The most comfortable relationship is not the instant response, but...
The most comfortable relationship is not the instant response, but...
All the feelings that go with fate are always the most comfortable.

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the most comfortable relationship between people is not the instant response to information, but although you do not reply to my message in a second, I am still sure that you care about me.

the most comfortable relationship is always the sense of security that the other person gives you. This sense of security is formed through long-term accumulation, mutual trust, and mutual care.

is there such a reassuring person in this world?

the most comfortable relationship is Bei Jue Xin'an

Poet Gu Cheng said:

"the grass is bearing its seeds, the wind is shaking its leaves, and it is very beautiful for us to stand silent."

the time is quiet when the person who makes you feel at ease has him by your side.

you have experienced many ups and downs along the way hand in hand, but he never left.

you have had a lot of quarrels after getting along day and night, but he is still by his side.

in this world, people are changeable and the world is cool.

there are many passers-by, but few people stay for you.

few of the people who stay for you really remain the same over the years.

the most comfortable way to get along with each other is that as long as some people are by your side, you will feel warm; some people will accompany you all the time, even if it is a great ordeal.

if there is such a person, he is the most comfortable to get along with and the most at ease.

the two of you, each with one wing, can fly very high and far away by hugging each other.

even if he doesn't reply to your messages sometimes, you can be sure that he either doesn't see it or is extremely busy.

because in life, you trust him very much, without the slightest doubt, he can also let you trust, without the slightest perfunctory.

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Trust is not overnight, but over the years.

the person who can trust you and is worthy of your trust is the most precious treasure in life and the person who gives you sense of security the most.

the most comfortable relationship is to follow the fate of everything

I have seen such a sentence, and I feel deeply impressed:

"I have flattered everyone, but I still have a bad life."

in fact, when we decide to please someone, we have no self-confidence, know that the other person wants to go, so through the way to please, do the last struggle.


if it is useful, there will be no grievance and drift away; if it is useful, there will be no heartache lies and deceit, and you will become increasingly perfunctory.

Su Cen said:

"I would rather be alone than go against my will. I would rather regret than make do with it."

Don't lose your dignity and be careful with a person. Because of such a result, it is doomed not to be cherished.

Don't be yourself against your will, just do what you have to do. People who cherish you like you as you are, not as small as you are.

there is a line in the Green Book:

"there are all kinds of people in the world, and we happen to be friends. This is not fate, but because we are supposed to be friends."

what should come will come, and what should go will go. It is yours that belongs to you in the end, and it is not your compulsion that is useless.

all the feelings that go with fate are always the most comfortable.

if he leaves, if you don't tie him up for all kinds of reasons, he will be happy with each other when he comes.

those who are willing are the best, and those who cherish each other are long-term!