Solitude is not loneliness, but an ability.
Solitude is not loneliness, but an ability.
The best state of life is rich and quiet.

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philosopher Pascal has a famous saying:

almost all of our pain comes from our poor ability to be alone in the room.

many people don't like to be alone. When they are alone, they are often lonely and at a loss.

although being alone is a little lonely, there is a kind of fullness in the loneliness.

people who can enjoy solitude often have a rich inner world, an open mind, and a lofty realm of life.

solitude is an extravagant simplicity

there is a traveler in France named Sylvantaisson.

the cabin is at least 120 kilometers from the nearest village, where he has no neighbors.

he fishes, cooks porridge, saws wood and cuts wood by himself. Although food and shelter are simple, the experience is extravagant.

only tits come to greet him every day.

but he is not lonely, he said: I feel that heaven is not somewhere else, it is in the chord of all this.

this kind of solitude, which seems to be far away from the hustle and bustle, may seem lonely to some people and will lose a lot of fun.

but in this day and age, life is arranged as accurately as the hands of a clock, and solitude is our private kingdom.

the real luxury is to hold the switch to turn off the noisy world.

being alone is not necessarily in the room, but you can also go out for a walk, near home, in the park, on the mountain road.

watch cats and dogs play, watch flowers blossom and fall; have a private meeting with nature with scenery, music, food and air.

as long as you accompany yourself, you will be leisurely and comfortable in your own time.

such an experience is extremely simple and extravagant.

the more powerful a person is, the more eager he is to be alone

there was a master comedian who laughed and cursed on the screen, played funny tricks on the stage and made the audience laugh.

but this master is not funny at all in his life. He is silent and unsociable in private. This man is Zhou Xingchi.

Zhou Xingchi has always liked to be alone since he was a child. Before his mother took to the street, he would ask his son if he wanted to go with him. Chow mostly shook his head and stood by the window watching the street view for two hours.

Director Liu Zhenwei recalls that when filming A Chinese Odyssey, Zhou Xingchi wanted to talk to him, but instead of asking him directly, he secretly slipped a note under the door of his hotel room.

unsociable, who would have thought that he would become the "king of comedy"?

because of his solitude, he is not vulnerable to external interference, and he does not respond even if he is vilified or attacked.

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be an actor, make a movie and be a director without distractions.

the more powerful people are, the more they want to be alone, and the more they like to be alone, the more powerful they tend to become.

shut the carnival of a group of people out of the door, turn a deaf ear to things outside the window, settle down to improve their self-cultivation, enhance knowledge, reflect on deficiencies, and cultivate sentiment.

Goethe said: people can learn in society, but inspiration only emerges when they are alone.

solitude is not only a kind of quiet beauty, but also a kind of self-cultivation, but also the best period of self-appreciation.

be alone and be happy

being alone has a great advantage.

you don't have to deal with useless relationships, you don't have to deal with other people's emotions, you don't have to judge other people's minds, and you put your heart and soul into what you like.

how can anyone know the fun of this?

Li Bai knows the beauty of solitude best. When he is alone in the flower season, and no one drinks with him, he invites the moon to have a drink. It's not fun.

"I raised my glass to invite the charming moon, and bowed my head to see that there were already three people drinking together."

Tao Yuanming resigned from officialdom, returned to the countryside, not confused in heart, not trapped in love, and enjoyed a good time alone.

"picking wild flowers by the fence, I accidentally saw Nanshan."

Zhang Dai loves to enjoy the snow, holding a leaf boat, wearing a fur coat and carrying a stove to see the snow in the pavilion in the middle of the lake.

"the shadow on the lake is only a mark on the long dike, a little bit in the middle of the lake, a mustard with Yu Zhou, and two or three people in the boat."

in solitude, meet the most true self, return to spiritual peace, and find the real happiness of life.

even if you are alone, you are freer, more relaxed, happier and have a happy life.

No matter how unbearable the reality is, you can listen to the poetry of life in your own world, know a wider distance, and enjoy a person's happiness.

I like a passage by Yu Hua in shouting in the drizzle:

instead of pretending to have a lot of friends, I returned to loneliness and started my life alone with the real me.

the noisier, the lonelier; the lonelier, the richer.

many people have never had a long talk with their souls throughout their lives, and their inner peace is drifting away.

only by settling down can the mind return to peace, and only by knowing oneself can life return to basics.

so Zhou Guoping said that the best state of life is rich and quiet.

I think such a state can only be reached when you are alone.