See you in April. Hello in May.
See you in April. Hello in May.
A lucky May is waiting for you. Are you ready?

drizzle falls, flowers fall,

the spring breeze is not allowed in the hairspring.

bid farewell to the blooming of trees,

saw off Yan's whisper on the beam.

April, turned around reluctantly,

see you in April. Hello in May.

May is the newly born summer,

early summer is cuter than fickle spring,

is whether you want a hot breeze on your face,

is a wind chime blowing carelessly,

it's too early for soda and watermelon to be chilled.

Mango loquat is just right.

New May,

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clear the bad luck and fill up the good luck.

bid farewell to negative self,

make your life hot.

Don't pass the buck to the years,

hand over the task of skin grinding to the image editing software.

promise me that from May onwards,

go to bed early and get up early, eat less and eat more,

take good care of your skin, exercise carefully,

choose clothes that suit you

dress yourself up refreshing and beautiful,

manage every little detail of your life,

the world will surely make you happy.

New May,

leave now where you want to go.

make an appointment with three or five friends and go all over the world.

Food beauty of clocking in,

No longer waste this blooming early summer in vain.

Life requires hard work and hard work.

but you also need to take a nap and give yourself a holiday once in a while.

it's time to let go of all the burden on your heart.

find that happy, free and unfettered self.

laugh like a child,

like you've never been hurt, love bravely,

Don't worry about what other people think,

just be the person you like,

to meet interesting and affectionate souls.

New May,

the sun is shining, the lines are boiling hot,

Heaven and earth, faith, life, all things,

are all in high spirits.

and the tiredness of April, wave goodbye,

show courage and enthusiasm,

welcome the hopeful May.

to stubbornly chase the dream from the bottom of my heart,

find your own light.

applaud yourself even if no one sees it.

also want to be forever young,

A good young man who always has tears in his eyes.

May this world be as safe as a rock and have a sweet dream every night.

May I fight the world for the rest of my life and not be outdone.

New May,

Don't forget on the second Sunday,

buy a bouquet of flowers for your mother, or make a phone call,

you might as well go home if you can.

does the dragon claw Robinia pseudoacacia in my hometown bloom white flowers the size of rice grains?

will your mother look around the verdant alley, waiting for you to get home?

I have to wait until I grow up to understand my mother's worries and concerns.

Mom used to be a weak little girl,

but go forward bravely and fearless for you.

and there is so little we can do for her.

promise me that you won't give up her nagging.

spend more time with your mother, be more filial to your mother,

not only on Mother's Day, but also on every day.

May the years grow old and your mother be well.

May is both flying and poetic.

May is lazy and transparent.

in the new May,

May you have a colorful and full life,

early summer is short but eternal,

Life is vast and determined,

walk slowly, sing while walking, and laugh and walk.

May with good luck is waiting for you.

are you ready?