"someone will really love you for many years."
"someone will really love you for many years."
Enjoy loneliness when you are alone, and believe in happiness when you are alone.

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I watched the new version of Japanese TV series "Tokyo Love Story" on the sofa on weekend night.

the heroine Lixiang's love attitude is "thousands of men, if we can't, we'll change." she will say directly to each other, "I don't need your peace of mind."

she has been in love while maintaining the independence of her life.

but in fact, this attitude comes more from panic.

she is afraid that her lover will not accept the fragile self. She is afraid that if she really depends on the other person, when the other person wants to leave one day, she will become more lonely.

so she built an isolated world for herself, only in love, not dependent on it.

such a closed attitude directly led to their breakup.

in fact, Li Xiang's real voice is: "the real me must not be the kind of person he thinks I am." I knew my love would force him, so I might as well keep myself in his heart as long as possible. "

even if I regret, I can never do it all over again.

after reading it, I think of a word called "single love".

this seemingly free and easy state is actually quite helpless when you think about it.

if both love and being loved can go both ways, no one who wants to be together dare not trust them with all their heart.

but the more you pretend to be overexert and independent, you will eventually push your loved ones farther and farther away from loving and being loved.

if you can, still hope that we can always have the courage to love and believe in love, always willing to look forward to and trust, there will really be someone who will love you for many years.

not for others, but for yourself.

in the South Korean TV series "Romantic system", Eun-Jing's boyfriend was hospitalized because of a sudden serious illness, and his originally peaceful and happy life was broken.

when he was critically ill in the hospital, Enjing was always by his boyfriend's side. In those days, he was unconscious, until one day, too weak to speak, he woke her up.

his eyes were calm, and she knew he was saying goodbye. She jumped gently into the sick bed and snuggled up to him.

my boyfriend left Enjing that night.

Enjing came home as usual. But one day, my brother came back to find that she had slit her wrists in the bathroom.

fortunately, she saved her life, but Enjing could not accept the fact that her boyfriend had passed away. She built a world where her boyfriend still existed, living in her own life and talking to herself in the air.

No way, several friends moved into Enjing's house for various reasons, but just stayed with her, carefully not mentioning anything.

the days passed quickly, and two years passed in the twinkling of an eye. Although Enjing would talk to her boyfriend's soul from time to time, her friends had been lively around and finally let her slowly return to her normal state.

one day, she came out of the room and said to her friends sitting on the sofa:

"I work so hard, hug me." I told you that I worked so hard. "

the friends froze, then got up one by one and hugged her tightly.

"Thank you. We have been waiting for this sentence for more than two years. Thank you for telling us how hard you are."

every time I watch this passage, I feel that companionship is really warm and romantic.

there will inevitably be hardships in life, but there is a great strength in any company that takes us through the hardships.

there are always some roads that can only be taken by yourself, but this does not mean that life is an island.

and the so-called romance doesn't just come from love or happiness.

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bravely embrace the people and things around you and the world you live in, and feel happiness and inevitable pain.

sincerely embrace the real world, desperately do what you like, love the person you want to love, feel the heart pounding and can't stop the tears in your eyes.

as Haruki Murakami said:

"you should remember the people who hold umbrellas for you in the heavy rain, those who protect you from foreign things, those who hold you silently in the dark, people who make you laugh, people who chat with you all night, people who come to see you by car, people who have cried with you, people who accompany you in the hospital, people who always put you first.

it is these people who make up 1.1 drops of warmth in your life, and it is these warmth that make you a kind person. "

living, to feel, to experience, to accompany, to love, to be loved, is a very romantic thing.

Japanese director Zhiyu once received a letter from a teacher with a poem written as follows:

the so-called life cannot be completely created by itself. Life has its own flaws and needs to be filled by others.

people all have weaknesses, weaknesses, shortcomings and expectations, and many good things often occur in mutual relationships.

meeting, accompanying and going in both directions are all things to be thankful for and make people feel happy from the bottom of their hearts.

so it's important to love bravely, to be loved calmly, and to feel the happiness of intimate relationships.

when you are alone, you enjoy loneliness, and when you are alone, you believe in happiness.

also hope that no matter how things change, there will be at least such a person, so that when you think of it, you will feel at ease and secure, and feel that life is worth it.

A short life, remember to be braveFor one thing, be yourself who dares to love, dare to accept to be loved, warm enough and romantic enough. Okay?