The man who does this to you, he really loves you.
The man who does this to you, he really loves you.
A good relationship has its own sense of proportion.

in the evening, Chen Xin sat on the sofa playing with her cell phone, while Xiao Rui pillowed her head on Chen Xin's leg and curled up on the sofa to watch TV.

at this time, a boy appeared on TV to get up early to buy soya-bean milk Youtiao for his beloved girl, which aroused Xiao Rui's appetite and said to Chen Xin:

"I'm going to have soya-bean milk Youtiao tomorrow morning. Buy it for me, but if you don't buy it, you don't love me!"

Chen Xin looked at the spoiled Xiao Rui and jokingly replied, "Buy, buy, buy a fart for you, ah, you know how to eat."

having said that, he did not forget to squeeze Xiao Rui's nose with his fingers and flirted for a while.

Xiao Rui smiled at Chen Xin: "you just went to eat a fart."

with that, she continued to watch TV intently. In fact, Xiao Rui didn't want to eat much, nor did she take it seriously.

the speaker is unintentional and listens intentionally.

after seven o'clock the next morning, Chen Xin got up and got dressed. Xiao Rui, who was awakened, asked with a confused face, "what are you doing up so early?"

"didn't you say you were going to have soy milk and Youtiao today? I'll buy it for you now, and you get some sleep. "

Xiao Rui looked at Chen Xin, who was wearing a chicken nest head, big underpants and a coat, and her heart melted instantly.

it's not how delicious Youtiao soybean milk is, just because of what you said, the people who love you will take care of you.

Xiaorui looked at Chen Xin, who walked out gently, and remembered the drips of the two when they first fell in love.

now they have been in love for two years. Chen Xin's kindness to her has not changed, always satisfying her little wishes and giving her surprise and warmth.

she still remembers that when they first worked, they didn't have much money, didn't go shopping, didn't eat big meals, and seldom went out to play, but Chen Xin could always find some romance at home to make her happy.

he will prepare a Chinese candlelight dinner at home, which is somewhat inconsistent, but not in the mood.

he knows that Xiao Rui is unwilling to buy brand clothes and will secretly use half of the bonus to buy clothes for Xiao Rui, while the other half plans to take her out on weekend holidays.

Xiaorui thought that although she was very short of money at that time, as long as she spent time with a loved one, it was a beautiful thing that was hard to forget.

once, Xiao Rui and Chen Xin, who is still working overtime, called and asked where the band-aid was at home.

"Why, are you hurt somewhere?" Chen Xin asked anxiously.

Xiao Rui could obviously feel that Chen Xin on the other end of the phone was nervous and careful. she instantly felt that her finger that had just been scalded by a hot kettle was painless. When Chen Xin learned that Xiao Rui's finger was scalded, she hurriedly said:

"Fool, this is a scald, not a scratch or something. It doesn't work well with a band-aid. It needs medicine."

"well, it's all right, it's nothing serious."

although Xiaorui said it was not serious, she still felt the pain in her fingers and heart. She looked for no medicine that could be used for a while, so she rinsed it with cold water and pasted a band-aid.

but in less than a quarter of an hour, Chen Xin returned home with the medicine, which surprised Xiao Rui, who had been suffering from finger pain: "aren't you working overtime?" Why are you back? "

"I took a taxi and bought some burn medicine at the drugstore downstairs. I'm afraid you'll be at home alone if you get hurt. I'm not sure."

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with that, Chen Xin began to apply medicine to Xiao Rui. Xiao Rui looked at Chen Xin, who was seriously applying medicine, and was moved to cry at that time.

in the end, how much this man loves you, he will be able to give up his work and come back to accompany you, and it is not a serious matter.

may be making a mountain out of a molehill, but often the most touching things are such small things, because it is natural for big things to take care of you and care about you.

being able to do such a small thing with meticulous care can better reflect how much a man loves you when he cares about you.

Xiao Rui lay in bed thinking about a lot of sweet memories, but she still remembered the past that made her forget that she almost broke up, but it was because of this that she decided that she would not marry Chen Xin for the rest of her life.

that time, it was because Chen Xin invested in a friend's project and lost 40,000 to 50,000 yuan. This money was the money they used for emergency. For people who just graduated a year ago, the hard-earned money was so gone that it was really hard to bear. So I had a big quarrel with Chen Xin.

although usually two people will have a little quarrel, but those are not a matter, this quarrel is particularly fierce, no one will let each other, almost demolished the house.

then Chen Xin angrily went to the balcony to smoke. Xiao Rui looked at his back and said:

"We have been together for such a long time, are you tired, bored, bored words …"

before Xiao Rui finished, Chen Xin pressed the cigarette, turned around and hugged Xiao Rui, buried her head in Xiao Rui's neck, and said in a hoarse voice:

"Yes, I'm bored and tired. I don't want to fall in love. Shall we get married?"

then Chen Xin held Xiaorui in his arms and continued to confess his self-remorse:

"I know that I am not good enough and impulsive in some things, and I am too eager to give you a better life, but the reality is very cruel and the risk is great. I know you are also under a lot of pressure. I gave up the opportunity to study abroad at public expense for me, and gave up the well-paid enterprise for me, but I was so stupid that I didn't know your good."

"Xiao Rui, forgive me, I will not trust others in the future, I promise that I will work hard to be good to you."


Xiao Rui's tears flowed out of control, tightlyHe hugged Chen Xin and responded to his affection with a kiss.

when I think of this, Xiao Rui, lying on the bed, her eyes turn red, because only they can understand the ups and downs they have experienced along the way.

when you go through all the hardships with your loved ones, life and love will not be so difficult, because what really drives love is not strong love, but trivial time.

before long, Chen Xin came back with soya-bean milk Youtiao, walked in front of Xiao Rui, scratched her nose with his finger and said, "get up and have breakfast, little slacker



Aunt Rui replied with a smile: "copy that, my dear 'husband'."

whether a person loves you or not, the answer is obvious, in his every word, in his real actions, in those things at every critical moment of our lives.

he will give you everything,

will think of you everywhere and care about you;

will try to prove that his behavior is "make you happy, make you happy".

he may be the one who found that your heel was worn out and bought you a band-aid, the one who felt uncomfortable during your menstrual period and flushed brown sugar water into your hand, the one who sleeps with hazy eyes and tucks in the corner for you at night. it's the one who says I'm here when you're frustrated.

warm your hands when it's cold.

when eating with a lot of people, they will secretly look at you and pull your hand under the table;

I will call you no matter how busy I am;

whether it is good news or bad news, the person who will share it with you in the first place.

if life is a hard journey, then he is the one who adds sugar to you, making you feel sweet care in small moments.

, there is always a person in this world, it is your thoughts, it is your warmth, the rest of your life is really long, we must find a real love you together, okay?