Restrain yourself (good in depth)
Restrain yourself (good in depth)
The sign of a person's maturity is not indulgence, but learning to control.

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it is said in the General words of warning: "the potential cannot be used up, the blessings cannot be enjoyed, the cheap cannot be taken up, and the wisdom cannot be exhausted."

the more you experience, the more you feel that no one can escape the law that once you go to the extreme, there will be disaster.

the balloon will burst too often, the cup will overflow if it is too full, and if you are too crazy, you will fall down. A life without control will eventually be a disaster.

it took half a lifetime to understand that the sign of a person's maturity is not indulgence, but learning to control.

the real awakening of life begins with "reining in yourself".

restrain your temper and reap blessings

there is a philosophical story in psychology:

A boss specially declared that he went to work early and came back late every day in order to manage the company well.

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once, he went out late because he forgot to see the time, so he was speeding all the way. as a result, he was not only given a ticket by the traffic police, but also late.

he came to the company full of depression, and the department manager came to report his work, so he scolded the manager in the face.

the manager was inexplicably reprimanded and resentful, and then went to find fault with his subordinates and transferred all his grievances to his subordinates.

the subordinate went to work with anger and came home dejected. When he saw the child playing around, he immediately flew into a rage.

the child felt very aggrieved and gave the cat a hard kick at his feet.

the cat ran away in fright, and the child went after the cat. It happened that a truck was coming. The truck driver dodged the cat, but hit the child by the side of the road.

No one can predict how many people will eventually be hurt by the chain reaction of losing control of their emotions.

if life is a house, then anger continues to burn, burning not only one of the rooms, but often the whole house.

there is a foreign proverb that is quite true: kicking a stone in anger will only hurt your toes.

people who are too emotional tend to have a bad life.

people who are really good can stabilize their emotions and not only make others feel comfortable with each other, but also control their own lives comfortably enough.

No matter when and where, keeping three points of calm in the bottom of your heart and doing things with seven percent reason is the best way to solve the problem.

temper restraint is the highest level of self-discipline among adults, and it is also an indispensable practice in dealing with the world.

restrain your grievances and reap luck

Wang Xiaobo once wrote in his book: all people's pain is essentially anger at their own incompetence.

I didn't get into the university I wanted, but I blamed it all on the abnormal performance of the college entrance examination, completely forgetting my three years of wasted time in high school.

working for many years without a promotion or raise, he blamed everything on the leader who was so harsh that he completely forgot his daily routine of being lazy when he went to work.

Life is getting worse and worse, but he blames it all on the injustice of fate, forgetting that he often makes do with things.

people who live in complaints wrap themselves up with negative energy, isolating all good luck in life.

with constant grievances, the days will only be rainy and rainy, not sunny. Painter Zhu Jiumenger has a very profound saying:

"the life that is always on the tongue is your life. People are always easily hypnotized by what they say. I am so afraid that the many complaints you always talk about will become your whole life."

in fact, most of the time, what stumbles us is not life, but our attitude towards life.

Life is made by oneself, and happiness is sought by oneself.

where is the road of life? it is my choice again and again.

the best way to improve happiness is to put away your grievances, adjust your state of mind and let your heart live in the sunshine.

converge edge, harvest pattern

there is a topic on the Internet: what are the people who have really seen the world?

one answer wrote: after seeing a larger world, you live more humbly; the more you get, the less you have a sense of identity; to treat yourself as a person under people, and to treat others as people above them.

most of the really good people hide their edge and give up their sense of superiority.

many years ago, New York held a literary party and invited a number of famous writers.

party, a prolific writer who has published many books keeps showing off the number of his works to the people around him.

after a while, he noticed the lady who had been sitting in the corner quietly eating, so he went over to her and asked her, "how many works have you produced?"

when the prolific writer heard this, he immediately felt superior, and then asked in a sarcastic tone, "is there only one book?"

A prolific writer wants to continue to be cynical: "what's the title of the book?"

the lady said faintly: "gone with the Wind."

the prolific writer stood still when he heard this answer, and only then did he know that the person he despised was the famous writer Margaret Mitchell.

it is true.

the larger the pattern, the lower the profile; the more incompetent people are, the more defiant they are.

everything in the world is always proving the same truth: if a man is too crazy, there will be disaster; if things go too far, there will be disaster.

when the edge is revealed, it is also made up ofThe day of prosperity and decline.

people should be calm when they are in adversity and be cautious when they are in their heyday and know how to keep a low profile in order to go long-term.

restrain shrewdness and gain hearts

there is an old Chinese saying: to be a man, shrewdness is not as good as kindness, honesty is better than honesty, strength is not as good as kindness.

there is a limit to everything, and people can be shrewd, but once shrewdness goes too far, they are easy to be harmed by their own shrewdness.

people can calculate for a while, but they can't do it for a lifetime. Sooner or later, they will fall into a trap.

there are two fruit stores near the house, one of which was just opened. Because of the high discounts, many people went to buy fruit.

but after a long time, business has become more and more desolate, and few people have bought it even when the price is reduced.

when chatting with his neighbors about this, the neighbor said with emotion, "this is called, you can't live by doing your own iniquity."

if you destroy your reputation, no one can save you. "

it turns out that the owner of this fruit store often adds a few bad fruits to the bag before weighing it.

he thought he was smart and no one noticed, but in fact he lost his heart before he knew it.

in Bai Lu Yuan, Bai Jiaxuan said a paragraph that impressed me very much:

"A man does not depend on whether others know, but whether he knows it at home. The good deeds he does are engraved in his own heart, and his blind deeds are engraved in his own heart, and they cannot be erased; in fact, God knows and earth knows that they cannot be erased if they are engraved in heaven and on earth."

being too shrewd, you will only dig one hole after another for yourself, and there is no way out.

if you are too calculating, you will only lose your conscience when you go farther and farther away, and there is no chance to turn back.

when walking in the world, the wisest way to deal with the world is not "calculating people", but "virtuous".

there is a long way to go in life, and the highest realm of life is not "organ calculation", but "a clear conscience".

I quite agree with the writer Takeshi Nakajima's description in the Story of Mountain Moon:

"I am afraid that I am not beautiful jade, so I dare not think about it hard, but I am afraid that I am a beautiful jade, so I am not willing to be mediocre and keep company with the rubble.

so I gradually alienated from the world and alienated the world, and as a result, resentment and remorse increasingly fuelled my cowardly self-esteem.

in fact, anyone is an animal trainer, and that beast is nothing more than his own temperament. "

to restrain yourself is to manage your inner beast and change your life, starting with changing yourself.

when you have peace of mind, you will not be manipulated by emotions;

when you take care of a positive attitude, you won't be trapped by darkness;

when you understand impermanence, you will not make it public;

when you know how to be kind, you can walk solidly under your feet and live at ease for the rest of your life.

, may you keep a good sense of sobriety, have a restraint, and live a real nobility in a low profile.