The man who misses you will have these performances only when he sees you!
The man who misses you will have these performances only when he sees you!
It's painful to miss someone, but it's not to love someone.

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A woman who really misses you may say "I miss you" to you.

but a man who really misses you usually doesn't say it, but shows it through real actions.

some men are born activist, who can only do but not talk.

so, what will happen when the man who misses you sees you?

can't help hugging you and kissing you

when a man really sees a woman he thinks about day and night, some feelings can't be hidden.

will burst out in the dark, hugging you is really geographically inseparable from you, kissing you is really psychologically not alienated from you.

there is a saying: "when a man is reunited after a long separation, the tighter he hugs you, the more he misses you."

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and so it is.

these actions are actually an expression of love for you.

because you are the one you love most, you don't have to worry about it.

because he is the one he loves most, he wants to hold you all the time and never let go.

hold your hand tightly

always looks at you

Men can't wait to find you if they want you to have the guts.

the longer two people are apart, the stronger the feeling will be.

sometimes, walking on the road to see everyone is like seeing you, just like you suddenly stand in front of him and give him a surprise.

sometimes, he will dream about you in a dream, accidentally wake up, and then stay up all night.

sometimes, he will send you messages frequently and always make video calls with you.

sometimes he is afraid, too.

because men also inexplicably lack sense of security.

you need to get comfort by communicating with your loved ones.

therefore, when he can really stand in front of you, he will hold your hand tightly and dare not let go. He is afraid to turn around and you will suddenly disappear.

only at this time can he really feel at ease. And always look at you frequently, as if I haven't seen you for years.

these feelings are only reflected in a man who really loves you.

Men who love you will want you to be with each other instead of being alone for a long time.

the man who really wants you to think of the bone will give you some small surprises from time to time, although small, but profound, because those are the bits and pieces of love.

A man who wants to see you smile must be the man who loves you most.

because he knows that everything he does is to make you better, make you better, and make your home better.

it's painful to miss someone, but it's not to love someone.

the so-called pain will disappear at the moment of meeting the lover you want to see.