The more he loves you, the less he will coax you.
The more he loves you, the less he will coax you.
Love in mouth is the cheapest, love in detail is love.

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many people often say that when a man and a woman quarrel, if they don't coax you in words, it's a sign of unlove.

after all, every girl yearns for the feeling of being accommodated and taken care of in love, and quarrelling best reflects a person's truest attitude towards you.

when a man is quarrelling, he always speaks ill of you, which shows that his dissatisfaction with you has accumulated for a long time.

and when he has the patience to listen to you, and then finds the opportunity to reason with you afterwards, it shows that he is still willing to communicate well with you and get along harmoniously.

however, many girls often feel that the word "coax" in a relationship is more important than anything else, especially when they are unhappy. If their partner does not coax you and amuse you in time, they will question whether the other person's love for you is true.

in fact, verbal coaxing doesn't mean anything. the important thing is to see what he has done for you.

for example, in a quarrel, what he wants to do is not to get rid of you with a few sweet words, but to remember what you care about and try to get rid of the bad habits that hurt you.

for example, in life, he will pay attention to your small details, know what you like to eat, and take the initiative to tell you "I'll be busy later".

the love and care put into action is the sign that a man really likes you.

A friend was lovelorn a few days ago. She told me that when I was with him, I thought he loved me very much and was willing to coax me all the time. Even if I was unreasonable occasionally, he would let me.

but after a long time, I found that he wouldn't really change anything for me, such as he likes clubbing and flirting with other girls.

for example, he likes to gamble and has quarreled many times but never quit for me.

he doesn't love me very much. When dating, he will not take the initiative to pay the bill;

during the Spring Festival, or when he needs his help, he will only say that he is busy;

even if he is ill, he will only say on Wechat, drink plenty of hot water.

I said, look at whether a person likes you or not, never listen to what he says, but see what he does.

Adult love is not a bluff, but will give you sense of security with action, full of surprise and warmth.

Love in mouth is the cheapest, love in detail is love.

how on earth can a man really love you? Did he give you a promise on his own initiative, or will he coax you when he is angry?

I don't think these are the best proof. Because it's easy for anyone who speaks wisely.

the difficulty of a relationship is that it takes time, energy, details and actions to move you and give you real love and romance.

know that when you are sick, the amount of "drink plenty of hot water" is not worth the kind of company that takes you to the hospital immediately.

when you celebrate the holidays, the phrase "I love you" is far less sincere than sending you four or five-digit red envelopes.

when your life is frustrated, the word "it will be all right" is not worth the kind of help and care.

so, don't be easily moved by honeyed words. If he says he loves you but refuses to do anything or give, then he just wants to take advantage of you.

the more he loves you, the less he will coax you, because he knows how to take actions and leave the best to you.