"that's why you're unhappy."
"that's why you're unhappy."
Be kind to yourself and be a person who can get along with yourself.

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when you work day and night, have you ever thought about your body? Have you ever ignored your own feelings in order to take care of other people's emotions? Do you often embarrass yourself?

I have a friend who has a strong empathy ability, can comfort the people around me, and often receives some negative information.

but when I encounter unhappy things, I can't comfort myself like comforting others. I always compete with myself.

in fact, properly letting go of yourself and caring for yourself may make you more relaxed.

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if we can't take good care of ourselves, who can we expect to give more love to ourselves?

if you have the experience in the story, apologize to yourself, be kind to yourself, and be a person who can get along with yourself.