Six habits for a person to make his mood better
Six habits for a person to make his mood better
Every day of your life, you should try your best to be happy.

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do not explain

there are many moments when we like to explain ourselves.

in fact, it is only natural to be afraid of being misunderstood, suspected and isolated.

but you should always know that not everyone knows who you are.

not everything has to be explained clearly to others.

there is a saying: "it is useless to wear your mouth to those who do not believe you, and to those who believe in you, you know all about you even if you do not open your mouth."

sometimes, the more clarified it is, the darker the facts will be.

sometimes, the more you argue, the more trouble and estrangement you will bring to yourself.

instead of longing for immediate, everyone's understanding and recognition.

it is better to learn to let go of entanglement and reluctance, and time will make the most objective and fair evaluation and judgment.


don't care

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there was a Jewish saying: "if you don't live your life for yourself, who else will live for yourself?"

in life, too many people always care too much about other people's eyes and opinions, and are always afraid of not getting the support and recognition of others.

small as to what to buy, what to wear, what to use, to choose a career, get married and have children, will be disturbed by others, or take other people's standards as a reference.

in fact, life is about you.

how to spend your life, the most important thing is to ask yourself what you want, how to choose your life, the key is to make yourself satisfied.

you can live your life as much as you like.


not strong integration

everyone lives in this world and has his own life.

but there are many moments when we try to squeeze into a circle that doesn't belong to us in order to fit in, to please, or even for other purposes.

there is a saying: "the circles are different, so there is no need for forced integration."

people with different personalities, no matter how much they make do, can't get together.

people with different values, no matter how they communicate, are poles apart.

people of different levels, no matter how hard it is, are difficult to get along for a long time.

A strong circle not only makes you tired, but also makes others feel embarrassed.

you might as well learn to walk among people who know you and feel free to be yourself.


not forced

people in this life, there will always be many people you can not forget, so that you can not give up the friendship, but also let you can not let go of the memories.

in fact, it is impossible to force the fate between people.

those who want to leave, no matter how much you ask to stay, will leave you.

those who are willing to stay will always be by your side, even if times change.

when you meet, cherish each other, and when you leave, you don't have to pester.

only by waving what is wrong can you meet the right one.

only by letting go of what is wrong, can we start over better.

you should always know that the one who can free yourself is never the one who leaves you, but who you no longer insist on.


do not please

in life, we always live very tired.

say a word that doesn't matter, do a thing that doesn't matter, or even make a small choice and decision, always like to look at other people's faces.

We are always afraid of hurting others, and it is difficult for any relationship that needs to be maintained carefully to last long.

We are always afraid of offending others, and any relationship that needs to be courted is less sincere and sincere.

writer Bi Shumin once said, "our lives do not exist to please others."

people who really care about you don't need you to please.

those who please will not be cherished.

instead of observing words and emotions every day, looking at other people's feelings and caring too much about other people's feelings, it is better to learn to be kind to yourself.


Don't get angry

everyone will inevitably encounter some annoying people and things.

in fact, people's time and energy are very limited.

there is no need to get angry for people who are not worth it, and there is no need to get angry about trifles. It is more important than anything else to control and take care of your emotions.

there is a saying: "Life, vegetation and autumn, why bother to ask for trouble."

instead of punishing yourself with other people's mistakes, learn to let go and let go.

every day you live, you should try your best to be happy.

if your eyes are filled with tears and anger, you can't look up at the stars or feel the beauty around you.



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