The greatest skill of a man is not to take himself seriously.
The greatest skill of a man is not to take himself seriously.
Life is like a passer-by, everything is in a hurry.

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at the end of the second season of the Reader, Yu Hua was invited as the final guest.

when Yu Hua is mentioned, many people will be in awe.

as the forerunner of contemporary Chinese literature, critics praised his concise writing.

but Yu Hua said on the program: "people say that my article is concise because I know few Chinese characters."

I don't know if you have found that the more capable people are, the less they take themselves seriously.

Mezner has a famous saying: "Don't take yourself too seriously. Without you, the earth will turn around."

although the words are simple, many people in life always overestimate their position.

self-media author

@ Wu Xiaowu

shared a story.

there is a barber shop near their neighborhood.

Tang Jia is the only one of the staff in the store who graduated from the authentic class with good craftsmanship.

but because of her own ability, she often shows her face to other colleagues.

once, she asked her boss to give her only a raise on the grounds that

"most of the guests in the store come to me."

but the boss did not agree, which made Tang Jia very dissatisfied:

"I won't wait on you in this shop!"

Tang Jia thought that without her, the business in the store would plummet.

but unexpectedly, after she left, the business in the store was not affected at all.

the greatest stupidity in life is not to take others seriously, and second, to take yourself too seriously.

those who have real skills are the most humble and have no sense of identity.

Last year, the documentary "time me" became a hit.

what impressed me most was an interview by Yuan Longping's three granddaughters.

in the interview, they said an interesting thing.

the teacher once asked one of the girls, "do you know what your grandfather does?"

surprisingly, the girl said, "my grandfather watches the weather forecast every day."

when I see this, I feel inexplicably touched.

I can't imagine that the granddaughter of a famous figure like Yuan Longping doesn't even know what he does.

in his mind, he still thinks of himself as a "farmer".

the depth of the water is silent, and a man is silent.

excellent people, know how to give up flashy, never flamboyant, never arrogant.

someone once asked a wise man, "what is wisdom?"

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the wise man gave him three tips, saying that there are three kinds of wisdom, covering all the essence of wisdom in life.

humility is written in the first brocade.

the third brocade bag thought it would be different, but it was written with humility.

A true wise man knows his own smallness and shallowness after walking through the desert, seeing the sea and climbing high mountains.

Socrates was hailed as the "wisest man" in ancient Greece, but when he heard the title, he said with trepidation:

"I know nothing except that I know nothing."

once, when Socrates was chatting with his students, he saw a student always showing off his family fortune, boasting that his family had an endless land.

so Socrates took out a map of the world and asked him:

can you show me where Asia is?

"this one is all." The student answered triumphantly.

"what about Greece?" Asked Socrates.

Greece is too small compared with Asia.

he searched carefully for a long time before he finally found Greece.

Socrates then asked, "where is Athens?"

"Athens, this is even smaller, it seems to be here." The student pointed to a dot on the map and said.

Socrates asked again, "so now please point out to me, where is the endless land of your house?"

the student said awkwardly, "Sorry, I can't find it."

since then, the student has not shown off his family fortune to anyone.

as the old saying goes, "Heaven does not speak of self-elevation, and the earth does not speak of self-thickness. With reference to all things, one can see one's own shortcomings."

those who have seen the world are mostly humble, submissive and modest.

they never brag about how good they are, because they know that there are people outside the sky.

how can we go fast and far on the road of life?

I quite agree with what Fan Jinshi once said:

"Don't take yourself too seriously, take things seriously."

A man must grind things before he can stand.

there are many tags on Gong Li:

30, judge of Cannes Film Festival.

33, chairman of the jury of the Berlin Film Festival.

35, chairman of the jury of the Venice Film Festival.

one of the five greatest actors of the year for the Washington Post.

but he is such a superstar who has no airs and only focuses on doing his own thing.

Sun Honglei once said in an interview: "she is the most dedicated actress I have ever seen."

when starring in Qiuju lawsuit, Gong Li went to rural Shaanxi for nearly half a year in order to speak Shaanxi dialect well.

the last Shaanxi dialect fooled the locals.

when filming Memoirs of a Geisha, the director planned to ask the double to perform a difficult fan dance, but she refused.

for this shot, she has been practicing for five months and needs to practice 2,000 times a day.

when filming "Chinese Women's Volleyball", Gong Li became Lang Ping's "follower" in order to play the role of Lang Ping.

wherever Lang Ping appears, Gong Li is there.

once, when Lang Ping's daughter Bai Lang saw Gong Li on the set, she couldn't help saying, "this is my mother."

so that for some time, it has been widely rumored in the industry that every time Gong Li plays a new role, he can unlock a new skill.

but she didn't take herself seriously.

"I'm not a star. I just want to be a good actor all my life."

Gong Li never takes part in variety shows, not even a personal Weibo.

the only thing to think about is how to act well and be responsible for your own work:

"whenever I decide to do something, I have to do it perfectly."

whoever will eventually make a sound in the world will remain silent for a long time.

when you precipitate yourself in silence, you do things to the extreme.

you become the scarcest and most irreplaceable person.

there is a hot topic on Zhihu: what kind of mentality needs to be practiced deliberately?

the most popular answer is: "Don't take yourself too seriously."

Life is like a passer-by, everything is in a hurry.

only when we try to look down on ourselves and try to make things bigger, can we constantly increase the breadth and breadth of life.

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