The more shameless you are, the more face you tend to live.
The more shameless you are, the more face you tend to live.
The less you take face seriously, the easier it is to grow.

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surprisingly, Mao Sui played a decisive role in this negotiation and has since been regarded as a guest of honor by Pingyuan.

many people envy Mao Sui's good luck, but ignore his "shameless".

however, it is this shameless characteristic that has made Mao Sui and many successful people at all times and at home and abroad.

because "shameless" can make people seize opportunities, but also make people have a good state of mind in the face of frustration, which is the greatest wisdom of life.

there is a fable of "Qi people begging for food" in Mencius:

there is a native of Qi who goes home every day and boasts to his wife and concubine that he has been invited to dinner by rich and powerful people.

but no rich and powerful people ever came to the house as a guest. After a long time, the wife was suspicious and decided to secretly follow her husband.

only to find that her husband went to a graveyard in the east of the city and begged for leftovers from the mourners.

it is obviously begging, but in order to save face, he boasts that he has been invited to a banquet, which really responds to the phrase "money is like dirt, face is worth thousands of dollars".

there is nothing wrong with cherishing "feathers", but deceiving yourself and others and insisting on mistakes for the sake of face will become the most shameless thing.

such people are too face-saving, often take themselves too seriously and overestimate how much others care about themselves. in psychology, this kind of psychology is called "focus effect".

in fact, in the eyes of others, we are not that important, because the good face caused by the focus effect is only a "psychological burden" of self-blessing.

No one has paid a heavy price for this "burden" than Xiang Yu, who committed suicide because he "had no face to see the elders of Jiangdong."

Xiang Yu is a very face-saving person. There is one small thing that can be proved:

as an aristocrat, he is so elegant that he occasionally asks knowledgeable people to talk about learning.

on one occasion, he made an appointment with another famous scholar, but before the meeting, someone told the scholar that Xiang Yu had a good face and pretended to know nothing during the conversation, which set off Xiang Yu's talent.

so when the scholar was talking to Xiang Yu, he didn't know anything about it. He thought Xiang Yu would be happy, but he didn't expect it. Xiang Yu thought that the scholar looked down on him, so he didn't want to say anything.

Xiang Yu thought about it and lost face, so he ordered someone to kill the scholar in cold blood.

such Xiang Yu lost talent to help him because he cared too much about face. Regret for the rest of his life also makes us feel sorry when looking back on history.

it is not just Xiang Yu. Because of face-saving, many people miss the opportunity for promotion and raise at work, and put themselves in a dilemma in their lives.

in fact, face is not so important, and "shameless" is not as difficult as you think.

put down the "face" in order to put more energy on practical things, travel light, and achieve a better life.

"Yi Shi ci Xia" said:

"A great man can bend and stretch.


people who are really capable can look up and smile. In their eyes, "shameless" is not so terrible. On the contrary, it is easier to get a chance if you let go of face.

in a training session, the teacher, Essen, told me a personal experience that I still remember:

for the sake of the company's business, he visited a customer many times, although he was rejected all the time, but he insisted.

once, he had just walked to the door of the other party's office when he happened to meet the other party in a bad mood. He vaguely saw the figure at the door and heard a furious "roll".

when the other party saw that it was Essen, the atmosphere was a little awkward. Essen paused, smiled and said:

"do you want me to come in or get out?"

Essen's "shameless" words immediately lightened the atmosphere, and the other party formally accepted a visit, not only reached a single consensus, but also introduced Essen to a lot of customers.

Argentine writer Che Guevara said:

"when you know that face is the least important thing, you really grow up."

on many occasions, it is easier to get surprising results than "becoming angry" and knowing how to put down face and make a "shameless" mentality.

because people who are "shameless" are better able to seize opportunities and "overtake at corners".

Liu Dehua sings in the autobiographical song "17":

"shameless at the age of seventeen, I took part in the challenge."

there is indeed a "shameless" story:

in 1982, the fledgling Andy Lau met Lin Zixiang, who is known as "GE Yin" for filming "to the Angry Sea". By this time, Lin Zixiang has become famous in the Hong Kong music scene.

one day after filming, everyone went to sing together. Lin Zixiang asked everyone to sing together after singing. Andy Lau volunteered to sing a song.

others thought that Andy Lau at that time was too "shameless" and dared to dance with a broadsword in front of Guan Gong. Unexpectedly, Andy Lau had an even more "shameless" behavior.

after his singing was praised by Lin ZixiangAndy Lau began to spend time practicing songs and recording songs that felt good for Lin Zixiang to listen to. Lin Zixiang also unwittingly told him a lot of professional knowledge.

under the guidance of Lin Zixiang, Liu Dehua has made rapid progress. In 1985, Andy Lau released his debut album and officially entered the singing arena.

the less you take face seriously, the easier it is to grow up and get the chance to earn back face.

because people who attach too much importance to face tend to be timid and difficult to achieve great things for the sake of the so-called face-saving. Such people will also make their lives very tired because they care about the vision of others.

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Let go of face and live for yourself, and you will find that the ticket to success is not expensive and there are many opportunities available.

A person's success begins with "shameless".

when asked the secret of success, Mr. Ma Weidu, a famous collector, said:

"one must be thick-skinned in order to succeed!"

in Mr. Ma Weidu's view, "thick-skinned" people tend to succeed because this trait is often reflected in two aspects:

first, "cheeky" in front of the opportunity, when the opportunity comes, face is not important, other people's ridicule can be ignored, seize the opportunity, is the most important.

the second is to be "cheeky" when you encounter setbacks, so that you can face your mistakes and laugh at the adversity entrusted by fate.

such a person, with a strong heart and the power of self-healing, will not doubt himself because of the doubts of others, hesitate to wander in front of opportunities, and will not be in a negative state because of the problems at hand.

they throw face aside and become "shameless" people in the eyes of others.

moreover, they pay more attention to "Li Zi", never stop improving themselves, and make themselves a piece of gold waiting to shine, just waiting for the opportunity to come.

in the Legend of the fierce Girl, he tells such a story of Cinderella's counterattack:

there is a woman named Zhong Lichun in Wuyan County, Qi State. She is very ugly and remains single until she is 40 years old.

people around her laugh at her, but she doesn't care too much about the so-called face, but devotes her energy to improving herself and finally makes herself a very talented person.

at that time, King Xuan of Qi was a confused king, who not only played all day, but also had a bad temper, and the State of Qi was watching its decline like the setting sun.

Zhong Lichun made the "shameless" behavior again for the sake of the people and his own ambition:

in the way of "recommending the pillow seat", he met the king of Qi and stated the four dangers of the state of Qi to the king of Qi.

after hearing this, King Xuan of Qi found it very reasonable, so he adopted Zhong Lichun's suggestion, scattered the harem, made Zhong Lichun queen, and became the king of Ming from then on.

A truly capable person will not let face become a stumbling block to him, leaving him untalented and depressed.

because they know how to put down the wisdom of "face", understand the way of "shameless", and know the secret of life better, they have never been in the flashy "face project".

Professor Tang Yonglong, Department of Psychology, Southwest University, said:

"face is a unique culture of Easterners.

at home, a'no face 'can sometimes crush people, but in Western society, it is almost difficult to understand.

even in English, 'face' has no corresponding word at all, but is replaced by Pinyin. "

face is really not that important. Face is skin, dignity is bone, putting down face is not a loss of dignity, and "shameless" is not a bottomless line.

it just asks us to put aside obstacles and try our best to get close to our dreams and realize our ideal life.

you should know that if you are shameless to the world, it will not hide opportunities and grow up and be stingy.