Stay away from those low-level "cleverness"
Stay away from those low-level "cleverness"
Only by giving up low-level intelligence can we go more steadily and further.

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it is common for some people to look smart and react quickly, but they are difficult and annoying.

hit a snuff, but did not know that everything was not going well, precisely because of that superfluous "cleverness".

give up these low-level cleverness, and you can go more steadily and further.

steal a little idleness, you won't be able to walk for a long time

A person who starts high and walks fast is more or less lucky, but if he wants to go far, the false will be revealed.

A porridge shop in the front was closed, employees did not have a health certificate, cooked food was stored everywhere, preserved eggs were pinched with dirty hands, and rice was not washed. There are numerous sins, but in fact, it is to save trouble.

they even said confidently, "how can I find time to wash rice?"

save time and effort, orders soar, but lose credibility in the end.

I am not afraid of high mountains and long roads, but I am afraid of being lazy on the way.

strength and word of mouth are all a process of long-term accumulation. If you steal a little laziness, you will not have the strength to gain a foothold.

many people are always accustomed to opportunism, like to "take shortcuts", play tricks, "swarm" when they see things that are profitable, and flock to them when they hear that they have everything to gain, and the result is often self-defeating.

it cannot be said that there are no tricks or tricks in the world. But for many people, opportunism can mean losing opportunities and banishing themselves.

in this sense, trickery is also a kind of laziness, and we should especially abstain from it.

take advantage of small, cause big trouble

people who like to take advantage of petty profits, cunning and taking advantage of petty favors all suffer great losses in the end.

one netizen shared his own experience: the nanny at home took things from home, napkins and spoons, and the whole family pretended not to know.

the old man was ill, so the family gave the babysitter some money under an excuse to persuade her to go home.

"she will never know that her departure was caused by a spoon."

No matter whether the family is really difficult or not, do not do anything that is lucky. Others can see the cleverness.

time is about balance, and the greedy bargain will always be several times higher than the original debt in the future.

the bad luck you think is unprovoked may be caused by a little cleverness in the beginning.

see the pattern for the little things and the character for the details.

people who do not have a pattern focus on their own gains and losses, and do not cherish their own virtues in order to take advantage of others.

Life is like a road, don't just stare at your feet, look up at the scenery ahead, and your heart will naturally become wider.

show off your knowledge and show your ignorance

Zhang Jing, the Chinese translator at the Sino-US talks not long ago, surprised everyone.

however, just two days ago, a big V complained on his blog: "Zhang Jing is a typical Chinese accent and there is nothing remarkable about it."

as soon as this remark was made, it was strongly refuted by netizens.

if you look at the comments on the Internet carefully, you will find that there are still many sounds like picking bones in eggs:

entangled with Zhang Jing's choice of a word that is not bold enough;

complain that Zhang Jing's English pronunciation is not standard;

some people even took out a video of Zhang Jing participating in an English speech contest 16 years ago, saying that her English has a "plastic feeling".

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in fact, these people who complain about Zhang Jing's English are far from being "professionals".

it is almost impossible for them to recognize the excellence of professionals. The reason may be as one netizen commented:

"there are always people who want to show off their knowledge by throwing water at the hottest fire."

there are always some people in life who want to show off their knowledge and win the attention of others when they encounter anything.

they seem smarter than anyone else and can talk freely.

but is this really knowledge? it's just "I don't know how much I see it".

showing off the wisdom of learning is superfluous. What you expose is your ignorance, and what you waste is your own time.

give up low-level intelligence

is a kind of self-discipline, a kind of kindness in dealing with people

there are people who like to be clever everywhere, but such "cleverness" was disdained by the ancient sages.

being foolish and simple-minded has always been the highest wisdom in Chinese philosophy. It is better to maintain a simple and foolish personality than to be smooth.

and the experience summed up by the people is that "fools are blessed with fools."

people who are too smart often don't last long.

A Dream of Red Mansions says: the machine is too clever, but it misses Qing's life.

"Han Feizi Shuo Lin" says that skillful deceit is not as good as honesty.

Don't be too smart. Smart people are always good at calculating others, but seldom consider their own shortcomings, and finally lose themselves.

as the saying goes, foolish people are blessed with foolishness; kindness is the highest shrewdness; it is better to be kind-hearted than to be resourceful.

A wise man does everything he can to lose to a kind and simple heart at a critical moment.

it is the right way in the world to be virtuous, kind, generous, foolish, willing to suffer losses, and tolerant of others.

the wisdom of a wise man to keep a fool is:

do not be swayed by low-level desires, give up low-level intelligence, down-to-earth, every minute, have a clear conscience.