The greatest sorrow for adults is that they do not understand the law of "crossing others and crossing themselves".
The greatest sorrow for adults is that they do not understand the law of "crossing others and crossing themselves".
Really smart people all know how to help each other and achieve each other.

Light energy

there was a blind man who liked to walk by lighting a lamp at night. Others were puzzled and asked him, "Why bother?"

the blind man smiled and explained:

"the purpose of lighting a lamp is to let people see the way clearly and to see me so as not to hurt each other."

I think so.

as said in Zuo Zhuan: "Auxiliary cars depend on each other, lips die and teeth are cold."

the relationship between people is like lips and teeth, which are not only related to each other, but also support each other.

what we give to others now will also be given back to ourselves in the future.

only when you are alive and kind to others can you get more help from others.

the strong build bridges, the weak build walls

writer Haijin once said:

"the weak tear each other, deviate from virtue, the road is getting narrower and narrower, will eventually hurt themselves; the strong help each other, sympathize with each other, the road is getting wider and wider, will eventually help themselves."

some people, however, the realm is too low, the pattern is too small, only know how to stab people in the back, and eventually get into trouble.

during the warring States period, Pang Juan and Sun Bin paid homage to Gui Guzi, studied the art of war and determined to serve the country.

by chance, Pang Juan heard that the State of Wei was recruiting talents, so she recommended herself and went to the State of Wei alone to become an advisor.

at the same time, Pang Juan promised that when he became famous in the future, he would recommend Sun Bin to become an official.

things went against his wishes. Pang Juan, who became a military advisor, had evil intentions and was unwilling to introduce Sun Bin to the king of Wei.

Unfortunately, Sun Bin was introduced to the State of Wei by Qin Huali, an apprentice of Mozi, where he became an advisor and was on a par with Pang Juan.

but Pang Juan was jealous of Sun Bin's ingenuity and secretly schemed to harm Sun Bin, so that his knee was broken and trapped in the valley.

finally, Sun Bin pretended to be insane and was able to escape to the State of Qi. Later, he was appreciated by the King of Qi because of his intelligence and often gave him advice.

during the war between the State of Wei and the State of Qi, Pang Juan was surrounded and suppressed by Sun Bin's troops on Maling Road, fell into Sun Bin's strategy, had no choice but to advance or retreat, and finally drew his sword to cut his own throat.

but the courageous and resourceful Sun Bin became a military advisor of Qi, often offering good advice to the King of Qi to help him carry out political reform, and his national strength became stronger and stronger, and the State of Qi became a great power with the hegemony of Qin.

the two could have joined forces to serve the country, but Pang Juan weighed the belly of a gentleman with the heart of a villain and ended up harming himself.

the weak build walls and block the way ahead, but how can they break their own back road, unable to move an inch, and get caught in a dilemma.

the Book of changes says, "those who benefit are the sum of righteousness."

the strong help each other, benefit naturally, the weak tear each other, and take a detour.

narrow-minded people, do not see others good, use all kinds of means to destroy each other, but destroy their own life.

those who help each other can stand higher and go further if they work together.

really smart people know how to achieve each other

as the old saying goes:

"the clouds reflect the sun and become a glow, and the spring hangs rock into a waterfall. The people entrusted are different, and the name is also because of it.


the clouds are colorful when they meet the sun, and the springs are magnificent when they meet rocks, just like on the way of life, they meet good friends, appreciate each other and support each other.

in the variety show "actors please get in place", Wen Zhengrong's encouragement and help to the younger generation of actors is particularly admirable.

program, Wen Zhengrong and Huang Mengying acted in the "Mei Lanfang" movie.

when the two played each other, Huang Mengying said bluntly that she had been unable to enter the state for a long time because she could not understand the psychological support implied in the characters' lines, and was deeply ashamed.

in order to make Huang Mengying enter the role state more quickly, Wen Zhengrong collects character data, explains the background, and guides her to jump out of the character frame of the original actor, think about the contemporary cultural atmosphere, and integrate into her own emotions.

she also pulled Huang Mengying in costume and jewelry in line with the flavor of the times, rehearsing again and again at every card point, studying the character's posture, language, mood, and striving to put every look and every body in place.

with the help of Wen Zhengrong, Huang Mengying's performance shows less trace of effort, more natural emotion, and the rehearsal is getting better.

in the end, the two men finished their work excellently, won the praise of the directors and successfully promoted.

afterwards, someone asked Wen Zhengrong, puzzled, "Why are you willing to take the trouble to teach each other?"

Wen Zhengrong smiles and answers:

"the play between actors is like playing ping-pong. She calls and I call back.

when the other party was confused, I shared my acting experience to help her get into the play and finish the shooting smoothly. Achieve each other not only for her, but also for yourself. "

I agree with you.

the poet John Dorne said, "No man is an island, standing alone."

there are always some people, there are always things that need to support each other and make progress together.

when others are in trouble, reach out a hand, not only to achieve others, but also to achieve their own.

really smart people know how to help each other and achieve each other.

your kindness will be rewarded in time

at the end of the Qing Dynasty, a poor businessman was cheated by his business and had a big shortage of funds, so he went to Hu Xueyan's pawnshop and wanted to pawn the family business at a low price to tide over the difficulties.

the pawnshop clerk is secretly delighted that this is a business that is sure to make a profit.

after Hu Xueyan learned the real situation of the businessman, he said that the pawnshop would buy his property at the market price, which could be kept and should not be sold. He waited for the businessman to make a comeback and compensate for the interest to redeem the property.

the businessman was deeply shocked by Hu Xueyan's kindness.Moved by the good deed, after signing the agreement, he bowed and said goodbye with tears in his eyes.

the man was puzzled and worried that this was a loss-making business.

Hu Xueyan disagreed and answered with a smile:

"there will always be times in life when you are caught in the rain. Only when you are willing to hold an umbrella for others will others be willing to do it for you."

later, businessmen used the money to tide over the crisis and revitalize the family business.

businessmen remember the kindness and take the initiative to become Hu Xueyan's partner. They have close business contacts and often bring them large orders.

the incident of Hu Xueyan's kindness in rescuing the fallen merchants was famous all over the country.

people admired Hu Xueyan's affectionate and righteous conduct and visited him one after another to form a business partnership to help him become a business legend.

writer Liu Yingxuan once said:

"Life is an echo. You give each other the best, and others give you the best."


I think so.

kindness is a kind of reincarnation, doing good is a kind of happiness, is a choice from the heart, pay goodwill, the heart is happy, happiness naturally comes.

there is a saying in the maxim of Shuimu:

"whether noble, poor or humble, being kind-hearted is the foundation of being a human being. if you focus on benefiting others, even if you don't ask for anything in return, the return will come all of a sudden."

kindness is never for return, but with kindness, it will eventually bear good fruit.

in the circle of adults, people are also crossing their own.

there is a question on Zhihu: "what is the best way for adults to get along?"

there is a highly praised answer: "help others as well as help yourself."

if you think about it, it's true.

is it not true that the circle of adults is to overcome their own doubts with the potential of crossing others?

Lin Qingxuan also wrote in "send him a bright moon"

"We always keep a kind, tolerant and clear mind, not to mention sending a bright moon, it is possible to send many bright moons at the same time.

because the bright moon is not sent to each other, but a kind of reflection, which can reflect the light of each other. "

strong people help each other because they know how to set up the stage for mutual benefit and win-win results.

Wise people become perfect, they know how to impart experience before they can grow up with each other.

those who do good deeds are those who know how to send charcoal in the snow, and good deeds will be rewarded in the end.

May we always have good intentions, walk with others, overcome setbacks, and eventually win the hearts of others, ourselves, and peace of mind.

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