The mobile phone playback records of 200 million people are worth a hot search!
The mobile phone playback records of 200 million people are worth a hot search!
Traditional culture is the root of the Chinese people.

have read a sentence:

this generation of young people not only like the new, but also nostalgic for the old.

I think so.

I wonder if you have found out? It seems that in this day and age, tradition and trendiness are no longer antonyms.

Open the search records of young people's mobile phones, which is called a retro-

in the short video, the super Internet celebrity with tens of millions of fans is Li Ziqi.

dressed in fairy Han clothes, working at sunrise, resting at sunset, living a pastoral life.

one knife and one cut, one stitch and one thread, sew the silk fabric into beautiful silk flowers.

it took two years to build the four treasures of the study by hand and put them on the tubing


foreigners are amazed.

although this post-90s girl did not say a word throughout the whole process, she let the whole world see the details of Chinese culture.

the stage out of the circle in the variety show is the national style opera.

"come online! In Huacai Youth, the song "Pi Huang Xin Yun" startled four seats.

the combination of ancient drama lyrics and trendy rap can still show the character of Chinese and show the charm of youth.

some people have taught themselves the technique of mortise and tenon and built the same octagonal pavilion in the Imperial Palace at home, which can be called exquisite.

there are also people playing famous Chinese songs on the streets of France with a zither on their back, so that many foreigners stop and listen.

when the new collides with the old, you will find that young people from the new era have a different love for traditional culture than many people think.

if you don't believe it, you might as well observe:

commuters wearing new headphones on the subway are likely to be listening to crosstalk from Deyun Society.

it seems that dead college students who only like to play games will also go hiking in Hanfu on weekends.

not to mention the popular national T-shirts in the streets, it is simply a gold-lettered signboard for them to pursue the trend.

there are both tradition, inheritance, love and creation.

before we know it, traditional culture has already taken on a new face and integrated into all aspects of our daily life.

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it is not a dead picture hanging on the wall, but a surging sea over time.

Why is traditional culture so popular?

before answering this question, my uncle would like to tell you a story.

that's a plot written by Liu Cixin in the science fiction supernova era:

on the eve of the end of the world, a group of future children are forced to stay away from their native land.

although it is a long way from the past, at that moment, these children suddenly realized that wherever they went, their lives would always be connected to what they had in hand.

this is not only the starting point and destination of their lives, but also the source of their strength.

indeed, traditional culture is the root of the Chinese people.

even if it seems to be forgotten in the corner, it is always hidden in bone and blood.

and only by letting it grow fresh buds under the irrigation of time can we flourish.

I have seen a piece of news, which is very interesting.

in Mianyang, Sichuan, there are three young people who come from sculpture.

because of a chance, they accidentally found that there were many abandoned tires by the side of the road.

the three brothers had a whim: instead of letting tires pile up into rubbish, why not do something interesting?

in order to carve out the real works of art in their hearts, they creatively chose a traditional theme--

twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac.

A dragon alone has been carved for more than 20 days, using 1 ton of discarded tires.

needless to say, the sculpture with modern industrial temperament, with the traditional meaning of the zodiac, is both avant-garde and shocking.

many netizens commented below: how cool!

you see, maybe in the past years, many people have always thought that traditional culture and popular culture are two completely different things.

so, today, Uncle wants to say that this view is very wrong.

take the ancient zodiac as an example. putting aside the traditional folk philosophical temperament, it may not be able to become a fashion and cool culture in the hearts of young people, just like the constellations.

the key to all this is whether or not to find the bridge between tradition and fashion.

think of the well-known opening sentence in the National Treasure:

We are a young program. How young are you? Five thousand years up and down. "

Yes, as the only civilization in the world to this day, we have a long history of five thousand years.

traditional culture has long been integrated into our blood, and once it is awakened in a trendy way, it will burst into unprecedented strength.

for example, recently,

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as we all know, every Chinese will have a zodiac animal for the rest of his life from birth.

each zodiac animal contains an innate "natural" force, which represents each person's unique character and spirit.

the reason why Hailan House chose to join forces with the zodiac is not on a whim, but

I hope to integrate traditional culture into the daily life of young people and work with you to build their own "destiny".

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as a national brand shouldering the responsibility of carrying forward traditional culture, Hailan House has always stood side by side with Chinese culture.

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