See you in May. Hello in June.
See you in May. Hello in June.
Wish you: ​ always have expectations, always surprises, always have a future.

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streamer abandons spring,

you can't go back day and night.

the weather is bright,

the clouds are gentle,

bumped into the evening breeze,

that's how summer comes.

May. See you later.

Hello, June.

Hello, June.

Banana leaves took a nap outside the window,

the sun took the opportunity to sneak into the house.

the kitten stretched a meek waist.

burn the fur all over the body.

try strawberry ice cream,

everything is just right.

June, it is advisable to take it easy.

those that make you feel unhappy,

Farewell to troubles,

Farewell to worry,

vacate the world in your heart,

except hot in summer,

everything is fine.

might as well take advantage of the good times,

meet someone you like,

do what you like.

you have to believe,

when you chase the moon,

the moon will come to you, too.

Hello, June.

foam tumbles in the sea of cold beer,

the rim of a friend's cup collides with a sound,

the moment the can is opened,

release all dry heat and depression,

awakens the daydream of sleeping in the afternoon.

June, should be happy.

in hot weather,

learn to be a sunny person.

when you are sad,

buy a nice little skirt,

when you are happy,

reward yourself for eating a candy.

the heart knot of life is everywhere,

if you can't unlock it temporarily,

you don't have to be moping all day

plant a pot of summer flowers,

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by then, you will find that

Happiness is the most romantic thing.

Hello, June.

the fan at the entrance of the alley is rickety,

trying to drive away the annoying cicadas,

Street lamp lengthens shadow infinitely,

the fragrance of zongxiang is brewing into a continuous mind,

arouse whose glutton is leisurely.

in June, it is advisable to return home.

I always wanted to be a dreamer,

now it's time to think about going home.

A person's whole life,

whether it is long or short,

it takes only 30,000 days.

Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling) you think you are,

accidentally became once owned.

play chess with dad, chat with mom,

both have a bright future,

also want family members to be amiable.

Hello, June.

the moon moves slowly through the clouds,

the stars blink like eyes.

go to the gentle seaside to see the sunset,

the setting sun is filled with the wetness of the waves,

seems to be all the stories,

all take place in a hot summer.

June, it is suitable to fall in love.

foam from soda,

is a hormonal miracle.

if you meet,

be sure to cherish.

he will accompany you to watch a flower grow

will also discuss cloud shapes with you,

two people in one room, three meals and four seasons,

one's life,

ferment into the minds of two people.

you see,

the days are very spacious,

it's bright outside the window,

the world is not so lovely,

but you will always be loved.

this summer,

I hope the watermelon will be sweeter,

I wish I could throb a little more.

Hello, June.

take a walk in the distant mountains at dusk,

quietly scoop a spoonful of orange-flavored fructose,

in the corner of the fallen park,

share a bottle of chilled soda,

steal summer love from it.

June, it is appropriate to meet.

not in time to see each other in spring,

Let's take advantage of the summer to see each other.

step on a bicycle together,

wander wantonly in the fireworks-smelling night market.

crayfish with red oil,

sour plum soup with ice cubes,

A breezy night,

even the hair is happy.

Dream together, laugh together,

embrace the beauty of life together,

the gentleness of the edges and corners when you are free,

you will have the sincerity of a child.

May, goodbye,

Hello, June.

for better or worse

it's time to turn over.

you see,

the evening star outside is shining.

you might as well remove makeup and wash your face carefully,

get into bed and get a good night's sleep

greet a new dawn.

in the days to come,

wish you:

always look forward to it,

there are always surprises,

there is always a future.