Suddenly Guan Xuan gave birth to a son! Banned for a year without a job? In fact, I secretly had a baby.
Suddenly Guan Xuan gave birth to a son! Banned for a year without a job? In fact, I secretly had a baby.
The simpler it is, the happier it is.

supermodel Sun Feifei has a baby?

as a low-key supermodel in the domestic fashion circle.

Sun Feifei, who hasn't heard from her for nearly a year since 2020, almost makes people think that she is going to quit the fashion world.

A few days ago, he suddenly posted a picture of his child Ken Ken, wishing his son a happy full moon.

this makes people suddenly realize:

Sun Feifei went to have a baby in the year when she disappeared.

when it comes to domestic supermodels, Liu Wen is probably the first person who can call his name.

others, such as Xi Mengyao, have to have something to do with traffic.

half of the supermodel career is not as dedicated as it used to be.

but if you comb it carefully, you will find:

in fact, the only supermodel in China who can compete with Liu Wen is another one who never participates in the topic and exposure.

Sun Feifei, a long-legged fawn drifting away from Topic circle all the time.

rigid bones, dignified eyebrows.

compared with the faint face with thin eyebrows and bones preferred by the fashion circle.

Sun Feifei is not only light, but also suitable for thick smear, which is more than others.

of all the domestic supermodels, her life is the most stable step by step.

from entering the industry to fame, from fame to fire, and then from the fire to the completion of marriage and childbirth one after another.

back in the fashion world, the most extravagant endorsements still retain her place.

without the hard struggle of other supermodels, Sun Feifei's life can even be called lucky and simple.

born in Weifang, Shandong Province in 1989, she already has a height of 1.69 meters at the age of 10.

but in the 1990s, when the modeling profession was not popular, the proud height did not benefit Sun Feifei.

on the contrary, he is often ridiculed by his classmates because he is too tall.

Sun Feifei also used to hunchback because of inferiority complex.

in order for her to correct her posture, her mother consciously asked Sun Feifei to relax her posture and ask her to be straight and straight.

at the long-term request of her mother, she was chosen by a teacher from a modeling school in the second year of junior high school.

start contact with model training.

but her modeling career didn't start there.

in 2007, Sun Feifei, who was admitted to Suzhou University, met photographer Ryoko.

she once said that Liangzi was her Bole.

it was because of the encouragement of Ryoko that she participated in the 2008 Shanghai ELITE Elite Model Competition.

and finally won the Chinese championship, followed by the global third runner-up.

how high is the gold content of this competition?

as one of the most well-known, widely covered and influential global model competitions in the world:

in addition to Cindy Crawford, Giselle Bundchen, Naomi Campbell and other legend supermodels.

Sun Feifei can be ranked as the third runner-up in the world, and the success of her modeling career is just around the corner.

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the results really lived up to her.

in 2009, after a year in the profession, she was chosen by Lafayette Karl Lagerfeld.

went to the Chanel show, this kind of luxury show, generally only very good models can step into.

Sun Feifei walked all over the show of six blue blood brands, such as Dior, LV, and Gucci.

of all the national models so far, Sun Feifei has done so and only Sun Feifei has done so.

Chanel, Valentino, CK and other brands have also chosen to cooperate with her.

her blatant preference for luxury goods is, in a sense, a recognition of her professional ability.

Sun Feifei is also the only model with a "Vogue" single cover.

the Chinese version of "T magazine" chose her as its founder.

but the rarest thing about being a person is being sober and not showing off.

it is obvious that she is HighFashion's favorite national model, but she keeps a low profile.

so that not many people know her in China.

the opportunity to be a HF model is sporadic and hard.

so many models take part-time business models at the same time in order to gain more exposure and make a lot of money.

such as the famous "Victoria's Secret Angels" in the past.

in addition to the early Gisele Bundchen, Big KK and other divine models, the recent angels are almost all commercial models.


needs their traffic, and they need Victoria's Secret signs to enhance their appeal.

Sun Feifei doesn't want such a sign.

she's just a model, and she just wants to be a professional model.

so she insists on shining on the HF show.

this is why even in China, Xi Mengyao, he Sui and others are more hot.

Sun Feifei model circleHowever, only Liu Wen can compete with the rest of the world.

outside of work, without the coat of the supermodel, she looks like a harmless little girl.

Little deer, people who like her like this about her.

she loves life and is simple and straightforward, just like an unworldly deer in the forest.

face the whole world like a clear mirror.

will share selfies.

can shake the puppy.

will feel the joy of eating delicious food with fans.

will stupidly say Happy New year to an orange tree.

will be like a little girl who deserves a special group photo because of a lovely napkin.

he is obviously a supermodel with excellent bone appearance, but he can shoot himself into a big-headed doll even if he is crazy.

her life is simple and happy, without the constant ups and downs of drama in the circle of foreign models.

outside of work, I prefer to become an ordinary person with no halo of fame.

enjoy the happiness of life freely.

this is too rare in the fashion circle, which has always been regarded as a vanity fair.

Sun Feifei doesn't seem to have much desire for fame and wealth.

modeling is a job she likes and can stick to.

besides, she doesn't care about more money or less, nor does she care about fame.

just cherish and protect your feathers as a supermodel.

in 2017, Sun Feifei also married Bole, a photographer 10 years ago.

this can also see her character, a little stubborn, a little too simple, no desire to compete.

insist on letting nature take its course, and you can like what you like for decades.

the two have been in love for many years and have been married for almost four years until they have their first child.

the feeling is still steady, shaped like a passionate love.

Liangzi likes to write love stories to Sun Feifei on Weibo.

Sun Feifei is more subtle, showing affection on a few rare occasions, all in anniversaries and in travel diaries.

such simple happiness is precisely the insipid that many people yearn for.

under the mask of bustling and blurred Chinese clothes, Sun Feifei is like a refreshing spring, straightforward and simple.

compared with the ups and downs of other models' life stories, the bright lights can't change her at all.

the neon light still reflects a pair of eyes without desire.

in the fast pace of the pursuit of fame and fortune in modern society, Sun Feifei's indifference seems so precious.

letting nature take its course is the easiest and rarest four words.

in the fighting model circle, there is such a wandering deer that does not fight or rob.

her presence seems to tell everyone:

sometimes, the simpler it is, the happier it is.