The 74-year-old Japanese man has lived alone in Wuhan for 11 years. He is unwilling to return to China after the outbreak, leaving his legacy to Chinese employees. What exactly has he experienced?
The 74-year-old Japanese man has lived alone in Wuhan for 11 years. He is unwilling to return to China after the outbreak, leaving his legacy to Chinese employees. What exactly has he experienced?
Even if the language does not understand, people can still know each other from heart to heart.


in early 2020, an epidemic broke out in Wuhan.

at that time, a Japanese government worker called an old man and asked him if he wanted to go back to Japan.

this old man is Koji Shimada, who has lived in Wuhan for 11 years and is now 74 years old.

Grandpa Island, who received the call, was accidentally and aggrieved: "Why do you want me to go back?" I am from Wuhan. "

Grandpa Island, who can't even speak Chinese, said:

"whether it is a difficult time or a happy time, I want to spend it with the people of Wuhan!"

Koji Shimada runs two Japanese curry shops in Wuhan's Wuchang district, which is home to several universities in Wuhan.

the top house curry shop is small, but it is very warm, and the food is delicious and affordable, so it is deeply loved by the students.

when he was in Japan, Grandpa Shima met 10 foreign students from Wuhan, China. Seeing that they were strangers, they warmly entertained them.

later, one of the foreign students wanted to go back to his hometown of Wuhan to open a curry shop, so he invited Grandpa Island to give guidance.

Grandpa Shimashi's relatives and friends in Japan are very opposed to it, thinking that his visit to China is bound to fail. Grandpa Island, who had retired for a year at that time, was duty-bound to embark on a journey to Wuhan.

in fact, Grandpa Island traveled to China as early as the 1980s. He always liked China and had a special affection for Wuhan. He felt that the city was very much like his hometown of Fukuoka when he was young-the world was full of smoke and fire, full of warmth.

Xiaoji Shimada has the craftsman spirit of the Japanese, takes his work very seriously and cannot accept a little ambiguity. This attitude scares off the original partners and even many employees.

for example, he insisted on making authentic Japanese curry, sliced onions into almost transparent slices, and curry boiled in stock for 24 hours, almost melting the vegetables and meat inside.

former partners thought that the efficiency of this practice was too low, and some customers would give bad reviews because they thought there was too little meat, but Koji Shimada never compromised.

he said he didn't come to China to make a lot of money. Put the customer first, this is his rule.

after the top curry shop became popular, he rejected the cooperation suggestions of many operating companies to open franchise stores and was unwilling to charge franchise fees to make a lot of money.

when he opened the shop for 11 years, he only got 3300 yuan a month. You know, the average salary of a clerk in top curry is about 5000 yuan, and the salary of the store manager is three times that of his boss.

his material desires are not high, and his daily life does not cost much money. He has been renting a single room converted from the garage for 700 yuan for ten years. There is not even a window in the room, and the dark room is packed with all kinds of books.

he has worn a plaid shirt for almost 30 years, and the only big expense is smoking.

"if I am greedy, I will expand my business, but then people will become depressed," said Grandpa Island.

in his view, greed will only make people become puppets dominated by money. He wants to live a simple life, contented but happy.

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in a foreign land with no acquaintance, it is the people who have given him warmth that keep Grandpa Island firmly in Wuhan.

from the opening of the shop to the present 11 years, Grandpa Island insists on teaching Japanese free of charge in the small shop of Top Curry from 8: 00 to 9: 00 every night.

once a high school student who had taken a class here specially drew a picture for Grandpa Island before going to other places for college.

staying with young people, Grandpa Island feels healthier and more energetic, too.

he gives red envelopes to the dustman he knows every year, simply because he smiles at him every time, instead of whispering "here comes the Japs again" like the doorman.

when he learned that there was a shop on the same street planning to sell curry rice, he even volunteered to teach for free, saying that only in this way could he improve his competitiveness.

in an interview, the female stall owner selling chicken at the vegetable market commented on Xiaoji Shimada: "he is very nice. He takes care of my business and gives me red envelopes during the Spring Festival. It is not easy for a person to live in China."

hearing the translated Grandpa Island, he was moved to wipe away tears because of this simple sentence, and felt that his goodwill had been well passed on to the hearts of the Chinese people.

Danzi, the manager of Top Curry, is proficient in Japanese. Her relationship with Grandpa Shima is like a "father and daughter". She often cares about his diet and gives him a haircut.

after the outbreak of the epidemic, Danzi suggested that Grandpa Island follow her back to her hometown in rural Wuhan for a few days. This makes

Grandpa Island feels very warm.

during his time living in the countryside, Grandpa Island felt that the Danzi family did not regard him as a guest, and it felt like having a precious family.

he even looked at the tombstone on the mountain and thought to himself, "when I die, the ashes will become a part of the land like that, that's good."

someone once asked him why he was willing to stay in China all the time.

Grandpa Shima made a beautiful analogy: "living in Japan is a refreshing autumn breeze, but the warmth of a spring breeze can only be felt in Wuhan."


sincere love can cross national boundaries, even if the language does not understand, people can still know each other from heart to heart.

before, Grandpa Island's visa was only valid for two years and stayed for up to three months at a time, so every three months he had to make a special trip to Hong Kong to stamp and return to Wuhan that day.

but with ageGetting bigger and weaker, he often worried that one day he would never be able to apply for a visa and return to China.

some time ago, Xiaoji Shimada got an unexpected surprise. Wuhan police officers helped him apply for a green card during the epidemic, and he finally obtained a Chinese permanent residence ID card so that he no longer had to worry about visa expiration.

Grandpa Island, who got the news, held the staff's hand excitedly and shook it so hard that tears almost fell.

now the 74-year-old Grandpa Island is not shy about "death". With his life coming to an end, he is now determined to leave something behind in China.

through the epidemic, he found that many Japanese did not know China, so he began to write stories about the Japanese who had been to Wuhan.

although he doesn't have a chance to publish, he still painstakingly checks the paper books every day, thinking and writing.

he plans to leave his legacy to shop assistants in China, hoping that Danzi will cremate his body in the future.

it would be great to sprinkle his ashes in the Chinese sea and say "good-bye" to him.

because at that time, he can fully integrate with China.

, wish him good health, a long life and a warm and happy rest of his life in China!