The greatest goodness of human nature is to think of others.
The greatest goodness of human nature is to think of others.
Tolerance comes from understanding, and understanding comes from thinking about others.

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as the old saying goes: do not do to others what you do not want.

treat others as you want others to treat you.

it is the common principle of mankind to be considerate of others.

think about everything from the point of view of others. This is not only the highest state of being, but also the highest goodness in the world.

thinking of others is a kind of understanding

A pig, a sheep and a cow are kept in the same corral by the shepherd.

one day, the shepherd took the pig out of the corral and heard the pig barking loudly.


sheep and cows hate its howling and complain:

"We are often caught by shepherds, and we don't yell like you."

Pig responded:

"catching you and catching me are two different things. He only catches you and divides your hair and milk.

but catching me is killing me! "

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everyone has their own position and can only see the situation they are facing.

people's arrogance lies in the fact that we always think that the world we see is the situation that everyone is facing.

when the movie "you as a teenager" was released, some people complained: how can there be so much school violence? it's just eye-catching.

such arrogance can easily lead to violence and apathy.

in the face of people in different situations, try to be considerate of others, try to understand and care about others.

if you can't empathize, don't speak ill of each other, please keep a minimum of kindness.

being considerate of others is a kind of warmth

once my father went to the store, and the young lady in front pushed open the heavy door and waited for him to let go.

her father thanked her, and the lady said:

"my father is about your age. I just hope someone opens the door for him at a time like this."

No one is an island. We are connected to each other and are the closest community.

We can't hurt our right hand with our left hand. We are the leaves and fruits of the same tree.

Kropotkin said in the Theory of Mutual Assistance:

only biota with strong mutual help can survive. For human beings, consideration for others is a prerequisite for mutual assistance.

when Zhao Dun of the warring States saw a starving man on the road, he couldn't bear it and gave him his dry food.

later, the Duke of Jin Ling tried to kill Zhao Dun, and this man risked his life to save him.

Han Xin went fishing in the city hungry. His drifting mother under the river saw him pitiful and invited him to dinner.

later, Han Xin cracked the earth and rewarded her with a daughter.

Life is an echo, and you will receive whatever sound you make.

give kindness, and you will reap kindness.

warm others, will also harvest warmth.

when others are in trouble, you give them a hand. In the future, when you are in trouble, others will lend a hand.

for the sake of others, know how to understand the difficulties of others, to help others appropriately, to help them out of trouble.

everyone is a light. May you also feel compassionate and compassionate, warm and cold night, illuminating the way of the world.

thinking of others is a kind of wisdom

my wife is cooking in the kitchen.

her husband keeps nagging beside her:

"slow down and be careful! It's too hot. Quickly turn the fish over and put too much oil! "

the wife blurted out, "I know how to cook, and you don't have to tell me what to do."

the husband replied calmly, "I just want you to know how I feel when you chatter around while I'm driving."

all contradictions and conflicts between people come from incomprehension.

everyone stands on their own side, and each other only feels that the other person is offending himself.

each person has his own opinion and emphasizes his own reasons, which can only make the contradiction deeper and deeper.

try to look at the problem from the other person's point of view, so that you can really understand each other.

only in this way can we not go to extremes and ask too much of others.

on a train, a drunk slammed into a passenger drunkenly. The girl asked her mother, is he a bad guy?

Mom said: no, he's just unhappy.

the mother thought of herself and that she had been grumpy and hurt the people around her in times of frustration and hardship.

that's why she won't talk to this drunk

care, because she knows that everyone has such moments.

consideration of others is the best lubricant for a harmonious relationship between people.

if everyone could understand a little more, there would be much less quarrels and contradictions.

tolerance comes from understanding, and understanding comes from thinking about others.

if we could think from another angle and think from the standpoint of others, the world would be very different.