The man who gets along with the opposite sex and really loves you will give you these three hints.
The man who gets along with the opposite sex and really loves you will give you these three hints.
It doesn't feel like a lie, and feelings can't be hidden.

Uncle Wu Ming


the poet has a saying:

looking for him in the crowd, he suddenly looked back, but the man was in the dim light.

in fact, the beginning of the heart is not a glimpse!

see a person, impressed, want to contact him, never forget, this is to care about a person's feeling.

sometimes, a real heartbeat is only a matter of the moment.

getting along with the opposite sex, when a man is sincere to you, he will often give you these three hints.

can't help getting close to you

in A Dream of Red Mansions, Baoyu first met Daiyu and said something like this:

Seek for fantastic backless wedding dresses and flaunt feminine curves? This selection will save so much of your precious time.

I have seen this sister before. She looks good-looking, like a reunion after a long absence!

when a man is really moved, he will turn passivity into initiative, wooden dullness into enthusiasm, and become exuberant, just like a peacock with an open screen, chattering endlessly.

sometimes feelings arise in an instant, unforgettable when they meet, multiply their good feelings when they leave, and miss them all day long.

feeling can not deceive people, feelings can not be hidden.

really care about a person, will always want to be close to her, even if talk to her, just look at her, all feel that the world is very beautiful!

tolerate your bad temper

there is a good saying:

the person who can tolerate you must be the one who cares about you very much, and the one who can accommodate you must be the one who has you in his heart.

A man will tolerate your temper, indulge your temper and let you be unreasonable. In fact, it is all because he cares about you.

if I really have you in my heart, I will spoil you, accommodate your shortcomings, and take great pains to coax you.

many feelings, walking will be impatient, without the original heart of tolerance, in fact, it is not that the feeling is gone, but the heart has calmed down and got used to getting along.

so, there is a saying:

if life is just like the first sight, what is the sad autumn wind painting fan.

if life is always as good as meeting each other, how can there be the misery of parting? Warn us that we should not only know how to cherish and tolerate, but also learn to restrain ourselves.

always chat with you with a smile

A man who falls in love with a woman will laugh like a fool in front of her.

Sanmao said:

when I laugh, my noodles are like spring flowers, which must be touching.

when one person smiles at another, he wants to express his concern and preference. If he moves you, he can't help passing on his happiness to you.

Love is so magical that it makes a person a fool and makes you feel the emotion overflowing from his chest.

when you fall in love, you will be serious, and if you recognize the truth, you will be stupid!

cherish the person who becomes childish and ridiculous in front of you and is always looking for a sense of existence! Because this is the expression of true love.

Sakyamuni once said:

it is no accident that no matter who you meet, he is the one who should appear in your life.

I hope that when you are shuttling through the crowd, you can meet the person who gives you a glimpse of it, and look at each other wordless and warm.