Responsibility (good text in depth)
Responsibility (good text in depth)
Each stage of life has different responsibilities.

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it is said in the Book of morality: "the artifacts of the world cannot be done. Those who do it lose, and those who hold it lose it. "

the road of responsibility is difficult step by step, sorrow is on the road, joy is on the road, sorrow is on the road, hope is also on the road.

people, alive, should take responsibility. Not because of persistence, but because it is worth it.

when you are alive, you need to be responsible to yourself, to your family, and to society.

be responsible for yourself

in this world, there is always only one person who can be responsible for yourself, and that is you.

Wang Xiaobo said this paragraph in "standing at thirty":

I want to love, to live, and to treat the present life as if it were a hundred. Since I exist, anyway, I have to take responsibility for myself.

A good person is not born extraordinary, but he is willing to be responsible for himself.

because only when you are responsible to yourself can you be responsible to others.

there is only one life, and no one can replace the responsibility on his shoulders.

A person who is not responsible for himself, his life must be laissez-faire.

for a person who is responsible for himself, his life must be down-to-earth, full and peaceful.

and the life that is responsible for yourself will be strong enough to support you through the years to come.

No one will pave the way for you if you don't work hard; you're not responsible for yourself, and no one can get you.

Zhu Ziqing said: "I came to the world naked, and I will leave naked."


time is fast, and the biggest illusion is that there is a long way to go.

Life is too short to be responsible for yourself.

be responsible to the family

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in a family, the husband is heaven and the wife is earth. If husband and wife are responsible, then heaven and earth are vast.

the son is the pen and the daughter is the ink. If the children are in charge, they will be straight and interested in painting.

A responsible husband determines the height of the family;

A responsible wife determines the temperature of the family.

and the sense of responsibility between husband and wife is also exerting a subtle influence on their children.

youdao is: "the father's virtue is the son's legacy."

be responsible for the family, the brothers will live in harmony, the husband and wife will work together, and the whole family will stay warm together.

A family without responsibility is like taking a bath in a raincoat, frivolous and hypocritical, indifferent and alienated.

and a family that meets each other with the nature of life, it can comfort the heart and teach people to make progress.

be socially responsible

there is a saying in the University: "only by practicing self-cultivation and governing the country can we pacify the world."

everyone is a member of society. Only by being responsible to himself and to his family can he be responsible to society.

however, social responsibility is not a gentle word, it is as cold as a rock.

when a person really becomes a member of society, social responsibility will naturally fall on your shoulders.

it is both resolute and soft. it is a kind of "worry before the people worry, and be happy after the people are happy



this iron-shouldered belief in morality can prop up a sky and shape a great personality.

there is a story in which a philosophy teacher who is seriously ill struggles to go back to school to teach his children. When he finishes the last lesson, he falls on the podium.

when the students sorted out his belongings with tears in their eyes, they found such a sentence written in his notebook.

"people can give up everything, but the only thing that is difficult to give up is responsibility. Maybe this is the last lesson, but I will stick to it."

extraordinary and moving, ordinary and great.

Social responsibility is not unattainable, it permeates everyone's post like air.

shoulder your own responsibility, even if it is small, it will still be respected and loved by people.

the city is particularly beautiful because of the responsibility of the cleaners;

the lives of health care workers are saved because of their responsibilities.

Social responsibility can be as light as a feather or heavier than Mount Tai.

it is not high above and out of reach, but a kind of simple heroism that exists between you and me.

being responsible for society will lead to an inestimable spiritual wealth.

responsibility is an attitude towards oneself, family and society.

each stage of life has different responsibilities.

as the saying goes: to be responsible for oneself is to be alone; to be responsible to the family is to love each other; to be responsible to society is to cherish the world.

be it rich or ordinary, be yourself, stand up, and take responsibility.

only in this way can we look up to the sky and bow to the ground.