Respect for the highest state of human beings (good text in depth)
Respect for the highest state of human beings (good text in depth)
Respect is the wealth of one's life.

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the greatest happiness in life is to be respected by others, which is better than wealth and supreme power. Respect is a lifetime wealth.

and how to get the respect of others is very important.

respect is mutual

respect is mutual, whether it is the elder and the younger generation, the superior and the subordinate, the poor and the rich.

there is no respect for no reason.

only a person who knows how to respect others can get the respect of others.

Queen Elizabeth of England went to a party one day and came home very late.

when she went home, she went to the door and found the door closed, so she knocked on the door. Her husband asked, "who is it?"

Elizabeth said, "the Queen of England!"

the husband didn't open the door.

she knocked again, her husband asked again, and Elizabeth replied, "it's Elizabeth."

the husband still hasn't opened the door.

at this moment, Elizabeth seemed to realize something. she thought about knocking on the door again, and without waiting for her husband to speak, she asked and answered, "Honey, I'm your wife Elizabeth!"

the door opened in response.

A person who knows how to respect others will also respect you, while a person who does not know how to respect others, no matter how high his position or power, will not be sincerely respected by others.

Confucius said, "if three people walk, there must be my teacher."

respect means being able to face your own shortcomings calmly, find the bright points of others, respect others, and get the respect of others.

others respect you because they are good

the best way to get along with others is to be not proud of others at the top and not humble at the bottom.

when you are in a high position, you can look at yourself humbly and not arrogantly at others; when you are at a low ebb, you can calmly face yourself without feeling inferior and sad.

respect for others, but also respect for yourself, this is a person's self-cultivation, but also the basis for a person to settle down.

on the street of New York, a businessman saw a ragged pencil salesman. Out of pity, he gave the man a dollar.

the salesman was a little surprised, then looked pale, but did not say a word.

after a while, the businessman turned back, took out some pencils from the pen seller, and apologetically explained that he had forgotten his pen.

the salesman was moved and watched the businessman leave.

A few months later, we met again, and the pen seller had become a marketer. He said gratefully to the businessman:

"you regained my self-esteem and told me that I was a businessman."

excellent people are always able to give respect to others at the right time without putting people in an awkward position.

and this respect will also plant the seeds of light in people's hearts, and the fire will be passed on forever.

Lu Xun said:

"I thought other people respected me because I was good. Slowly I understand that others respect me because others are excellent, and excellent people know how to respect others. "

A good person can respect every small potato in life. He will not decide whether or not to respect others because of their status. It is his own business.

A person who is willing to respect small potatoes can be called a big shot. Such a person not only respects others but also solemnly himself.

those who respect others are also very good themselves

Mencius said, "those who respect others, people always respect them."


only when you know how to respect others can you win respect for yourself.

once, Ye Shusui visited Zhou Zuoren with her friends.

they went to the first room in the last row of houses in the backyard and knocked softly on the door, which opened.

the man who opened the door was an old man with glasses, medium height, long round face, moustache and vest.

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they inferred that the old man might be Zhou Zuoren and explained their purpose.

but as soon as the old man heard that he was looking for Zhou Zuoren, he hastened to say:

"Zhou Zuoren lives behind.


so Ye Shu-sui and her friend went back and knocked on the door. The person who came out replied that Zhou Zuoren lived in the first room of the row in front of her.

they had to turn around and knock on the door. It was the same old man who opened the door. He said:

"I am Zhou Zuoren.


respect others, do not care about a certain moment, but reflected in the little things.

being able to always think about respect for others is also a very good character in itself.

the Book of changes says: "it is not bad to hand in, but not to violate in the next.


do not flatter those who are better than you, and do not treat those who are weaker than you lightly.

respect is not only the embodiment of a person's inner goodness, but also the improvement of his personality and self-cultivation. A person who knows how to respect others must also be respected.

know how to respect, let a person learn to think of others, can understand the difficulties of others;

know how to respect, let a person improve his own self-cultivation, can become the beacon of others;

know how to respect, let a person practice his EQ and become a better person!