The family background of the three astronauts of Shenzhou 12 was exposed, and it turned out that this was the truth about them.
The family background of the three astronauts of Shenzhou 12 was exposed, and it turned out that this was the truth about them.
Strive to create your own wonderful life.


he was born in 1964 in a small village in Yangzheng Town, Zaoyang, Hubei Province.

parents make a living by farming, their families are rich, they are hard up, and they often don't have enough food to eat.

in his memory, the staple food on every dinner table was black nest made of sweet potato noodles and mixed noodle cakes, and the main courses were dried turnips, pickles and big sauce, so much so that up to now, the smell of big sauce made him sick.

although his family was poor, his parents never delayed his study and tried every means to provide for his studies.

because he could not afford the tuition fee, he always borrowed it from east to west, and even once the "tuition fee" paid to the teacher was a rabbit.

he also lived up to his parents, studied very hard, and had no money to buy extracurricular materials, so he ate through the contents of the textbook.

he remembers clearly the knowledge in the textbook on which page and where it is located.

at the age of 16, his father died of an unexpected illness, adding to the difficulties of his already difficult family.

but still did not shake his determination to continue his studies. In the second year of his father's death, he was admitted to Zaoyang No. 1 Middle School with excellent grades. At that time, only he and another classmate were admitted to the key high school in the town.

the school learned about the special situation of his family and applied for benefits for him.

every holiday, he also goes to his cousin's house more than ten miles away from home to move wood, load tea, and work in the fields, earning more than ten yuan a holiday to pay tuition fees.

when he graduated from high school in 1983, when he caught up with the Air Force to recruit, he signed up without telling his family and with the idea of having a try. Unexpectedly, all the examinations and physical examinations passed smoothly.

until one day, the relevant departments sent someone to his house to find out about the situation, he did not know that he had been chosen.

when he arrived at the Air Force Changchun Flight College (now the Air Force Aeronautical University), he cherished this precious opportunity very much.

study hard, train strictly, and have excellent grades. In the same period, the first student to fly solo was awarded the all-excellent student twice and served as the monitor of the student.

in March 1998, after layers of screening, he was selected as China's first batch of astronauts.

when learning theoretical knowledge, he obviously had some difficulty. When he left campus for more than 10 years, he studied day and night like preparing for the college entrance examination. His home became his study room, and the living room to the bedroom was filled with study materials. Even the walls were covered with memorized notes.

his wife and daughter temporarily acted as his English tutor, correcting his English pronunciation and dictation of words.

he continues to enrich his brain and expand his knowledge. just this spring, the 57-year-old received his doctoral degree from the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics of Shanghai Jiaotong University.

he is Nie Haisheng, an astronaut of Shenzhou 12 manned spacecraft.

when he was in high school, his family had to afford five children to go to school at the same time, and the sensible man offered not to live in school to lighten the family's financial burden.

at that time, there were 52 students in the class, 51 lived in the school, and he was the only one who ran from the school.

for this reason, his father gritted his teeth and spent 100 yuan to buy him a used bike for him to commute to and from school.

the school is 10 kilometers away from home, it is all potholed dirt roads, when the weather is good, the roads are not potholed

it is easy to walk. On a rainy day, the road is covered with black muddy water, so it is very difficult to set foot.

Winter suffers even more. The road is frozen and slippery. In order not to be late, he gets up at three or four o'clock every morning to go to school.

even if it doesn't snow in winter, when he rides to school, his face, neck and body are covered with white frost and drenched, so his classmates call him "little snowman".

but no matter how bad the weather is, no matter how hard it rains or snows, he never arrives late or leaves early.

because he studied in his hometown school in junior high school, the English class was only open for half a year, and there was no regular English teacher. He got a zero score in the English exam, but he was admitted to the best high school in the county.

in high school, in order not to slow down the college entrance examination, he worked hard on English, even when walking and working, he was memorizing English words.

nowadays, among the whole team of astronauts, his English is the best, and everyone calls him "Xiao Zhuge".

in order to earn tuition fees, he even briefly dropped out of high school to work in a nearby brick factory.

but he was never able to give up his studies, and then went back to school to continue his studies.

his high school head teacher said that he didn't seem to wear new clothes all the year round, and the lunch he brought every day was just corn cakes and some pickles.

in 1985, the Air Force recruited pilots in Yi'an County. With his strong physique, he passed the border easily.

when Shenzhou V flew, although he was not selected for the mission echelon, he found out the professional books over and over again, wrote down 600,000 to 700,000 words of experience, and always prepared for his dream.

he is Liu Boming, an astronaut of the Shenzhou-12 manned spacecraft.

when I was at school, the boys in the class were very naughty, butHe's quieter.

his academic performance has always been above average, usually he doesn't say much, but he always works hard silently, holding a surge of tenacity in his bones and inspiring himself to come out.

when he was in primary school, he especially liked reading extracurricular books because he was afraid that his parents would know that he would secretly read it outside every day and then go back home after reading it.

in his third year of high school, he confided his ideal to his father for the first time: to enlist in the army.

with his excellent physical fitness, he successfully passed the flight recruitment test of the Chinese Air Force and became a pilot.

he is not the smartest but the hardest in the flight academy. He often gets full marks and is rated as "textbook flying".

after joining the army, he usually goes home every two years. Every time he comes home, he takes a lot of books with him. Except for chatting with his family, he spends the rest of his time reading and studying in his room.

in 2010, at the age of 35, he was successfully selected as an astronaut.

after arriving at the astronaut center, with the determination to relearn from scratch, he persisted in strict training in difficulties, such as sitting in a swivel chair, living in the desert, 72 hours of sleep deprivation training in a narrow environment, and so on.

from walking into the astronaut center to realizing one's own "flying dream", this persistence is exactly 11 years.

he is Tang Hongbo, an astronaut of Shenzhou-12 manned spacecraft.

A few days ago, the long March II F Yao 12 carrier rocket carrying the Shenzhou 12 manned spacecraft successfully sent three astronauts, Nie Haisheng, Liu Boming, and Tang Hongbo, into space, and the launch was a complete success.

the three of them have also become the "hottest men" in the whole network in these two days.

Why should I tell the story of these three people?

I was not only moved by their experiences, but more importantly, I saw in them the ways in which ordinary people changed their lives.

believe in the power of reading

there is a picture, which I think is very meaningful.

this is a life photo sent back to his parents when Tang Hongbo first joined the army.

in the photo, Tang Hongbo, dressed in military uniform, stands upright beside the pine forest, a few meters away from him, stands a statue of "carp leaping over the dragon gate".

I think this picture is meaningful because it represents the best way out for children of ordinary birth.

that is reading.

Reading can realize the leap of "carp leaping the dragon gate" as far as possible.

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they are all ordinary-born.

but at the moment of flying into space, Nie Haisheng has a doctorate and the rank of major general.

Liu Boming has a master's degree and the rank of major general;

Tang Hongbo has a master's degree and the rank of senior colonel.

netizens exclaimed:

"two major generals and one senior colonel are absolutely high-equipped."

"impressive, the competition among astronauts is so fierce, one doctor, two masters."

from ordinary children to highly educated children, to becoming idols worshipped by everyone, it is reading that has changed their fate.

they all come from ordinary families and have no illustrious families, but they have realized their dreams by reading and realized the magnificent counterattack of life.

if they all fail to withstand the pressure of life, drop out of school and start working early in society, perhaps their fate will be different.

but no matter how difficult the conditions were, they overcame all the hardships and successfully completed their studies.

there is a good saying that the height of your life is the thickness of the books under your feet.

the reason why I want to emphasize their background and background is to tell you:

"Please believe in the power of reading, no matter in the past or at present, it is still the most powerful weapon for most people to change themselves and achieve leapfrogging in life."

Life always has to bear hardships to taste sweetness

I have heard of the three tastes of enduring hardship: skill acquisition, eye-opener, and physical and mental cultivation.

if a person wants to be reborn, he must learn to bow his head and bear hardships.

during the first four years or so when Nie Haisheng became an astronaut, he had to complete the arduous training of more than 100 subjects in eight categories, including basic theory and physique, which was a great challenge to both physiology and psychology.

Liu Boming's father has witnessed the hardship of his son's training: sitting in a high-altitude revolving chair, after turning quickly for more than 100 laps, he has to tell the direction; for a few days, he has to lie head down on a bed tilted at a 30-degree angle for a few days.

Tang Hongbo's father revealed that his son was too tired to climb the stairs after training.

Tang Hongbo has a good saying: "if you want to grow upward, you must first take root down."

suffering is a basic feature of life.

if you want to have a different life, you must first

learn to bear hardships on your own initiative.

Life is like climbing, each step, the more opportunities, the wider the field of vision, but each climb, you have to pay more hardship.

when you have had enough of the hardships of life, study and work, all the good things in the world will come one after another.

never set limits on your life

yesterday, there was a very popular photo on the Internet. It was Nie Haisheng who was responsible for three times.A comparison of the "flying mission".

from 41 to 57, Nie Haisheng went into space three times.

in this mission, Liu Boming is 55 years old, and Tang Hongbo, the youngest, is also 46 years old. although they are not young, they do not set an age limit.

from pilots to astronauts, they have no restrictions on their specialties and are constantly broadening their boundaries.

Ono wrote in "changing Force":

"Please don't set limits on yourself. the really good attitude towards life is to do it now, not to wait, not to rely on, not to be lazy."

the meaning of life lies in continuous development, rather than drawing a circle on the ground as a prison.

psychologists divide people's knowledge and skills into three areas: comfort zone, learning zone and panic zone.

the real masters all like to take the initiative to go to the panic zone, face the unknown and challenges, and force themselves to a higher level.

the process of getting out of your comfort zone must be full of pain, but eventually you will meet a better self.

in the process of exploring the unknown world, you will encounter many difficulties, but eventually you will see a larger world.

Life should have no limits, constantly broaden the boundaries, try boldly, and strive to create your own wonderful life.

Masters are all long-term ones

this picture should be familiar to everyone.

if you make a little progress every day, you will eventually become a real master.

and the masters are often "stupid and stable" people who can stand loneliness, constantly refine their professional skills to the extreme, and then wait for a chance to leap into the sky.

it took seven years for Nie Haisheng to go into space for the first time, 10 years for Liu Boming and 11 years for Tang Hongbo.

behind every kind of success, there must be a "fool" suffering hard, foolishly and so on.

those who are successful for a long time must be long-term activists.



, salute the great astronaut.

, from today on, may you continue to take root, grow up, and become the top expert in your field.