The best family style: big things to discuss, small things to forgive, do not fight for right or wrong, do not turn over old debts
The best family style: big things to discuss, small things to forgive, do not fight for right or wrong, do not turn over old debts
Everyone in the family, big things to discuss, small things please forgive me.

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Goethe said this sentence:

"whether he is a king or a farmer, he is the happiest man as long as his family is in harmony."

the same is true. If a person's family is scattered, no matter how high his status is, no matter how much money he earns, he can hardly feel happy.

and if the family style is harmonious, even if you are satisfied with enough food and clothing, you will feel happy.

the best style of a family is to discuss big things, forgive small things, don't argue about right or wrong, and don't turn over old debts.

discuss major events and do not make decisions on their own

there is an old folk saying: one person advocates, it is better for two people to discuss.

A really good family relationship is never arbitrary on one side, but on the side of discussion when things go wrong.

A very successful entrepreneur was invited to a sharing meeting.

meeting, many people thought he would share business common sense.

unexpectedly, he spoke amazingly, saying something that no one had thought of.

he repeatedly stressed: "when a man is out there, he must learn one sentence: I want to discuss it with my wife."


because nowadays, when many people do things, the most common mistake is that "food comes first".

things haven't started yet, and the money is running out.

I inspected here today and had dinner there tomorrow. When I saw anything, I wanted to invest and have a look. I ran down in circles, spent a lot of money on travel and meals, and failed to accomplish a single thing.

and if you can discuss everything with your wife, it is equivalent to more discerning eyes, more smart brain, more firewall and more umbrella, which can save you a lot of unnecessary trouble.

No one is an island, and the meaning of family existence is to be warm to each other.

Smart people, in case of trouble, especially in case of major events, are bound to discuss with their families more.

this not only makes you think more comprehensively.

more importantly, behind all discussions, it represents trust and respect.

when a family has consultation and mutual respect, the cohesion and sense of belonging of the family will be stronger.

A home will be better and better.

forgiveness for trifles is armor for maintaining tenderness

someone on the Internet asked: what is the secret of a happy family?

the most popular answer is: don't blame if something happens.

Zhihu, netizens

@ Dingdang

shared a story about her.

one afternoon, when the weather was dreadfully overcast, Ding Dang received a phone call from her husband reminding her to close the doors and windows.

Ding Dang said yes with high spirits.

but because I was in a hurry to go out, I turned around and forgot about it.

shortly after she went out, there was a storm in the sky. Rain Water went through the window and drenched the sofa and her husband's computer on the sofa.

when they got home, they were dumbfounded to see the living room in a mess.

when this happens, I believe many people will blame each other.

Ke Ding Dang's husband looked at his regretful wife, and instead of blaming, he whispered comfort:

"it doesn't matter. It just so happens that my computer is old. I'll change it again."

is just a simple sentence, I believe that no matter what ups and downs the couple encounter in the future, they will be able to get through it hand in hand.

those unhappy families often blame and blame each other in their daily life.

the wife scolds her husband. Why don't you earn a little money when you work so long every day?

the husband blames his wife. Why can't he take care of a child well? why does he catch a cold again?

parents blame their children. Why can't they do such simple homework? .

which family does not have some ups and downs?

if you always haggle over things and blame each other, it will only aggravate the war.

tolerate trifles that don't matter; forgive details that don't hurt elegance.

after all, the big winds and waves in life are few, and the warmth that melts in firewood, rice, oil and salt is the most moving.

if you don't fight for right or wrong, you will lose your feelings if you win a quarrel

I especially like the story of Pingru and Meitang.

the love between two people, nothing falls apart and vows to fall in love, but it makes everyone who has read their stories realize what the real warm feelings are.

Life is always trivial, and two people are not without minor conflicts.

once, Pingru Meitang quarreled and Pingru lost his temper and dropped a hot kettle on the ground.

Meitang was frightened and cried instantly.

Meitang's tears suddenly pulled Pingru out of her anger.

he hurriedly stopped quarrelling, took Meitang by the hand, apologized and admitted that he was wrong.

Meitang relaxed his mood when he saw that he had bowed his head.

ask him, "Why did you give way to me when I knew I was wrong?"

to put it another way: "because I am afraid of winning a quarrel, losing my feelings, losing you, I will lose my life."

A quarrel was resolved in this way.

there are many trivial things in our daily life.

"do you want toothpaste to be squeezed from the middle or from the tail?

DailyIs it better to spend frugally, or to pursue quality of life?

after a quarrel, who should admit his mistake first? "

in life, there may be differences all the time. If everything is right or wrong, it will not only hurt feelings, but also make everyone in the family physically and mentally exhausted.

there is a good saying: "Home is not a reasonable place, win the truth and lose the feelings."

know how to make concessions at the right time, and don't always think about winning or losing. When everyone in the family learns to bow, life will become more and more beautiful.

if you don't dig up the past, the wound that will always be opened will never heal

the scariest thing about a quarrel between two people is to dig up the past.

No matter how much you care for and love each other, once you start to dig up the past, all the unhappiness and grievances of the past will pour out again.

stack one layer at a time, turning the original little things into big things.

in the movie reunion, there is such a plot.

the family went back to their wife's parents' house.

when the child was shouting, he accidentally called "Grandma and Grandpa" to "Grandma and Grandpa".

when the husband heard this, he was furious at the child and said harshly to his wife: "Grandpa is grandpa, grandpa is grandpa, and I'm not interrupting the door!"

the wife also blushed with anger: "who said you were plugging in the door?"

the husband replied, "that's what your family has thought since we got married!"

once the old debts are turned over, the earth is turned upside down.

the husband began to complain that his wife's family made it difficult for him. When he was young, his family was poor, but he was asked to raise 500000 yuan to buy a house before marriage.

the wife also began to criticize, saying how she married in the first place, and how insulted and contemptuous her husband is now.

all of a sudden, the baby cries and the family chicken flies and dogs jump.

"steady Rangers" says:

"in fact, the trick for two people to be together for a long time is not to dig up the past.

Shopping for one of our delightful plus size evening dresses to draw every eye to you? Different varieties of shapes and cuts for you to take your pick.

this is true.

going through the past is like opening a wound ready to heal and then sprinkling salt on it.

all things in the past, who does not have some mistakes, always turn over the old debts will make enemies sooner or later.

resolving conflicts on the spot, and then returning one code to another, neatly and neatly, is the way for a parent to be stable for a long time.

there is a good saying:

"Home is not a battlefield, there is no need to wave the flag and shout, no matter who wins or loses; home is not a chessboard, there is no need to be careful, be on guard everywhere."

A home should be the starting point of everything, the direction of our return, and our safe haven forever.

everyone in the family, big things to discuss, small things, please forgive me. Don't fight for right or wrong, don't make up for the past.

in this way, a family will be more gentle and affectionate, and it will be better and better.