The more hypocritical people are, the more they like to talk about these three words, and it's best not to make deep acquaintances.
The more hypocritical people are, the more they like to talk about these three words, and it's best not to make deep acquaintances.
Time knows people, but it is hard to know them.


in our work and life, we will deal with all kinds of people and hear a thousand words and ten thousand words from them.

which should be filtered and which should be listened to, testing the ability of being a human being all the time.

the more hypocritical a person is, the more he likes to say these three words, and never make a deep acquaintance.

"money is not a problem"

in life, there is a kind of people who don't talk about money, they only talk about feelings:

you are not a writer, okay? Write a report for me;

Don't you study accounting? Please make a report for me;

the two of us have to charge for such a small favor.

such people abuse human feelings and never talk about money. If you refuse, or ask for payment, they will say, "it's not a matter of money, you're not a friend,"you're not loyal," and so on.

people who only talk about "money is not a problem" are avoiding talking about money and don't want to talk about it seriously.

this is precisely the problem of money.

there used to be a colleague in the company who liked to party best, but he never paid the bill.

when he went to KTV to sing, he called for wine vigorously: "waiter, have beer!"

when you go to a restaurant and order good dishes and large dishes without hesitation, it is like his treat and host.

he often yells, "the most important thing is to have fun, money is not a problem."

but as soon as it's checkout time, he will go to the bathroom or leave early, and someone else will pay for it.

over time, no one wants to play with him.

on the surface, it is generous and generous, but in fact, it is hypocritical not to worry about the interests of others.

A person who doesn't talk about money is not worthy of heart-to-heart contact. Talking about money seriously is a person's top accomplishment in dealing with feelings.

to be a man, you can't lose sight of money.

but you can see through the money eye which people are true to you and which are false.

to treat hypocritical people, we should be vigilant and avoid a lot of unnecessary efforts.

"you're absolutely right"

there is an old saying: wear a thousand clothes and wear a hundred clothes, but do not wear flattery.

the words are not rough.

everyone likes to listen to good words, this is human nature.

many people see this, grasp this, make good use of words such as "you are really good" and "you are so right" to praise and compliment you and make you feel elated.

this kind of person is most likely to blind your eyes, or even stab you in the back.

Wang Anshi once regarded Lu Huiqing as his bosom friend and strongly recommended him, so Lu Huiqing was able to use it.

it was very difficult at that time. Lu Huiqing tried every means to curry favor with Wang Anshi and said nice things.

so Wang Anshi felt that Lu Huiqing could really be trusted, so he confided in him and discussed matters big or small with him.

did not expect that later, Lu Huiqing conspired with others to deliberately frame Wang Anshi, resulting in Wang Anshi being misunderstood.

later, Wang Anshi learned that Lu Huiqing tried every means to please himself in order to benefit from him.

after Wang Anshi fell to the bottom, Lu Huiqing immediately revealed her true face and betrayed Wang Anshi, not only taking away his post of prime minister, but also framing Wang Anshi everywhere.

everyone likes to hear compliments, but we are not perfect.

Sugar-coated shells are heard too much, not only without nutrition, but also harmful, unable to see themselves clearly, and their shortcomings are exposed to the eyes of the public, but they are laughed at but do not know it.

agrees with a sentence: "the one who always praises you may be the one who hurts you, but the one who often criticizes you must be the one who loves you."

stay away from those who flatter and avoid falling into the trap set by hypocritical people.

get close to those who are willing to criticize you and tell you the truth, so that your ears can hear useful words.

"I told you so"

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listen to a fable first:

A sheep is playing alone on the hillside. Suddenly a wolf sprang out, and the sheep resisted desperately and shouted to his friends for help.

the cow looked at it and found that it was a wolf and ran away; the donkey saw it from a distance and slipped down the hillside quietly; the pig passed here and rushed down the hillside.

the dog down the hill heard the cry of the sheep and hurried up the hill and bit the wolf by the neck.

when the sheep got home safely, all the "friends" came.

Niu said, "Why didn't you tell me?" My horn can gouge out the wolf's intestines. "

the donkey said, "I gave a roar and scared the wolf out."

the pig said, "I'll arch it with my mouth and let it fall down the hill."

in this group of twittering "friends", there are only no dogs.

time knows people, but it is difficult to know them.

if you are in trouble, those who show up in time are really friends and really care about.

in times of crisis, the person who sees you hiding will add an irrelevant sarcastic remark afterwards: "I told you so" and "I knew it would be like this", showing the true nature of hypocrisy.

A true friend or a fake friend is clear when you look at your actions.

it is better to lend a helping hand when others are in trouble than to say meaningless gossip or nonsense after times have changed.

A friend in need knows a deep friend, and a long time will see the heart. Those who are sincere to you can stand the test of time. A hypocritical person will see his hypocrisy sooner or later.

Tseng Kuo-fan said: "success or failure in life depends on whether a friend is good or not, and one must be careful."

on the one hand, the quality of friends often determines the quality of life.It is not imprudent to make friends.

on the other hand, love is a matter of giving up. Only by abandoning a false friend can you gain a bosom friend who treats each other sincerely.

make friends, do not have to pursue the harmony of mountains and rivers, can get along honestly, without scruples to dig out the heart, is the most comfortable good friends.