The best way for a woman to live is in these four sentences.
The best way for a woman to live is in these four sentences.
May all your efforts be rewarded in the days to come.

in life, it is difficult to be a man, but it is even more difficult to be a woman.

as women, we always carry all kinds of expectations:

to be a good wife and mother, to be a good cook, to work to earn money, to take care of the family.

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the demands of society and family make their inner burden more and more, and lose themselves more and more.

how on earth should women live?

there is a good saying: no fear, no restrictions, is the background of life.

the best way for a woman to live is in these four sentences.

the famous actress Qin Lan used to be a famous couple in the entertainment industry with her colleague Lu Chuan.

in 2009, the two fell in love because of the play. They were sweet together for four years, but finally broke up.

10 months after the breakup, the media asked Qin Lan what she thought of the fruitless relationship.

Qin Lan said calmly: "everyone's life will not be plain sailing, the key is to face setbacks calmly."

the relationship between the two was in crisis at the end of 2012, but they are still working together on the film "the Feast of the King."

during filming, Qin Lan was under great pressure because of constant criticism from the outside world, frustration of his feelings, and hard work in filming.

however, although she and her friend Huo Siyan are on the same set at this time, she would rather vent by crying than regard her best friend as her "trash can".

she has her own answer on how to get through difficult times:

I support myself on my own. Even if I have friends to care about and work to fill, I still have to complete the process on my own, which is very important.

I have seen a particularly popular saying on the Internet:

people always experience leaving and staying in their lives, and no one can stay with you until the end.

the real power is not relying on anyone. A good life has always been accomplished on its own.

only by being independent and learning to live alone can we walk more magnanimously on the road of life.

what keeps a person is never humble, but to live well and independently.

in 2019, Ma Yili and the article announced the divorce.

some people were surprised that when the article had an extramarital affair with Yao Di, Ma Yili just said, "go ahead and cherish it."

No uproar, no divorce dispute, magnanimously forgave the article and swallowed all the bitterness.

A few years later, without any emotional discord, they suddenly announced their divorce.

she said: there are regrets in this situation, but there is no right or wrong. From now on, everyone will rejoice.

when her husband was having an affair, she didn't throw a stone at the bottom of the well and made a scene to embarrass each other.

after the divorce, she took her children to parties and travel without delay, and her life was pleasant and colorful.

A netizen left a message saying: "she never needs comfort. She has long been the envy of everyone."

in the family, they have two children by themselves, have a good relationship with the children, and often share their educational experiences on Weibo.

work, various awards have been soft, acting has been widely praised, starring in "the first half of my Life" is a big hit.

No matter what the circumstances, she never gave up running herself.

writer Zhang Xiaoxian once said: what keeps a person is never humble, but lives well and independently.

A woman's advantage is to be good-looking, but to live a beautiful life is her ability.

Independence is the strength that you can never use up.

writer Suhei once said that a truly happy woman must have the following conditions:

emotionally stable, have the ability to think independently, enrich the spiritual world, be financially independent, be aware of and properly manage one's own desires.

among them, economic independence is the primary foundation.

Financial independence often means that you have more choices.

A friend married a young man and gave birth to two sons, envious of others.

as a stay-at-home mother, she has no source of income and can only humbly ask her husband for money.

once when her child was ill, she was in a panic and swiped his card without her husband's consent, but she was scolded by her husband in the face, saying that she had stolen his money.

"at that moment, I wanted to slap him in the face, hold the baby and go. But I can't, because even if I leave, I have to come back tomorrow. "

A friend's complaint is poignant, but the reality is right in front of him.

if the economy is not independent, how can women talk about dignity and personality independence?

writer Zhang Yanxia wrote in the book "Women take it easy when they have the strength":

"Freedom, calmness, calmness and elegance all come from independence, which allows you not to be attached to others and not to fear the future.

Independence is the strength that you can never use up. "

Economic independence determines personality independence, personality independence determines love independence.

keeping your financial independence will always be your greatest strength in the face of life.

only by working hard can you have leverage in your hand.

there is a line in divorce lawyer:

I work hard so that one day when I stand beside the person I love, no matter whether he is rich or rich,I have nothing. I can open my hand and hug him calmly.

I don't need to think I'm superior when he's rich, and we won't be down if he's poor.

this is probably why a woman works hard.

work hard

point, in order to be able to see the larger world, in order to live the life they want, in order to become the way they appreciate.

work hard in order to be able to say that sentence confidently: you are fine, but I am not bad.

for a long-term career, in order to allow working parents to enjoy their twilight years, for a pure relationship, but also for a better self.

in order to be confident and confident in the face of both the things you like and the people you like.

A girl has leverage only if she works hard.

although the future is always unknown, as long as you are willing to work hard, years will give you what you want.

May you be independent and beautiful all your life, blooming your own light.