See you in March. Hello in April.
See you in March. Hello in April.
May you always be enthusiastic and be as beautiful as spring.

time flies, dusk comes and goes.

the hot sun perches on the wild mountains,

the world tilts towards daylight.

April brings a lush spring,

bid farewell to the remaining materials.

see you in March.

Hello, April.

April, hello

this is the gentlest season.

damp, dripping, cold, shrunken bones,

all with the wind of drunken tincture,

dissipated in the wilderness.

April, let go

those withered branches and leaves,

has long been hidden by Xinlu

there is no trace of decay.

you see, the world is wide.

Why do you dwell on the past?

people are alive,

there is nothing but a moment of joy and a moment of pleasure.

Don't worry about diesel, rice, oil and salt,

Don't bother with chicken feathers,

go out with a bowl of clear water,

the hanging moon will fall on your fundus.

April is always the most wonderful last sentence.

flat, tonal, horizontal and vertical,

just like this resurgent mountain field.

to smell, to taste,

even between the illusory air,

is filled with the lingering smell of grass.

April, make friends

the cherry blossoms on the idle road are in full bloom,

that's the snow that hasn't fallen in the cold winter.

the cloud tripped out the silk of the marshmallow,

lingering in the shaking of the blue sky.

you see, the world is gentle.

the orange-flavored sunset is as sweet as sugar.

do what you want to do.

whoever you want to see, go and see him.

hold a note of apricot flowers and send them to an old friend far away.

in exchange for an appointment reunited after a long separation.

waste time with the one you like,

is the serious business of spring.

is far away from kites and Sangyin.

Spring is above the wind tip,

brings shining light.

like stars everywhere,

scramble to land on earth.

April, be in love

Red beans that boil a girl's mind into affection,

such as warm colors, such as morning light.

look, the world is romantic.

Spring is coming, something should happen.

wear a nice skirt,

listen to a good song,

Love lovely people.

tear the past to pieces and spread a prairie fire

strive for a blatant heartbeat.

how about stumbling?

how is it?

as long as the years are gentle,

time does not have to be disappointed.

the mountains and rivers seem to have just been washed.

the crimson clouds are wrapped into floating gauze,

even the wind is strong.

April, you should be diligent

never lose the mood of sprouting.

the seeds you lost elsewhere,

will find its florescence in April.

look, the world is bright.

No matter how weak the young buds can find the land where they grow.

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Don't panic, don't be afraid,

if you want to do it, you can do it.

while the spring is right and the breeze is not impatient,

you might as well plant your own boiling hot,

in the winter,

meet with spring again.

No one can refuse spring,

it's like no one can refuse poetry.


all things are lovely and the spring breeze is gentle.

May you embrace clarity,

May you always be enthusiastic,

be as beautiful as spring.