Take it too seriously and you lose.
Take it too seriously and you lose.
May we all be simple and thorough people for the rest of our lives.

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when people live a lifetime, few people can go well with everything and always encounter all kinds of troubles.

in the face of these unavoidable troubles, some people laugh it off and some people take it to heart.

the people who are really tired of living are often those who are too serious. If you have too many troubles in your heart, you can't be happy.

in fact, most people who can live a good life have a simple heart.

be confused when things happen, don't care about others, don't compete with yourself, you can live a natural and comfortable life.

the simpler the heart, the happier people are

once read such a story in a book.

A neighbor hid dozens of pieces of cloth at Grandma's house. Grandma decided to help because she was worried about her neighbor.

later, the villagers advised grandma to hand over the cloth, and grandma followed the neighbor's instructions and refused to say anything.

even if she didn't eat or drink a mouthful of water for a whole day, she only wanted to save her neighbor's family.

unexpectedly, many years later, the neighbor unexpectedly told the story of grandma helping his family hide cloth.

Grandma was so angry that her lips were purple.

but after the incident, Grandma was very open-minded, knowing that her nature was not bad, and she didn't care about her.

when the apples are ripe at home in autumn, let the children send them to the neighbors to taste.

Grandma lives a simple life, and everyone has strengths in her eyes.

as Grandma said:

No matter what you can't figure out, you can think about it the other way around; if you don't like someone, you'll get used to it.

the reason why grandma was able to live to be the envy of the people in the village is that she is clear and simple in heart and can realize that it is not easy for others.

not only help others, but also make yourself happy.

as the writer Ma de said:

this world seems to be surrounded by noise, all kinds of people, mud and sand.

in essence, it is your own world. If you are clear, the world will be clean; if you are simple, the world will not be complicated.

the avenue is as simple as it is, and its complexity is in the hearts of the people.

too many troubles in life actually come from my heart.

if you have a plan, you will have more and more troubles; if you are open-minded, you will worry less and less.

people live a lifetime, the simpler the heart, the happier people will be.

be confused, talent is free and easy

Fu Bi was the name and appearance of the benevolent period of the Northern Song Dynasty, and he knew how to be confused when he was young.

once, when he was walking in the street, someone scolded him by name.

A passer-by came over and quietly told him, "so-and-so scolded you behind your back!"

Fu Bi didn't care at all and said to the man calmly, "probably scolding others."

passers-by said, "people are naming names and scolding you!" How can it be scolding others? "

Fu Bi pretended to be confused: "I'm afraid he's scolding someone else. I guess someone has the same name as me."

in this way, those who scolded him also felt embarrassed and apologized to Fu Bi in shame.

once read such a passage: "in life, sometimes you do need to be smart, but less confused."

cleverness is indispensable, but sometimes it needs to be confused.

it is rare to be confused when you are alive.

if you are a little confused, you will care less, be more tolerant, worry less, and be more comfortable.

on the contrary, if you care about everything and make everything clear and clear, it is a matter of asking for trouble.

Bai Yansong said: "the two basic points of life are to be foolish and smart."

confusion is a realm, and people who can do it are more likely to live a more natural life.

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chic is a state, and most people who live a chic life do not care about it.

Don't look at the world too seriously, don't see the heart too clearly.

the more you experience, the more you will find that the more sober you live, the more painful you will be.

on the contrary, they are a little confused, and those who would rather suffer a small loss lead a more free and easy life.

as Shakespeare said, "it is better to be a smart fool than to be a stupid wise man."

the right confusion is not stupidity, but a kind of penetration, the highest wisdom in dealing with the world.

be a man, don't live too seriously

there is a plot in Romance of the three Kingdoms.

then Cao Cao rewarded the captured satin to the sergeant.

while sorting out other items, I turned to a bunch of letters from the books and opened them to find that they were all people in the army who had already colluded with Yuan Shao in secret letters to betray Cao Jun's military situation.

but Cao Cao said unusually, "at the beginning, Yuan Shaobing was stronger than us, and I couldn't protect myself, let alone these people."

when betrayed, there are not many people who can be so magnanimous.

the smarter a person is, the more he knows how to take a step back. Take a step back, take a step back calmly; endure for a while, endure a moment of open-mindedness.

"vegetable"It is also said in Gentan:

where the path is narrow, leave one step with the pedestrian; when the taste is strong, minus three points for people to eat.

leave three points of leeway to do things, and people who do things will not haggle.

most of the time, we live a miserable life just because we take people and things too seriously.

to be a man, if you are too serious, it is easy to force yourself into an inner predicament. If you can't get out, the more you struggle, the deeper you will fall.

as Zhang Aijia said:

if you have to find an answer to everything in your life, you are putting a yoke on your life.

Life is too short. Instead of spending your energy on haggling and making each other uncomfortable, you might as well learn to let go, let your mind loose, travel light, and enjoy the beauty of your life.

only if you don't take things seriously, can you live freely and comfortably.

the rest of my life, confused, simple

Roman Roland once said, "people are confused because they look too close, and they think too much."

most of the time, the reason why we are upset is that we can't let it go.

when people live a lifetime, there are always too many disturbances that will trap our hearts. If you can't jump out in time, life will get worse and worse, and it will become more and more complicated.

in fact, in the end of life, living is just a mood.

Heart, a little simpler, happiness will be a little more.

people, if you are confused, life will go smoothly.

as the saying goes:

years are easy to grow old, so why bother looking for trouble every day. If you live in the world for one minute, you must be happy for sixty seconds.

Life is only a few decades, muddled life, simple life, happiness will always meet us unexpectedly.

May we all be simple and thorough people for the rest of our lives.