The best health care in the world-busy
The best health care in the world-busy
The leisure you steal now is the bitterness of your future life.

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when you understand the meaning of life, you don't want to be idle anymore.

Mr. Fang Cheng, the leading figure in China's news cartoons, is a centenarian.

at the age of 80, his back is not hunched, his waist is not bowed, he is walking like a bird, swimming for thousands of meters, and cycling for dozens of miles is a piece of cake.

90, he can still ride a bike and walk more cleanly than some people in their seventies and eighties.

100, Fang was still physically strong and even kept on writing.

Mr. Fang said: "I am usually busy every day, and my brain never stops. Many people of my age have Alzheimer's, and I can still write articles on my computer."

Lao Fang thinks that being "busy" is both fitness and brain-building, which is better than any health care product. He once made a self-portrait entitled:

Life has always been ordinary,

cycling, calligraphy, painting and writing articles.

keeping in good health depends on one word-busy!

this "busy" is a general concept, there are busy writing, busy raising flowers, birds, fishing, and so on, as long as it is really busy, thinking, hands and feet for this activity, is the way to maintain health.

"plant flowers as you like, and raise birds as you like."

"if you can't write an article, go to the park to watch people play chess."

in short, you should have something you like. If you don't like anything, this life will be troublesome.

if you are idle, you will be useless by yourself

Roman Roland said: "the heaviest burden in life is not work, but boredom."

it's true.

it is a blessing to be idle for a while. It may be a disaster to be idle for too long.

once people are idle, they will lust for pleasure and be content with the status quo.

slowly create something out of nothing, slowly have a lot of time to think, to worry about gains and losses, to struggle, to lose themselves in the inexplicable mood of constant cutting and confusion.

it's not that time is too pretentious, but that people are too affected.

Cai Kangyong once said: "when you are not motivated, you are 'killing' people. You accidentally 'kill' yourself."

when you are idle, you may be happy for a while, but repetition and nothingness will one day make you tired.

busy may be very tired, you need to divide the time into several parts, or even squeeze time like a sponge, but it can let us gain a lot, such as wealth, happiness, inner fulfillment.

the leisure you steal now is the bitterness of your future life.

there must always be one body and mind on the road, which has nothing to do with age.

busyness is the health secret of these centenarian celebrities

busy people are happy, because if there is something to do, life is valuable.

"busy" is indeed the health knack of many "master" figures around the world, such as

when I. M. Pei was 90 years old, he still worked tirelessly and designed the Suzhou Museum. Work is a pleasure for him.

he laughs that he is "hard-working" and knows how to work every day, sometimes until the wee hours of the morning, spending more than eight hours in the museum, carefully considering every architectural detail.

the lights in Ji Xianlin's study come on at 4 o'clock every morning.

he said, "get up so you can go to work!"

in his nineties, he works more than 10 hours a day.

Zhou Youguang, known as the "father of Hanyu Pinyin," said on People's Daily: "I left the office at the age of 85 and went home to a small study that couldn't be smaller. I read newspapers, read books, and write articles."

Qi Baishi is also a celebrity who believes in "busy". He asked himself to paint every day, and the credo was: "Don't let a day be free."

the longevity of these "master" figures is the envy of countless people, but we do not know that these longevity is precisely the result of being "busy".

busy, it is the cheapest medicine in the world

there are three irreparable things in the world: the spilled water, the elapsed time, and the missed opportunity.

keep yourself busy in order to make yourself better.

Destiny is never too partial to anyone, and happiness never misses anyone.

when we complain bitterly about the unfairness of life, it is often our own lack of effort;

when we always feel unlucky, it's just that we ignore a lot of things we already have;

when we think about things and worry about gains and losses every day, it's just because we are too idle.

when you go out and get busy, you will slowly forget the unhappiness that is entangled in your heart, and you will not have time to pay attention to any sadness and pain when you are busy.

at this time, you will find that living healthily is happiness; living a busy life will be full, and the meaning of life lies in exercise.

being busy can cure all your hypocrisy and anxiety.

Best state: busy and valuable, idle and interesting

busy and idle are both great learning.

if you are too idle in life, don't try to steal a student. If you are too busy, the truth will not appear.

too idle, easy to breed people's inertia, let people decadent, no enterprising spirit, gradually lost themselves, to the reaction, it is too late.

and too busy, make people nervous, mental and physical fatigue can not be relieved, the mostIn the end, the body will be unable to bear it.

therefore, busy and valuable, idle and interesting, is the best state of life.

Zhou Zuoren once wrote: "in life, there must be both busyness and leisure. The purpose of seizing the hour is to be idle to watch the flowers at sunset. "

busy out of meaning, leisure out of love, so that the years between busy and leisure, the realm of flowers and smiles, is the best value of life.

how to make yourself busy better?

get up early on time, don't stay up

if you take a closer look at these longevity masters, you can see that almost none of these longevity masters sleep late, and their lifestyle is extremely regular. They should sleep when they sleep, get up when they should get up, and have their work and life arranged in good order.

time in the morning is not wasted. It can be used to read a beautiful article and taste a pot of good tea.

wouldn't it be nice to have an appointment with chess friends in the park after breakfast, chatting and playing on the chessboard?

Getting ready to get a gorgeous red wedding dresses to make your stunning figure stand out? Pick your best fashion and will stand the test of time.

Don't stay at home, go out often

if you stay at home every day, there will be a lot of troubles in your heart.

if you want to be happy, you might as well go out and get some air.

when the weather is fine, you can go out jogging and sweat. You can also go swimming, play ball, and exercise better.

Love to work

although we have reached the age of enjoying the cozy life of drinking tea and chatting, proper work tests our wisdom and ability and is a necessary content for us to reflect our values and achievements.

at least let us feel that we are still needed by the world.

keep learning and don't give up on yourself prematurely

both reading and learning are chatting with wisdom, which not only ensures your memory and perception, but also maintains your personality charm for a long time.

this is an effect that cannot be achieved by practicing yoga and cosmetology, because it is the brilliance emitted from the inside out.

Twenty-year-old youth, thirty-year-old charm, forty-year-old wisdom, fifty-year-old life is calm, sixty-year-old life is easy, seventy years old is priceless.

We can keep ourselves "busy" according to our favorite lifestyle.

when life is full, the whole person becomes refreshed, studying in the busy, relaxing in the busy, and happy in the busy.

May your life be neither humble nor arrogant, be in no hurry, be free from the world's busy, busy with the world's leisure, and be your own master.