The lower the cognitive level, the more stubborn people are.
The lower the cognitive level, the more stubborn people are.
Well frogs can't talk about the sea, summer worms can't talk about ice.

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once saw a joke, An asked B: "do you have a brief history of time?"

B replied, "Psycho, I won't pick up shit even if I have time?"

of course it's just a joke.

when An asked B, A never thought that B would answer: to pick up shit?

what does this mean?

shows that two people are not from the same cognitive channel at all.

it is difficult for two people with different cognitive levels to communicate.

people with lower cognition have more cognitive blind spots

two years ago, a friend of mine wanted to start a business, which was a laundry.

when he mentioned it to me, he was in good order, taking into account all the details of every nook and cranny. I think it will work.

so he went home and discussed with his father that he would open a laundry.

his father is a farmer who has never spent a penny on laundry since childhood.

when his father heard that he was going to open a laundry, he jumped off the bench and shouted:

"you go to the laundry, look at my family, and look at me. When did you spend a penny on laundry?" If you go to open a shop, you can't even wear your pants. "

his father is firmly opposed to opening any laundry because there are hands and feet and there is a washing machine at home. Who will spend money on washing clothes?

Let's think about it from his father's point of view. Is what his father said right?


but what's the problem?

the problem is that his father's cognition is limited to his daily life and has no understanding of the living conditions outside. For his father, this situation is called a "cognitive blind spot."

if the laundry is opened in a small place, it is certainly not feasible, the flow of people is too small and scattered, and every household does their own laundry, who will spend money on laundry?

but this project is in a big city.

so the father took his very limited cognition to stubbornly draw conclusions about the unknown environment.

the lower the cognition, the more cognitive blind spots.

youdao is: well frogs can't talk about the sea, summer worms can't talk about ice.

Don't talk about the sea with the frog at the bottom of the well, because its cognition is only as big as the bottom of the well, and the sea is a cognitive blind area for it.

Don't talk about ice and snow with summer worms, because summer insects have never experienced ice and snow, and ice and snow is a cognitive blind spot for it.

people with low cognition, the more cognitive blind spots, the easier it is to adhere to the inherent cognition.

the lower the cognition, the more rigid the thinking

there is a plot in the Story of Mountains and Seas, selling mushrooms.

Professor Ling leads villagers to get rich by growing mushrooms, but with more and more mushroom farmers, mushroom prices are getting lower and lower by mushroom traders.

from 3.50 yuan per jin at the beginning, it fell to less than 1 yuan in the end.

either throw away the mushrooms or let the mushroom dealers who collect mushrooms in the village buy them at a low price.

but what does Professor Ling think?

set up a freezer and refrigerate the fresh mushrooms.

lead team members to open up sales in Shanghai, Xi'an, Beijing, Hangzhou and other big cities.

Professor Ling's idea: the living can still suffocate urine, so I don't believe in that evil.

in fact, at this time, we can best see that the level of cognition determines the difference in thinking.

the thinking of the villagers is rigid, stubbornly determined that the mushroom traders have a way to collect mushrooms, and if the mushroom traders lower the price, they will not collect the mushrooms, and this is over.

but Professor Ling has come up with many feasible solutions.

this is the gap. The lower the cognition, the more rigid and single-minded people's thinking is. It is commonly said that they are single-minded, dead-brained, and fond of cutting corners.

our cognition is an invisible ruler that measures the result of your judgment of the outside world.

Ma Weidu once talked about reading: you must read miscellaneous books, otherwise your nutrition is not balanced.

the term "nutritional imbalance" here means that cognition is too single and rigid, and rigid cognition directly leads to rigid and single mode of thinking.

the lower one's cognition, the more stubborn one is.

not because he is stubborn, but because his mode of thinking is rigid.

for people with too low awareness, the unknown boundary is too narrow

A friend of the author sent me a Wechat message the other day:

"recently I have knowledge anxiety. Before I had no habit of reading, I was very confident every day and felt that I knew everything and was awesome.

however, since I listened to you and read the list of books you wrote to me, the more I read it, the more ignorant I feel and the more short-sighted I feel.

because the contents of the book have subverted my previous understanding, I now realize that there are still a lot of great knowledge that I don't know in this world! "

the reason why this friend has this kind of "knowledge anxiety" actually touches his own "cognitive boundary" through continuous reading.

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We will find an interesting phenomenon:

the more knowledgeable people are, the more open-minded they are and the more humbly they accept others.People's suggestions;

on the contrary, the lower the cognition, the more closed the state of mind and the more conceited they are.

Xu Zhiyuan once interviewed the late Wu Mengda:

"I see you wearing glasses, very much like Lu Xun in his old age."

Uncle Da replied, "Hey, it's not even close."

Xu Zhiyuan then asked, "really, ask other people around you. They are very similar. Have you ever thought of playing the role of the writer Lu Xun?"

Uncle Da thought for a moment, shook his head and said, "I don't have the energy to play Lu Xun at present. He is a very learned man."

Xu Zhiyuan continued to ask Uncle Da: "how do you feel about filming 'wandering the Earth'?"

Uncle Da's words are very modest. an old actor who has been filming for decades reveals that his filming is completely blank and handed over to the director for guidance.

this very open mind is a state of mind for a well-known old actor.

but on the contrary, some new actors who are newly famous always have a lot of inherent opinions.

Why is it that the higher the cognitive level, the more modest the person?

the French philosopher Descartes once said that the more you study, the more you find yourself ignorant.

because the more knowledge a person has, the wider the unknown areas he will come into contact with, the more questions he will have, and the more things he needs to learn.

and the narrower a person's knowledge is, the less he is exposed to the unknown, and such people tend to be conceited and omnipotent.

people with low cognition do not know their ignorance, so they stubbornly think that they know everything.

the famous philosopher Socrates once said:

"I am smarter than others because I know my ignorance."

I used to be a very stubborn person, but with the growth of experience and the accumulation of reading, my stubborn ideas have been overturned again and again.

as the author Qingyou said:

"if you have realized your stubbornness, in addition to deliberately reminding yourself of timely reflection, the most effective way is to read and study, communicate with excellent people, and strive to improve your awareness."

with more experience, a wider range of knowledge, and deeper thinking, the higher the cognitive level.