The best way to test marriage: sleep
The best way to test marriage: sleep
Please cherish the person around you who has slept with you for a long time.

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how do you sleep with your partner after marriage?

do you wait for him to sleep together every night, or do you sleep first, regardless of the husband who plays with his cell phone?

is it about falling in love with your husband, or talking about the fun of the day, and then cuddling to sleep?

or is it that two people are relatively speechless, have no communication, and sleep separately?

there is a saying in the American TV series Sex and the City:

"how we perform in bed means how we live our lives."

A good relationship between husband and wife depends on how you sleep.

Sleeping not only determines the degree of harmony of husband and wife, but also an important criterion for testing whether a marriage is happy or not.

A study from the University of Herdfordshire in the UK suggests that sleeping together is a great way to evaluate a relationship.

94% of couples who snuggled up to each other while sleeping felt happy with their marriage, while 68% of couples who slept far away were satisfied with their marriage.

from this point of view, couples who sleep closer and have more skin contact have higher marital satisfaction and happiness.

on the other hand, if two people sleep separately, it means that the marriage has turned on a red light.

in the movie "No questions about the West and the East", Xu Bo was often forced to marry Liu Shufen by death.

Xu Bochang's practice caused Liu Shufen to collapse again and again, and her grievances were like a river that burst its dike, surging out of a certain "gap."

she roared:

"after so many years of marriage, you can clearly distinguish everything in the family. Yours is yours and mine is mine.

you make me feel like the worst person in the world. "

finally, in order to end this tragic marriage, Liu Shufen chose to jump into the well.

I have read such a sentence: "he will sleep with you as much as he loves you."

from the dribs and drabs of life, from three meals a day, from daily sleep, we can know how much he loves you.

if a man even wants to sleep in separate beds with you, then the man must not love you very much.

sometimes you think it's the bed, but it's actually the relationship and marriage between two people.

couples who sleep in separate beds will become less and less intimate with each other, and their feelings will be estranged.

it is like a sharp sword, which can poke the heart of emotion and make it fall apart.

after marriage, the relationship between Wen Wen and her husband became more and more insipid.

when they first got married, the two would have a chat and heart-to-heart talk before going to bed every night.

talk about the interesting things that happened during the day, discuss their troubles at work, or miss the sweetness and happiness of falling in love at that time.

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although sometimes they quarreled because of disagreements, Wen Wen was happy at that time.

because of the communication before going to bed, it shortens the distance between her and her husband and enhances their relationship.

as a result, two years later, Wen Wen was used to sleeping together and having a "couple's night talk" before going to bed, but her husband no longer slept with her at the same time.

watching TV dramas when watching TV dramas, playing Douyin and playing games when there is no TV dramas, it seems that mobile phones are more attractive and attractive than their wives.

every time Wen Wen urges him to sleep, he stares intently at the phone screen and says without looking up, "go to sleep first. I'll wait a minute."

it is obviously a marriage between two people, but it becomes an one-person loneliness.

I don't know since when, Wen Wen feels that her husband is becoming more and more strange, and the relationship between the two is becoming more and more ossified. Except that a marriage certificate can prove that they are husband and wife, they do not have the sweetness that husband and wife should have.

the alienation between adults is silent.

sometimes, you think that when a relationship comes to an end, it must be a bone-breaking and skin-ripping quarrel.

but in fact, destroying a relationship is very simple, intentional neglect and inadvertent indifference are enough to accumulate fatal scars.

A sentence of "you go to sleep first" can easily freeze two originally hot hearts and build an insurmountable gap between them.

in the end, the two people slowly stopped communicating and became strangers.

the person who loves you is unwilling to leave you an indifferent figure and a cold "you go to sleep first". He understands that your joys and sorrows need someone to accompany you, and he will sleep with you and keep pace with you forever.

Marriage is not afraid of dull, most afraid of sweeping the snow in front of each door, without sharing and communication.

No matter how good a relationship is, if one party doesn't know how to cherish it, it will eventually die out.

Cheng Lisa talked about her and Guo Xiaodong on the program "my wife's Romantic Journey".

she said that Guo Xiaodong was out filming and was not at home at night. She couldn't sleep by herself, and she was very unsure of herself.

because Cheng Lisa is used to someone on the pillow, turns around and has arms, and is used to the days when Guo Xiaodong goes to sleep together. Once the other person is not there, it is difficult to sleep.

Love is in it, fascinated in it.

Love is a habit, accustomed to two people together, used to someone holding you tightlyGet used to a touch of kissing, get used to having someone to sleep with you.

just like my grandfather likes to snore when he sleeps, my grandmother often talks in his sleep, but they never dislike each other.

later, during the period of Grandpa's death, Grandma said that she often had insomnia because she could not hear her grandfather's grunt and felt so unstable that she could not sleep at all.

the same ferry can be built in a hundred years and pillow sleep in a thousand years.

Don't quarrel with each other angrily and separate beds because of a little thing. It is easy to hurt the feelings of husband and wife. Sometimes it is a kind of love to put up with each other's small shortcomings.

when I was browsing Weibo two days ago, I came across a sentence that particularly stirred the heart of a young girl:

"get up early and open the curtains and the sun shines in. If it can't shine on his sleeping face, then today's morning light is not beautiful enough.

the curtains are put down at night, and the stars are locked out. If there is no man in the house who is as gentle as starlight, then it is not fascinating at midnight. "

it is a very happy thing to be able to hug and sleep with the one you love.

you can say good night to each other at night, and you will feel extremely satisfied when you can see your loved one by your side at first sight in the morning.

one person sleeps is rest, two people sleep is sleep.

A good relationship between husband and wife must be: I don't want to sleep without you, and I can't sleep without you.

Sanmao wrote in his book Random thoughts:

"Love is not easy to Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling) if it is not implemented in real life such as dressing, eating, counting money and sleeping."

Love is to us, one vegetable, one meal, and the kinship of the skin.

if husband and wife, one sleeps in the master bedroom, the other sleeps in the study, one goes to bed early, and the other is a night owl.

sleeping is always out of sync and life is not on the same channel, which is a drain on their relationship, and happiness will not last long.

the famous actress Zhu Yin once said:

"whether you marry the right person or not, just look at yourself in the mirror."

if you find that the people inside are getting prettier day by day, you are marrying the right person.

the crowd is surging, it is not easy to meet, and it is a kind of happiness for two people to sleep together.

so please cherish the person around you who has slept with you for a long time.

when you open your eyes in the morning, don't get out of bed in a hurry, you can hug your partner and enjoy the warmth of waking up with your loved one.

before going to bed at night, you should take some time to express your deep feelings to each other.

the rest of my life is not long. In the days to come, our marriage must sleep better and better, sleeping out the temperature and happiness of life.