The more men love you, the more they will send you these four kinds of messages.
The more men love you, the more they will send you these four kinds of messages.
Depend on each other, accompany each other, this is the deepest love.

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Women in love are easy to worry about gains and losses and think wishful thinking.

you can feel uncertain at the slightest bit of wind, without sense of security.

in fact, if you want to know whether a man loves you deeply, you can also pry a thing or two from the messages he sends you.

in love, the most beautiful things are not the so-called sweet words, but those words that care about you from the bottom of your heart and say to people's hearts.

"if you need anything, you can call me at any time"

there is an old saying, "A man's mouth is a liar."

in a relationship, many men write some bad checks in order to make women happy, but there is no sign of them when they are looking for him.

if a man always firmly says "anytime" to you, it means he puts you first.

as long as you have something to see him, no matter how busy or late it is, he will come out as soon as possible to solve it for you.

in the first half of my Life, he Han and Tang Jing spent ten years together, often saying that they were busy and that they had dinner and talked about work.

however, later, when he Han fell in love with Luo Zijun, even if he was so busy, he always said that he was not busy recently and happened to be free.

Luo Zijun went out on a business trip and was caught in a torrential rain all night. The car happened to break down halfway, so he called him for help, and he Han rushed out when he received the call.

if you have any questions in the future, you can call me first. " What's more, it debunked he Han's thoughts about Luo Zijun.

in fact, no matter in TV series or in reality, the man who really likes you is willing to appear at any time as long as you need it, and no matter how busy he is, he will protect you.

because, to him, you are the most important. He will do anything as long as you are happy.

the person who loves you will take the initiative to take responsibility for you, will give you his shoulder when you need it, and will attach great importance to your affairs.

and those who don't have you in their hearts want to stay away for fear of causing trouble.

"I'm short of money. Spend my money!"

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when many people mention "money", they think that they have desecrated this relationship.

this seems reasonable, but it is actually exploiting the loophole of moral kidnapping.

True love has nothing to do with money, but money is closely related to love!

Research shows that 70% of divorces are due to the breakdown of relationships caused by financial conflicts.

on the other hand, couples quarrel over money, on average, three times a month.

money may not be the only criterion for testing true love, but a man who really cares about you will ask you if you have enough money to spend.

what Zhang Zhilin said when recording variety shows has always been a happy remark.

program, the staff asked Zhang Zhilin: suppose you only have 24 hours left in your life, what would you do and what would you say to Yuan Yongyi?

Zhang Zhilin said affectionately to the camera, "Yuan Yongyi, if I really leave, will you have enough money?" If you have said enough, then I will feel at ease. "

think of a sentence I saw on the Internet:

"the person who loves you will feel uneasy if you don't spend his money, as if he can't give you the best thing in the world.

people who don't love you, even if you only need a penny, they think you are insatiably greedy. "

A man who really regards you as a "wife" won't worry about spending money on you.

because in his mind, the money he earns is for you. He loves you, so he is willing to spend money on you.

he may be straight and doesn't like to beat around the bush. he is afraid that you are short of money and is embarrassed to tell him, so he will take the initiative to ask you if you have enough money.

there may be many ways to express love, but money is the most real way to express it.

it is true love that talks about money and dares to talk about money. how can it be material and humiliating?

"I'll be there for you"

"companionship is the most affectionate confession" is enough to move people's hearts at any time.

when you need it, a "I have you" is better than countless sweet words.

when Lin Chi-ling first announced her marriage, many people were not optimistic about the relationship.

but only Lin Zhiling knows that what really settles her mind is the phone call with Kurosawa.

Lin Chi-ling has a good relationship with her grandmother. When her grandmother died, she dealt a heavy blow to Lin Chi-ling.

once, she called Yohei Kurosawa to express her sadness. On the phone, she cried herself to sleep.

I woke up the next day to find that the phone had not hung up and said "Hello" vaguely. Yohei Kurosawa said softly on the other end of the phone, "Don't be afraid, I'm still here."

this phone call, which has been going on all night, it is not difficult to see Kurosawa's love and pity for Lin Chi-ling.

Yohei Kurosawa is there all the time, whether Lin Chi-ling needs him or not.

A man is very realistic and rational. If he has you in his heart, he will try his best to make you happy.

he doesn't want you to keep your sadness and sadness in your heart, but he wants you to talk to him.

for you, he is even willing to give up some important things and sacrifice the rare rest time, just to give you the most intimate company.

the strongest relationship in the world is not "I love you", but "I'm used to you".

interdependence, thatThis company, this is the deepest love.

"tell me what gift you want"

before, I wrote an article about "take the initiative" and "reach out".

the taste of candy is different from that of voluntary candy.

under the article, many readers agree. But backstage, some readers left such a message:

"my husband is afraid that the gift he bought doesn't agree with me, so I always take the initiative to tell him what he wants. Although a little less surprise, but buy my own favorite things, he is happy and I am happy.

I think it's one thing for a man to ask you if you want a gift, and another whether he has the heart or whether he wants it. "

indeed, there are more or less differences between men and women in the way they treat their relationships. As the saying goes, "Men are from Mars and women are from Venus."

it is also inevitable that some men are not good at words and do not know how to delve into girls' minds.

he gave you the choice because he was afraid that the gift he bought would not make you happy, and he didn't care what way he used to see the smile on your face.

A man who speaks bluntly like this seems to be a little less mysterious, but he should give you a sense of ritual as well.

he may not be flirtatious, but as long as you want it, you will try your best to satisfy it.

Marriage is a turning point in life for women.

what kind of man you meet determines what kind of life you will live for the rest of your life.

if a man behaves like this, there is no doubt that he really treats you like a wife.

there is no tailor-made love in this world. The so-called life is just accumulated bit by bit along the way of falling in love.

, may everyone we meet be worthy, worthy of your efforts and worthy of your deep love.