The best love talk in the world!
The best love talk in the world!
May every heart not be squandered.

A sheep fell in love with a donkey, and the donkey said, "if you allow me to yell at you and kick you, it will prove that you love me."

so the sheep gave in, endured, and accepted the donkey kicking and roaring.

one year, two years. After ten years, the sheep finally left the donkey.

some people ask the sheep to stick to it for 10 years, why not stick to it for a lifetime?

Sheep's answer is very touching: "I have spent 10 years to prove my sincerity, but I have spent the rest of my life defending my dignity."

I want you again, no matter how good it is to you, if you don't cherish me, I will let go


whether it's business, friends, love, or marriage, all you have is worthy of it only if you know how to cherish it.

people who indulge you are not grumpy but reluctant to leave you.

people who give way to you, not because they are stupid, but care about you.

people who often ask you what you are doing are not idle, they are concerned about you.

people who treat you well don't owe you anything, but treat you as relatives.

sincere people, walk into the heart, hypocritical people, walk out of sight.

the encounter between people depends on fate, and the relationship between people depends on sincerity.

regardless of family affection, friendship and love, you care about me, I will double care about you.

on the day his daughter got married, he put his arm around her shoulder and said, "and me."

the day she was dying, he repeatedly said to her, "I'm here."

the moment she was about to leave, he kissed her forehead and whispered, "wait for me."

he never said "I love you" to him once in his life, but love never left.

there are some people in this world who never talk sweet words and don't know anything about romance, but are always there when you need them.

when you are young, you can't sleep at night, but when you grow up, you fall asleep.

as the saying goes, there is no knack for growing old. Just in love, save some moved; in the cold war, use a little to be grateful.

Mutual understanding, mutual tolerance and mutual care are the best appearance of marriage.

the man bought a fish and asked his wife to cook it, and then he was ready to go to the cinema by himself, and the woman wanted to go too.

the man said: "two people look at a waste of money, you cook the fish, and when I come back, I will share the storyline with you while eating."

when the man came back from watching it and didn't see the fish, he asked the woman, "where's the fish?"

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the woman calmly found a chair and sat down and said, "I ate all the fish. Come on, sit down and I'll tell you about the taste of fish."

affection is a balance. If you are good to me, I will also be kind to you.

if you are sincere to me, I will be equally sincere to you.

if you are always calculating and haggling, I will gradually stay away from you.

any good relationship is a change of heart for a heart.

in any good relationship, you respect me, and I'll pay you back.

because people's hearts are mutual and happiness is sincerely exchanged.

when we appreciate each other, we get closer to each other; when souls are similar, we know each other.

Cats and pigs are good friends.

as soon as Tmall fell into the pit, the pig brought the rope, and the cat asked the pig to throw the rope down. As a result, it threw the whole bundle down.

the cat said gloomily, "if you throw it down like this, how can you pull me up?"

the pig said, "what else would I do?"

the cat said, "you should hold on to a rope!"

the pig jumped down, took one end of the rope and said, "now it's okay!"

the cat cried and cried happily.

the best relationship is not how beautiful the oath is, but how true the heart is.

some people may not be smart, but they deserve to be cherished all your life.

people who want to see you will come to you across the whole city.

people who want to help you will try their best to help you no matter how difficult it is.

there are only a handful of good people who can really treat you in this life.

the warmest word in the world is not how many sweet words you have heard, but when you are frustrated in your life, someone says to you, "it's all right, I'm here!"

remember all the time:

those who love each other should care;

brothers who are related by blood should be guarded;

those who share joys and sorrows should pour in;

warm heart and lungs, live up to your feelings.


, may every heart not be squandered, every feeling will not be disappointed.