The longest relationship is heart for heart.
The longest relationship is heart for heart.
Between people, it is always mutual.


there is a question on the Internet: "what kind of relationship can last?"

there is an answer below: "A long-term relationship requires the heart. If I come with my heart, I will naturally go with my heart."

in fact, any relationship is an "exchange".

it's just that some people intersect with each other with profit, and if they do their best, they disperse; some people meet with potential, but when they lose, they tend to tilt; some people intersect with each other with affection, and when they break with affection, they hurt.

only when you meet with your heart can your relationship last.

people who don't have you in their eyes, don't worry about it

Yu Guangzhong said, "your eyes are really beautiful. There are sunshine and rain, sun and moon, mountains and rivers, clouds, flowers and birds, but my eyes look better because I have you in my eyes."

No matter love or friendship, you are the best scenery in your eyes.

if you are not in your eyes, all you care about is just a joke.


@ AI

told a very heart-breaking story.

when she was in the sixth grade, her parents divorced.

they also become very good friends because of this.

but three years later, she still did not wait for the girl, feeling more or less sad.

once in a while, the girl told her that she had gone back one year, but she was in a hurry to celebrate a friend's birthday, so she didn't have time to find her.

Friends are easy to make, but people are hard to keep.

between people, what you fear most is that you throw out all your heart in exchange for a heartbreaking heart.

A few years ago, I skipped work and went to her wedding in order to be a bridesmaid for a friend.

but just as she was preparing to go on stage for the ceremony, she whispered to me, "you don't have to go up there. Xiaoqian can go up with me."

Xiaoqian is her other bridesmaid. I watched them leave and suddenly felt like a clown and stopped awkwardly in the same place.

at that moment, I only felt that I was sincere and delivered to the wrong person.

the sixth sense is a very mysterious thing, whether or not you are in the other person's eyes, you can actually feel it.

you will feel each other's perfunctory, indifferent and indifferent.

it's just that many times, you don't want to admit it, or you don't dare to admit it.

because you are afraid of your enthusiasm, you are really frozen into ice by the other person, which in turn hurts yourself.

can deceive yourself and others, always can only let oneself get anaesthesia in the illusion, wake up to meet their own, will only be severe pain.

as a popular saying on the Internet: "it is impolite to knock on a door that you do not want to open."

it is also impolite for others not to get a response.

it is also impolite to pay too much attention to people who do not have you in their eyes.

it is better to turn around and leave and keep a proper distance, which is the best way to achieve each other.

watering flowers requires watering roots, and making friends requires heart-to-heart

A man fell to the bottom of the valley, and there was a so-called friend on the shore who held out his hands.

although the length of the arm is limited, his friends are desperately trying to save him.

people at the bottom of the valley despair that they may not be saved and are grateful for their friends' actions.

when you see this, everyone must think that this friend is really loyal.

unexpectedly, beside the friend who saved the life, there was a ladder leading to the bottom of the valley.

does it hurt your heart?

it is such a cartoon that pokes the hearts of countless netizens.

some netizens sighed: "the heart is separated by the belly, you never know what color the heart is behind the belly."

indeed, watering flowers and roots to make friends with people, if there is no sincerity as a medium, it is better not to pay.

there is a particularly impressive segment in the TV series Qingping Music.

Fan Zhongyan strongly advocated reform at that time, but he did not expect that this move accidentally touched the cake of some officials and brought himself a lot of trouble.

later, he was framed and demoted to a remote and difficult place.

in the past, those who flattered him and those who flattered him were scattered for fear that they might be implicated.

almost no one dares to have anything to do with him, even those who were once called "friends".

when he left the capital, only his good friend Wang Qian, dragging his sick body, practiced for Fan Zhongyan.

after that, someone asked Wang: "No one else dares to see them off, for fear of being implicated. Aren't you afraid?"

Wang Li smiled heartily: "it would be my honor if I could become an accomplice of the talented and virtuous Fan Zhongyan!"

being demoted this time, Fan Zhongyan can see clearly who is really friends with him and who is hot on the surface.

time is like a sieve, what can be scattered is mostly false, and what can be left is true.

YoungWhen you like to call friends, the more friends you have, the more you think you are great.

the older you get, the more you feel that the relationship is too lively, not necessarily with a lot of sincerity. Perhaps it is also because of enjoying the illusory hustle and bustle that we get together.

after seeing too much "face-saving relationship", I found that what I really pursue is the distance between heart and heart.

it is safest to measure the distance of the heart and the distance of the relationship.

as Zhuangzi said, "the true one is sincere, but he is not sincere and cannot be moved."

people are afraid of cold, true feelings are afraid of injury.

only by interacting with others and with sincerity can you reap the sincerity of others.

between people, it is always mutual

in the early years, when Qi Baishi first arrived in Beijing, his paintings could not be sold.

it is not too much to describe poverty as being hungry and full.

once, Qi Baishi went to a birthday party.

during the dinner, everyone was talking and laughing together, only Qi Baishi had no companions, listening to the laughter of others, but he was very lonely.

just then, Mei Lanfang, who had just entered the door, saw Qi Baishi with an awkward face.

he hurriedly stepped forward and introduced Qi Baishi to everyone, resolving the embarrassment.

with Mei Lanfang's encouragement and help, Qi Baishi is becoming more and more famous, and his paintings are often snapped up.

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but he never forgot Mei Lanfang's help to him, and specially drew a picture of sending charcoal in snow to Mei Lanfang.

between people, they are always mutual.

it is not necessarily the appearance of reciprocity, but the kindness of each other.

as Haruki Murakami said:

"you have to remember those who hold umbrellas for you in the heavy rain, those who protect you from foreign things, and those who hold you silently in the dark...."

because they could not have done so.

I used to watch the TV series "Please answer 1988". I didn't understand that when it came to dinner, several families began to deliver meals to each other.

sometimes, the food sent back and forth from home is returned to the table at home.

such superfluous action is not only troublesome, but also a waste of energy, why bother?

later, when I looked at it again, I suddenly realized that what they sent was the food, but the heart of the family.

it is an immutable truth that you get what you give.

No one has an obligation to know who, take care of who, or even love who.

they all come and go under the conditions of each other, so the relationship can last for a long time.

the longest relationships are heart for heart

A man complained to the Zen master that he didn't have any friends.

the Zen master pointed to the window obscured by the curtains.

the man didn't quite understand, and the Zen master explained, "if you want others to see it, why do you draw the curtains so tight?" Similarly, your own heart is the same. "

if you want others to get close to you, you have to take a step forward yourself.

if you want others to pay attention to you, you have to pay attention to others.

there is a long way to go in life. No matter who you meet, only by making friends with your heart can you keep each other in your heart.

if you only ask for general acquaintances, that person can meet countless people in this life, but you have nowhere to put your heart, always wandering, what's the point?

between people, the best state is, "because I met you, my joy and sadness have a home."

the longest relationship is like this, exchanging one heart for another.