The lower the level, the more people like to spend their time on these four things.
The lower the level, the more people like to spend their time on these four things.
Spend your time enriching your life.

motivational quotes

"Life orientation should be high, the level is not high, and if you can't say elegant words, you can't achieve great things."

what is the level of human existence in the world?

what kind of level you have, what kind of life you have!

as the moral Classic says:

"the sergeant hears the way and exhorts it; the sergeant hears the way, if he survives; the corporal laughs when he hears the way."

A person, the higher the level, the less confined to the trifles in front of them. They stand high and see far, so they can control the direction of life.

the lower the level, the more face-saving people are.

living in this world, "face" is very important.

small to treat to dinner, big to marriage and funeral, must maintain a certain scenery, so as not to lose status.

otherwise, you will lose face.

but there is a saying:

"people live in the world, some live to save face, some live to become inner, and only inside can win real face."

some people like to be swollen and fat for the sake of face, but they have to be heroic when they can't do it; they have to pretend to be generous when they have no money; they are scared but want to hang on.

finally, tired yourself and fooled others.

"face-saving and suffering" is the most obvious feature of people at a low level.

do not realize that to love face does not mean to have face.

if you want to get real respect and praise, you can only be affirmed by constantly cultivating your character and improving your pattern.

to protect decency, it is better to be honest and shameful, to gain a good reputation, than to rectify the mind.

A person who knows how to let go of face is the beginning of success.

the lower the level, the deeper the desire

there is a sentence in Daojing:

"there is no greater misfortune than discontentment, no more guilt than desire, so contentment is often enough."

the most important thing in one's life is to know how to be contented.

moderate desire is the driving force of struggle, but excessive greed becomes a burden on life.

how many people let money control their thoughts, let pleasure erode self-discipline, and let greed encroach on conscience.

lust is the source of pain if it is not controlled.

youdao is:

"Life is not bitter, but too much desire, no tiredness in body and mind, but too much burden.


the lower the level of life, the deeper the desire, the more painful it is to be a man.

but in fact, you don't have to.

there are no more than three meals a day in a thousand fertile fields, and ten thousand rooms in Guangsha only sleep in three feet.

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really smart people know how to balance the relationship between life and desires, they can get rid of those illusory, unrealistic greed, control their own desires.

Mr. Yang Jiang once said:

"God will not let all happiness focus on a person, get love may not have money;

having money may not necessarily lead to happiness; getting happiness may not necessarily lead to health.

having good health doesn't always get what you want. "

all things, despise and see through, is the most beautiful life.

the lower the level, the greater the temper

some people say: "temper is the embodiment of one's ability and self-cultivation."

people with greater skills and higher levels tend to have less temper.

because when they are unhappy, they are often able to think calmly, be tolerant, understand and tolerate.

as the saying goes: the heart is one inch wide, the road is one foot wide; the heart is as wide as the sea, and the wind is calm.

when a person's heart is relaxed, his horizons will be broadened, and his world will become brighter and brighter.

on the contrary, those who are full of complaints and scold when things go wrong are mostly incapable of doing so.

A sentence to describe it by du Yuesheng is:

"have the ability, but have no temper;

have ability and temper;

have no ability, have temper. "

vent a moment of anger, not only can not solve any problems, but easily lead to conflict.

only by being kind to others and living with humility can happiness lead to misfortune.

in life, win in kindness and lose in temper.

people who are really good will never be slaves to their emotions.

the lower the level, the more they show off

there is a classic line in the Swordsman: "you don't have to shout before you do something."

means don't say what you want to do, just do it.

words that can be explained by actions, do not need to be said.

because if you talk too much, you will lose. Sometimes the more you talk, the more you show off, the easier it is to expose your shortcomings and make people bored.

just like Yang Xiu during the period of the three Kingdoms, he often showed off his talents in front of Cao Cao and said more words to show off his wisdom, which upset Cao Cao.

finally, Cao Cao put him to death in the name of disturbing the morale of the army.

as the saying goes, "if words invite misfortune, you must restrain yourself."

people who really have self-cultivation and ability are those who are insensitive to words and sensitive to deeds.

they keep a low profileSteady instead of boasting, down-to-earth and serious instead of rhetoric.

in this way, the character and level of human beings can be improved, and in the end, we will reap the foundation that has survived the ups and downs.

Water depth does not speak, people do not speak, this is a kind of self-cultivation, but also a kind of realm.

there is a sentence in the Song of Ice and Fire:

"A man with a pattern can have a thousand different lives, and a man without a pattern can only live his own life."

pattern determines life, and hierarchy determines success or failure.

people with large patterns have let go of unnecessary face and superfluous desires, so they can go further and live with ease.

High-level people give up useless emotions and unnecessary boasting, so they take their time and move on all the way.

on the long road of life, may you and I also have a big pattern in mind, upgrade to a higher level, be a man of light, warm ourselves, and illuminate others.