The best health care is these eight words.
The best health care is these eight words.
Fate is unpredictable, only health can stay.

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the loss of health of ordinary people makes matters worse.

A rich man who loses his health is busy for nothing all his life.

having power, money, and love, to the end, is all about health.

in fact, there are no shortcuts to health, just say eight words: childlike innocence, ant food, tortoise desire, monkey behavior.

if you integrate into life, you will have a good health.

childlike innocence

if you want to keep in good health, you must first nourish your heart.

keep a childlike innocence, the body will not be bad.

Granny Kana, with gray hair and a wrinkled face, often wears floral clothes and holds a beer bottle with her grandson.

occasionally make a snowman, play role-playing and smirk at each other.

online "kicking bottle cap challenge" is popular. Watching others kick the bottle cap easily, grandma also learns to do it.

in the video, she turns gently, but uses crutches to knock down the bottle cap, neatly.

the netizens didn't buy it, but Grandma Kana replied: "at my age, aren't crutches my legs?"

the flushed old lady is 93 years old.

it is said that she is young again and more like a child, but it is just like a child that she becomes a long-lived old man.

Wang Xiaobo said: "I often go back to my childhood and think about problems with a piece of childlike innocence, and many troubles become easy to understand."

childlike innocence has nothing to do with age or experience, it all depends on whether you want to or not.

always sigh that the years have smoothed out the edges and corners, and mediocrity often took away the fun, in fact, those laments are the consumption of the body.

look at the world with a child's eyes, enjoy a flower, a grass and a blessing, and play the day alive. No matter you go through the vicissitudes of life, or you are no longer young, what you see is the purest beauty.

No worries, no sorrows, there will be surprises everywhere.

most people are not old as long as their mindset does not grow old.

ant food

have seen a study:

two groups of monkeys, one group had enough to eat every meal and gave them whatever they liked.

the first group was only allowed to eat seven or eight percent full and strictly controlled their diet.

over the past 10 years, 100 monkeys who were full of food were fat and weak, and 50 of them died, while only 12 of the monkeys deliberately starved by scientists died.

it is always said that happiness is eating and drinking well, but no one has ever said that the more you eat, the better.

eating less is enjoyable, while eating too much is only a burden.

nutritionist Chen Junshi has always had a small appetite. He has no particular preference for anything. He only eats a little of everything.

instead of advocating the usual practice of abstaining from sugar and oil, he still eats braised meat.

it's just that on that day, he will pay attention to eat less other high-fat foods, eat more fruits and vegetables, and maintain nutritional balance.

eat a small meal, eat less and eat more, and his weight fluctuated less than 5 jin for many years.

occasionally take two mouthfuls of oil, not only has no bad effect, but also can be used as an adjustment.

people who go to the hospital every day because they can't keep their mouth shut are now common enough to know that no matter how good the food is, they have to order it to the end.

as the saying goes, "eat less and have a comfortable night."

eat less every meal, health goes hand in hand, not just one night of comfort, but long-term comfort.

Don't be too greedy. Save one bite now, you can have one more bite tomorrow, save one bite every day, and when you get to your seventies and eighties, you can still eat this mouthful.

the more you go down, the more worthwhile the world will be.

tortoise desire

what is artificial? Full of desire.

desire can make a person, more can destroy a person, physical deficiency and sickness, health damage, are too many desires.

stay up the deepest night, wearing the most expensive mask;

wear shorts and skirts in cold weather, and don't forget to put on knee pads;

soak Chinese wolfberry in an insulation cup and go to a nightclub to do disco.

punk Health Preservation, which seemed to have the best of both worlds, later became a joke.

because it's not cool, let alone keep fit.

the younger you are, the less you care.

Feel free to stand out in the crowd in one of our gorgeous evening dresses for tall women. Let them endow you with a demonstration of refined taste.

but the body's bearing is limited, and you want to get the most, and you want to be healthy, just like tripping over your right foot with your left foot. If you try too hard, you will always stumble.

Real health care, less grandiose, but less desire.

Wang Hui, a girl from Hangzhou, came out early to start a business. At the age of 30, she became a CEO in the company. She went out early and came back late. She often lived in the company. She was wasting away and her face was sallow.

she was busy with makeup that day when an 80-year-old professor asked her what she was up to every day.

Wang Huizhi sighed: "make an appointment for dinner on Monday, negotiate on Tuesday, have to be supported by friends on Wednesday, and have to receive people. I still have to do my job."

the professor looked at her and said unhurriedly, "you have only two bags in your hand. There must be some necessary and some unimportant ones. If you take them with you wherever you go, that is the burden."

bags, as are inselective friends and excessive social activities.

it is not necessary for work, and it is even more useless for life. Desire becomes an encumbrance, and wakefulness is lost.

play is exciting, fame and fortune, and endless desires.

all can be thrown away except what you want most.

walk slowly, look slowly, and keep a little bit of desire in your heart.

Monkey line

I often think about my day before I go to bed:

sit at your desk at work and watch electricity on the sofa after workWatch, swipe the phone, the amount of exercise all day, only the section from home to the subway.

saying is ashamed, doing does not care, lazy is nature, busy is normal.

in terms of not enough time, Taobao can always squeeze out the time to brush health products; it is said that you are too tired and too tired, and you feel more and more tired because you have been inactive for a long time.

sitting for a long time during the day and lying down for a long time at night, my physical strength is getting worse and worse, until I want to move, I can only envy others.

and the people you envy do exactly what you don't want to do.

Liu Yelin, the hot mother on "more and more brave", stunned the whole audience, performing aerobics, crouching and standing up carrying a 40-liter bucket.

she is 50 years old, but she is many times more flexible than the host who is more than 20 years younger.

go to the gym at least 2-3 times a week.

running marathons, parachuting and climbing trees in her spare time, all her hobbies are related to sports, and she is hardly idle.

delicate skin, good figure, standing with his son, are recognized as lovers.

is the accumulation of exercise.

she once said that she was immature at the age of 15, and at most at the age of 30, she was slim and elegant, and now her health and fitness is the best state.

it depends on your parents whether you look good when you are young and whether you look good when you mature.

years are destined to leave traces on your body and face, but it's up to you to decide how fast you can turn from good to bad.

when people who are lazy to the end begin to cover up and are unwilling to admit aging.

for those who persist in sports, age is no secret, they have already reaped the capital of pride and the dividend of health.

in front of the body, no matter how busy is an excuse, no matter how lazy it is.

keep on exercising so that you can always be energetic.

there is a shocking comparison in the documentary the Last Ten years of Life:

an old man put on his shoes in the morning, rode his bike out, amused his little granddaughter, reunited with his family, and raised his glass to celebrate.

while another old man went out in a wheelchair, relied on people to feed, and tightened the oxygen tube in the concerned eyes of his family.

the gap between people, food and medicine bottles, warmth or pain, the difference is very different.

how to grow old is not a matter of old age, but how each person lives in the present.

instead of lying in a hospital bed, unable to maintain good health, it is better to control your desires, adjust your state of mind, and take good care of your body.

fate is unpredictable, only health can stay.

look at the world with childlike innocence, eat less every meal, have a concise desire, exercise more when you have time, live a long life, and naturally live a beautiful life.

, keep a healthy body and live a well-off life.