The greatest stupidity of human nature is to be unkind to others.
The greatest stupidity of human nature is to be unkind to others.
To accept the glow of others, life can shine.

No matter where you go in life, there are always a group of people who are better than you, and a group of people are not as good as you.

A smart person knows how to appreciate the excellence of others and strive to be an excellent person.

but ignorant people are on the contrary: only allow others to be miserable, but never see others better than themselves.

A person's tragedy often begins with jealousy of others.

I watched a video in which an unshaven uncle told about his journey home.

he said that every time he went back to his hometown, when talking about the current situation, he always liked to cry desperately in front of a large number of neighbors.

Why would he do that?

it turned out that when he returned to his hometown for the first time, he thought he could be praised by his neighbors.

did not expect that he was greeted by the sour tone of the neighborhood and malicious speculation


then, every time he went home, he would turn into a miserable image, and the jealousy of the villagers immediately turned into compassion.

many people allow a stranger to prosper, but can't stand the prosperity of the people around them.

"East and West poison" says: "anyone can become vicious, as long as you have tried what is jealousy."

A lot of bullying in life seems to be a bully, but in fact it is jealousy.

netizens of Zhihu

@ evening

experienced a period of bullying by roommates.

the roommate teamed up to crowd her out, pointing at her nose and shaking her face without scruple.

is shocking.

her roommate once said to her nakedly: "Why can you have all this? why do you study better than me? why can you live so freely?"

jealousy is a malice rooted in human nature, regardless of age and identity.

some people don't like it when they see others dressed up.

some people feel like thorns in their hearts when they see others rising all the way up.

everyone has the devil in his heart, and the difference is whether he can control it or not.

because once released, hell is already staring at us.

the two short stories I have heard are of great significance.

the first story is that once upon a time there was an eagle with full feathers that could fight against the sky, arousing the envy of another eagle.

the jealous eagle asked the hunter to shoot down the full-winged eagle.

the hunter told the eagle, "it takes several feathers tied to the arrow before it can be launched."

the eagle quickly tore off the longest wings and gave them to the hunter.

the arrow went out, but the eagle in the air flew too high and missed it.

without saying a word, the eagle tore off a few pieces and gave them to him. Over and over again, the hairs on the eagle's wings were torn off, and he could not fly, but became prey in the hunter's bag.

another story is that when a man meets God, God can grant him whatever he wants, but his neighbor will be paid double.

the man smiled from ear to ear at first, but then thought, "if I get a share of the property, the neighbor will get two; if I want a beautiful woman, he can hug left and right."

it makes me sad to think that my neighbors are taking advantage of me.

stupid people always stare at what others have more than themselves, which can easily lead to mental imbalance.

try your best to stumble on others, and eventually you will fall.

before, there was an uproar of news.

there is a girl who is excitedly waiting for the admission news after checking her scores.

who knows in the end, he will miss out on his favorite university.

the girl was so confused that the suspect identified by clues after calling the police turned out to be her best friend.

it turned out that her best friend was jealous that the girl had better grades than herself, so she secretly wrote down the girl's personal information and quietly changed her wish.

this best friend ruined the girl's hard work in the cold window for more than ten years, and also buried her life with her own hands, and was finally sent to a cold prison.

there is a sentence in "you from the stars":

"that's what human nature is like. Seeing others climb higher than you doesn't mean that I want to go there, but say to others, come down, come down, and come into this quagmire."

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but after dragging others into the quagmire, you will eventually involve yourself.

there is an effect in psychology called the crab effect:

when there is a crab in the basket, the lid must be closed to prevent it from climbing out.

but when you put in more than two crabs, you no longer need a lid.

because every time a crab wants to climb out, other crabs will drag it, and each crab will step on each other, and in the end, none of the crabs can climb out.

I can't see the goodness of others, but my eyes are naturally bleak.

if we know how to appreciate the strengths of others, we will subconsciously change ourselves.

to accept the glow of others, life can shine.

someone has derived a theory from the story of the race between the tortoise and the hare, which is called "win-win theory between the tortoise and the hare":

when the river came, the tortoise carried the hare upstream to cross the river.

the two reached the finish line together.

A person's power is exhausted. If you always regard the excellence of others as an eyesore and a thorn in the flesh, you will only be confined to a narrow mode of thinking.

change your mindset to treat the shining points of others, learn with thirst for knowledge, and borrow strength at the right time, and life will naturally change slowly.

there is a high achiever dormitory at Northwest University of Agriculture and Forestry Science and Technology that People's Daily likes. All five people succeeded in the postgraduate entrance examination, and two of them sent Tsinghua Direct blog.

they plan their studies together, consult each other when they encounter problems, and supervise each other as soon as they relax.

when faced with uncertainty in the direction of school and research, they give each other advice.

when the postgraduate students and postgraduate entrance exams are faced with the problem of choosing mentors, they each go through their own channels to help understand the information.

Cai Chong said:

"everyone who passes by our lives participates in us and ultimately constitutes us."

what you look like sometimes depends on the people around you.

A sign of a person's progress is that he is surrounded by many good people.

on our way of life, we will complete and be complete, help and be helped, form a virtuous circle, and every thorn we encounter will turn into a smooth road.

there is a kind of practice called praise with joy.

is probably to see the joy of others, but the heart is happy.

people who live a narrow life only hope that others will be unhappy.

people who live a thorough life know how to think of good people.

Let jealousy determine the way of thinking and behavior, and what you lose is your heart and direction of life.

Don't try to hide the brilliance of others. What we really need to do is to do everything we can to shine on ourselves.

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