The more difficult it is, the more you have to make it on your own.
The more difficult it is, the more you have to make it on your own.
On the road of life, everyone is a lonely tourist.

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I don't know, have you ever felt this way:

there are some words that can not be said by someone who understands you; some suffering, others can not empathize with; some tired, can not find someone to carry together.

when we are alive, the suffering we encounter can only be digested by ourselves, and there is nothing others can do to help.

as Ji Xianlin once said:

"everyone is a lonely traveler on the road of life.


We always have to face one difficulty after another alone.

it's a little bitter, no one can empathize with it

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she said that a few years ago, she and her husband worked in the same company.

but the company suddenly closed down, she and her husband both lost their jobs, the mortgage was suddenly gone, and life was tight.

one day, she took her daughter to the supermarket to buy vegetables. When she stood in line to check out, her daughter took a fancy to a 20-yuan puppet doll next to the cashier.

20 yuan, which used to be the price of a lunch, is now enough for a day's food.

after much thought, she refused her daughter's request painfully.

she could only take the doll away from her daughter, but her daughter burst into tears.

the cry of her daughter and the strange eyes of the people around her pierced her heart like a sharp arrow, and she had to grit her teeth and pay.

when she got home, she couldn't help crying.

although it has been a long time, she will never forget the sense of powerlessness at that time.

Nowhere else you can find such a magnificent purple wedding dress. There are a lot of styles you can choose from.

below, some netizens commented: "if it's not just 20 yuan, it won't be like that."

Van Gogh said: "there is a fire in everyone's heart, and passers-by see only smoke."

it is like an abyss in your eyes, but it may not be worth mentioning in the hearts of others.

most of the time, when we are stuck in a quagmire, we always hope that someone can solve all our sufferings.

ignores how big the world is, not every fish lives in the same sea, and everyone has different views and feelings about everything.

No one understands why you break down and cry in the dead of night, and no one knows why you can't sleep all night.

only you can understand your suffering.

as Hesse once said:

We come from the same abyss, but everyone is running to their own destination, trying to jump out of the abyss.

We can understand each other, but we are the only ones who can interpret ourselves.

the more difficult it is, the more you have to get through it by yourself

Zhang ailing once said:

"laugh, and the whole world laughs with you, cries, and you weep alone."

when you are in good time, there may be a lot of people drinking with you.

but when you are at a low ebb, you can only get through it on your own, and others are just outsiders.

in that year, after the author Fan Deng graduated as a graduate student, he joined the television station.

but for a time, he was caught in a dilemma of low income, high rent and great pressure.

he not only feels unprecedented confusion and anxiety, but also often worries about his own program.

what if it never broadcasts?

what if I lose my job and can't pay the rent?

sometimes I am so anxious that I can't sleep all night.

it turns out that in such an elite unit like TV station, no matter how hard he tries, the light is always submerged in a sea of people.

but settled down alone to study the Analects of Confucius, learned from Confucius' wisdom in life, and gradually let himself out of the trough.

Ma Weidu once said:

each of us is bound to encounter difficulties physically, psychologically, or in the surrounding environment, and the ups and downs in each person's heart must be overcome by ourselves. No matter how others help you, you need to overcome this hurdle by yourself.

when I was young, when I encountered difficulties, I would cry everywhere. I always felt that as long as I said it, I would not carry it alone, and things might be solved.

but as you get older, the more you experience, the more you feel that human joys and sorrows are not the same, and no matter how many people you talk to, you can't solve the problem.

instead of waiting for others to lend a helping hand in hard times, it is better to grit your teeth and get through it.

the real ferryman is himself

in the TV series Sweet, I still can't forget the life track of the heroine Tian Mi.

after marriage, Tian Mi usually goes shopping and eats with her little sister, does not touch the spring water on her fingers, and lives a rich wife's life with no worries about food and clothing.

but something unexpected happened in the sky. Tian Mi's husband's company suddenly failed in financing, had poor cash flow and was on the verge of bankruptcy.

her husband didn't have it for a while.Law accepted this cruel fact and suddenly died of cerebral infarction under sadness, leaving foreign debts all over his body.

everyone thinks that Tian Mi, who has always been pampered, will become depressed as a result of such a great change in life.

in order to pay off her debts as soon as possible, she sells cars in a car dealership during the day and works as a boast at the boast club at night.

thanks to her efforts, she not only paid off the debts owed by her husband, but also developed her career smoothly.

when people live a lifetime, we all encounter moments of suffering more or less, but things change, and no one can stay with us all our lives to solve our problems.

and the one who can accompany us through countless dark nights and become our safe haven will always be ourselves.

like the Japanese song "once I thought about it," there is a lyric that says:

"in the darkest part of my life, I pulled myself out of the abyss. Without that person, I will be that person. "

since no one can be our backer, we might as well be our own biggest patron.

Lu Yu said in his book encounter:

whoever it is, we have experienced or are experiencing the darkest moments of our lives, a long, dark, cold, desperate tunnel.

We were all afraid of walking alone in the dark, and we all longed for personal understanding and company when we were alone.

until at some point, when we get through the night alone, we find that the tears we have shed, the injuries we have suffered, and the sufferings we have tasted have long made us better ourselves.

as a line in "the first half of my Life" says:

"you have to take the road step by step, and you have to stutter and cramp in order to be reborn."

, may you survive alone in times of hardship and rush to your own spring blossoms.