Taking good care of your mood is more important than anything else.
Taking good care of your mood is more important than anything else.
When people are alive, happiness is the most important and mood is the most important.

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writer Huffland said:

"of all the adverse effects on people, the most likely to cause short-lived death are bad mood and bad mood."

in this life, people live in a mood and live in a state of mind.

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everything is pleasing to the eye if you are in a good mood; if your heart is in a mess, life will only be a mess.

taking good care of your mood is more important than anything else.

in this world, it is nothing but you laugh at others, others laugh at you

as the saying goes, "Life is nothing more than laughing at others and making others laugh at yourself by the way."

to be a man, you should learn to laugh it off.

when William Harrison was young, he was introverted and quiet and looked dull.

many people like to play tricks on him, often throwing pennies and dimes in front of him and asking him to choose one of the two.

every time, Harrison only picked the five, never the dime, which made everyone laugh every time.

one day, an old lady asked him:

"silly boy, don't you know that a dime is more than five cents? Why not pick up a dime? "

Harrison had a laugh and said,

"of course I know, but it doesn't matter. We're just having fun."

besides, if I pick that dime, they won't even throw me five cents for fun. "

there is a saying: "Pepsi starts from the heart and solves a thousand sorrows with a smile."

people live, there are always troubles and sorrows, really smart people, do not like to care, disdain to argue.

because they understand that if they are more entangled, they will be less happy, and if they look down on trifles, life will be easier.

as a man, don't take everything too seriously and don't let your mood be affected by trifles.

there are thousands of things in the world, but in an instant, why take it seriously.

learn to laugh it off, you can be relaxed and comfortable; if you look at human affairs lightly, you will not be tired and chic between heaven and earth.

good things and bad things become a thing of the past

in life, there are always some things that make people worry, or even make people depressed and discouraged.

but a lot of things have passed and looking back, that's all.

even if I felt that I could not pass through life or death at that time, I would only think about it now and recall it for a while.

in the TV series Sweet, Tian Mi, played by Hai Qing, was originally a pampered full-time wife.

as a result, without warning, her husband suddenly died under pressure due to the broken capital chain of the company, leaving her a debt of as much as hundreds of millions of yuan.

overnight, the gorgeous rich wife was forced into a dilemma of huge debts, and Tian Mi completely collapsed.

ran to the rooftop and burst into tears and asked, "Why me, why this person?"

but after venting, she was not always in the midst of grievances and grievances, but packed up her mood and faced everything bravely.

sell houses, cars to pay debts, find a job to earn money, start a business to change the status quo.

although she was hit numerous times in this process, she relied on a good state of mind and hard work to transform herself magnificently all the way, and realized a reversal against the wind.

not only paid off the debt and developed his skills, but also opened a new chapter of his own sweet life.

looking back at the experience along the way, there is no trace of the original anger on her face, only the calmness and lightness of the wind and waves.

as the old saying goes: there is no knot that cannot be untied, and there is no river that cannot be crossed.

the worst experience will go away, and no matter how great the suffering will pass.

what matters is whether you can calm down, don't panic when something happens, and don't be sad when you are frustrated.

A netizen on Weibo once told his story:

he had a particularly difficult time when he first graduated from college.

break up with his girlfriend who has been in love for many years and run into a brick wall everywhere when he is looking for a job, which coincides with his mother's serious illness.

even once had the idea of committing suicide under the double torment of life and spirit.

later, his mother recovered and he found a satisfactory job.

"in fact, there is no absolute misfortune in this world. It's just that you put shackles on your heart.

keep an open mind, no matter how big it is.

Yes, the most magical part of life is that you always reach the willow and flowers through the dark caves.

so, don't always be moping because of temporary pressure, don't worry about temporary troubles.

good things and bad things will eventually become a thing of the past; big and small things will pass.

it is wisdom to relax your heart and look down on things.

if things go against one's wishes, please believe that there must be other arrangements

have seen such a story:

after the waves, a survivor drifted to an isolated island with the tide.

seeing no hope of leaving, he had to find wood to build a humble hut to protect himself and store things.

YesOne day, when he came back from looking for food, he suddenly found that the cabin was accidentally on fire and the smoke was flying into the sky.

all objects have also been reduced to ashes.

when he was in despair, he collapsed to the ground and cried, unable to calm down.

the next morning, in a lethargy, he was awakened by a siren.

it turned out that it was a lifeboat that came specially to save him. Puzzled, he asked the crew, "how did you know I was here?"

the other party replied, "in the distance, we saw a signal of smoke coming out here for help."

the loss of a horse is not a blessing.

this is true of many things in this world. If there is a debt here, there must be something to make up for there.

if you don't see satisfactory results right away, don't complain or frown.

you will always get unexpected surprises at some unexpected moment in the future.

I was overwhelmed by the experience of a friend around me.

my friend was mercilessly fired by the company because something went wrong at work.

when he was angry and hurt, he just started his own business.

when talking about being fired, he smiled and said:

"if I hadn't been fired, I wouldn't have thought of starting my own business, and I certainly wouldn't have achieved what I am now."

there is a saying in the Biography of Zhang ailing: if things go against one's wishes, please believe that there are other arrangements.

once upon a time, it was the greatest blessing in life to feel that everything was going well.

it takes a lot of experience to understand that life has its ups and downs, life has ups and downs, and many things may not always come true.

but even if you can't get what you want for a while, don't be too depressed.

because all that is lost will come back in another way. Everything is the best arrangement.

taking good care of your mood is more important than anything else

"wonderful work" debater Fu Seoul said:

"there are many injustices in people's life. Only happiness is what everyone can have as long as they work hard. The starting point of happiness is happiness."

people are alive, happiness is the most important, mood is the most important.

if you are in a bad mood, everything will be messed up. If you are in a good mood, everything will be all right.

and whether you can live happily and laugh at life depends on yourself.

when something happens, some people frown and fall into negative emotions all day long. As a result, they not only fail to help, but make a mess of their lives.

even if something goes wrong, some people can always try to change their mindset, adjust their mood and make themselves happy.

in the ancient fable, there was a man named Aidiba who liked to run around his house and land whenever he was in a bad mood.

someone asked him, "you run all your anger, and every time you make yourself breathless and sweaty, isn't that even angrier?"

Aidiba laughs:

"when I was young, every time I ran around my house, I thought, I am so poor and the house is so small, how can I have the time and energy to be angry? It is better to do more to change poverty;

later, I got old and lived in a bigger and bigger house. Every time I ran, I would think that I was lucky enough with such a big house and so much land.

what else is there to be unhappy about? I lost my temper at the thought of this. "

as Buddhists say, things change with the heart, circumstances are created by the heart, and troubles are created by the heart.

people grow old in the blink of an eye, don't always ask for trouble.

learn to release pressure and create happiness, not because of temporary unhappiness, not only the choice of mentality, but also the wisdom of life.

Human happiness lies entirely in the happiness of the heart.

taking good care of your mood is always more important than anything else.



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