The lover is the husband and wife of the previous life, and the wife is from the previous life.
The lover is the husband and wife of the previous life, and the wife is from the previous life.
The rest of my life is not long, love my wife well.


all relationships in the world have cause and effect. Plant a good cause and get a good result.

the encounters in this life are all reunited in previous lives. The love and hate, right and wrong, right and wrong of the previous life will be made up and eliminated or renewed in this life.

if lovers are inextricable knots in previous lives, this life is destined to be entangled with each other. That wife is the unavoidable fate of the previous life, this life is doomed to love and cherish each other.

wife is a bosom friend of a previous life

as the ancients said: high mountains and flowing waters, bosom friends are hard to find, it is enough to have a bosom friend in life.

Life is always in circles, doomed. In your previous lives, your fate was still shallow, your hearts were connected, and you shared weal and woe. Meet again in this life, promise each other, grow old together.

in the previous life, she knows her joys and sorrows and understands your joys and sorrows. If she continues her relationship in this life, she is doomed to accompany her.

willing to be your wife and have children for you, not for splendor and wealth, but to stay by your side and spend every spring, summer, autumn and winter with you.

when you succeed, she cheers for you; you are depressed, she accompanies you silently. When you are sad, she softly appeases you; when you are at a loss, she tells each other her heart.

does not have any blood relationship with you, but there is no return or limit for your love.

if the lover is a husband and wife in a previous life, the wife is your bosom friend in the previous life, and she is willing to leave the selfless feelings and love to you in the past life and this life.

wife is the benefactor of previous life

I don't owe anything in my previous life, but not in this life. Owe each other in a previous life, but repay your wish in this life.

all kinds of life, the cycle of cause and effect. As in the Legend of the White Snake, Xu Xian, a kind-hearted man in a previous life, saved the dying little snake. In this life, the little snake turned into a White Lady to repay Xu Xian's kindness in her previous life.

in the past life and this life, when the kindness was not over and owed to each other, there was a marriage. The wife of this life is the benefactor of the previous life.

there must be blessings in knowing and cherishing blessings, and gratitude is grace. If you are destined to meet again in this life, you must treat her well.

A man who is kind to his wife will be safe and happy for the rest of his life, know each other with his beloved, and spend the rest of his life together.

if you get great kindness in a previous life, you will give up all the time in this life and lose to the people around you.

that such a man, do not know how to be grateful, do not know to cherish, will only end up with nothing.

those who are contented are always happy, and those who are grateful are blessed. People who are kind to their wives will have more and more blessings, and their days will become happier and happier.

fate is destined to meet and cherish

the same ferry can be built in a hundred years and pillow sleep in a thousand years.

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the old man often said, "it takes a lifetime for a wife to be separated, because what the wife means is that it begins with the moon and ends with Meng Po."

when we come into this world, we are looking for the right person to return the favor or return the favor.

husband and wife's marriage is doomed, looking back on countless previous lives, thousands of involved, this life is predestined to meet, married.

she gives you a home, accompanies you to share joys and sorrows, avoids your vagrancy, and gives you children, so that your children can go around their knees and share the joys of family.

she dedicates her selfless love to you and would like to have your love and care. When you meet each other in this life, you must protect them with your heart and don't lose to your beloved.

in the vast sea of people to meet and know each other, no matter who will not be plain sailing, but as long as there is a willing to pay, know how to be grateful, you can have a lifetime of love and happiness.

the rest of life is not long, learn to respect heaven and love, know how to be content and grateful, and love your wife well. Watch the flowers bloom and fall with her, waiting for the fate to rise and fall.

I wish the world will not change its mind, the situation of the world will not disturb its heart, hold your son's hand, and stay in love for a lifetime.

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