The best way to give up on a man is two words.
The best way to give up on a man is two words.
To really let go is to make peace with yourself.

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"We let go of dignity, individuality and stubbornness. It's all because I can't let go of a person. "

Zhang Xiaoxian's sentence reveals a reality in the relationship:

it is easy to fall in love, but too difficult to stay together; it is easy to break up, but too difficult to forget.

Yes! When two people who were in love could not hold hands for a lifetime, the process of separation was particularly difficult.

maybe you will block and delete the other party to show your determination.

do not realize that this is just a kind of self-paralysis, the heart can not be deceived.

the real death of a woman's heart is not a serious blacklist deletion, but after separation, she can still calmly say: goodbye.

since then, everything about the other person has nothing to do with you. Because, you have completely let go.

this kind of letting go is a kind of unfeeling after thorough enlightenment and a kind of disregard after the heart is at rest.

the real death of a woman's heart is not blocking and disconnection, but the two words: put it down.

Let go of caring and stop arguing

I remember someone said, "when a woman really leaves, she closes the door the least."

I think so!

A woman is clamoring to leave every day, but she has to look back three times at a time. That is because she is still waiting for the retention of the other party.

because the heart cares, so this is not called leaving.

the real departure is always silent.

in the movie forgive him 77 times, the heroine Eva and the male lead Adam are supposed to be a loving couple.

however, Adam always causes resentment in Eva's heart for many reasons:

the first time they went to the movies, he arrived late, and Eva chose to forgive him.

the second time, the third time.

for the 75th time, he was so drunk that Eva was left alone to bear the grief of losing her father.

for the 77th time, he did not plan to have a child, but he did not take safety measures and let Eva have an abortion alone.

9 years of love, 77 quarrels, 77 forgiveness. When it came to the 78th time, Eva didn't want to forgive any more.

she had thought that when forgiveness became a habit, it would be difficult for anyone to leave. As everyone knows, when forgiveness becomes a habit, love becomes numb.

so Eva decided to leave quietly. She disappeared into Adam's sight without warning.

in fact, where can I leave without warning? But after saving enough disappointment and seeing no hope, I left naturally.

Love is sometimes like a game: every time you make a hysterical noise and leave with great fanfare, it is nothing more than testing each other's love.

the person who really wants to leave is to leave without saying goodbye after running out of care.

from then on, one parting and two leniency, each life is happy.

put aside your worries and ignore

I saw a topic on the Internet: "what is the experience of wanting to forget someone completely?"

A girl replied:

"after breaking up, delete all his contact information. At that moment, I felt very relaxed and thought I could forget it completely. A few days later, I began to miss him unconsciously. I wanted to walk along the road and the street with him, and my heart hurt so much that I couldn't breathe. "

I miss him because I am reluctant to give up; my heartache is because I miss my old love.

in fact, in the emotional world, there are too many people who have concerns that are hard to give up:

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that once lived in the same room, slept in the same bed, and ate the same bowl of rice;

that once said true love, made vows, promised life.

it's just that no matter how good the memory is, it's a thing of the past, and no matter how beautiful the oath is, it's a thing of the past.

so, if you don't love, you just don't love. When it's time to forget, you have to forget no matter how difficult it is.

once read a novel in which the heroine was miserable all day long because of the man's empathy.

in order to get out of the pain, the hostess tries to forget each other. However, the more she avoided it, the clearer the memory became.

she once thought that she would be in pain all her life. However, time gave her the best answer.

so she stopped worrying about whether to delete each other, and from then on, she was neither disturbed nor sad; she let go of her thoughts and turned a blind eye to them.

this kind of silent unfeeling is really let go.

this reminds me of the lyrics of the movie "four famous catchers": "Heaven and Earth, rivers and lakes, sun and moon, do not stay, do not read, do not speak



the small world you have stayed in, the great rivers and lakes you have crossed, and the bright sun and moon you have, no longer have anything to do with me, and my heaven and earth, my rivers and lakes, my sun, moon and stars have nothing to do with you.

when you really let go of your worries, his glory and gains and losses will have nothing to do with you.

of course, letting go of a person may be very painful! Even so, grit your teeth and stick to it.

if you get through it, it will eventually become your coronation; if you don't make it, it will become your bottomless pit.

put aside your weakness and stop relying on

in the TV series "Bubble Summer", Xia Mo has a line:

"when you get used to weakness, your heart will become weak; when you get used to dependence, you will gradually forget how to rely on yourself."

Yes! Emotionally, if a person becomes weak, he will lose his judgment, while if he is too dependent, he will lose himself.

especiallyWhen a woman loses love, tears lose their effectiveness and fall into isolation, what can she do to protect her relatives and herself?

she said that in the years before marriage, she rarely filmed when she was at home with her husband and raising her children.

however, the ex-husband pays more attention to making money and neglects family responsibilities. It was so unbearable that she got divorced in a fit of anger.

after the divorce, she raised the children alone and supported the whole family. My ex-husband has never seen a child in years.

the neglect of her career and years of hard work wasted her good time, but her family disintegrated. No matter who it is, it is difficult to accept it.

however, she has always been calm when talking about the past. Neither denounce his ex-husband, nor complain about others.

she said calmly, "he has his world. Maybe he thinks money is more important, and we think family is more important."

after the divorce, Liu Mintao devoted himself to his career and polished his acting skills. In the end, she shone brilliantly in her career, and she regained her self-confidence and found herself.

only by letting go of weakness and dependence can a woman really come out of the shadow and live her life.

as the saying goes:

Life is bustling, learn to walk alone and hide dependence at the bottom of your heart.

in this way, once parting comes, you won't lose someone and then lose your whole life at the same time.

cherish fate when you are predestined, and be well with each other when you are not; I am not weak when you are here, and I do not rely on you when you are away.

this is a high-level drop.

writer Zhang Jiajia once said:

"if a heart is riddled with holes, the people who live in it will be wet by Rain Water."

therefore, only by letting go of the wrong past can the heart be cured, and only in this way can the right person be accepted.

putting down here is not a deep hatred after grief, not a never-ending love after the death of the heart, but a "abandonment of the dark to the light" after thorough enlightenment.

in the days to come, you will no longer cause ripples for him;

you have nothing to do with him for the rest of your life.

remember that to really let go is to make peace with yourself. It is not shameful to love the wrong person, to cross the heart, and to do the wrong thing.

now that you have hit the south wall, forget the stories.

all things in the past, such as death yesterday, and things in the future, such as tomorrow.

, good night.