don't have a suitable partner.

two people who do not understand each other, no matter how much they say, are powerless; no matter how long they get along, it is a waste of time.

instead of entangling with bad people and bad things, it is better to devote more energy to managing yourself.

spend the rest of my life only with people who are in tune with each other.

if you are not tired of getting along, you will never get tired of being with each other for a long time.

spend the rest of your life with people who are comfortable with you

someone said on Weibo: "the older you get, the more you don't want to please anyone. You can be with whoever you are comfortable with, including your friends."

that's true.

getting along with each other is a matter of a lifetime, and you must not make do with it.

with people who torture each other, no matter how good the scenery is, they have no intention to enjoy it.

with people who are comfortable with each other, the road ahead is bumpy and hopeful.

along the way of life, we will meet many people and say goodbye to many people.

instead of guarding a man who pretends to sleep, it is better to turn around and walk away.

find a partner who is comfortable with each other. You don't have to be very good, as long as he likes it; he is not very good, as long as you don't hate him.

two people communicate with each other, know each other, and talk for a long time.