Really strong, from the beginning of solitude!
Really strong, from the beginning of solitude!
To find and repair yourself in solitude.

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the world loves hustle and bustle, where more people go.

but if you make thousands of friends, how can you have your own time? people can have thoughts only in "stillness" and "independence".

most of the great achievements in history are established by "independence" and become famous by "independence".

Fu Zhao, a famous minister in the Northern and Southern dynasties, is a model famous for "independence" in the world.

think alone

the first important thing in life is learning, and learning depends on independent thinking.

only when we learn, precipitate and comprehend in loneliness for a long time, can we be full of bosom, wisdom, and mussel into beads.

Fu Zhao grew up as an independent learner.

when he was in his teens, Yongzhou stabbed Shi Mu to visit his residence. He only focused on reading and thinking, as if there was no one else, and his expression did not change.

the stabbing history exclaimed: "this son looks extraordinary, will become a great thing."

later Yuan can, the magistrate of Danyang, hired him as the county master's book and asked his son to learn from him. Whenever he has spare time, he still sits still and reads books.

every time Yuan can goes outside his door, he always thinks that there is no one in the house. When the curtain was lifted, he was found to be reading.

later, Fu Zhao became an official, but he did not change this habit. Because he studied all his life, he was known as the "institution of learning".

you can often get the gist of a book by studying alone and thinking in silence.

Human inspiration is always generated in meditation.

when you sit alone and study, you will meet Li Bai, du Fu, Qin Huang and Hanwu in the smell of books.

only at this moment can people's minds mature and see what they don't see and get what they don't get.

therefore, many great people always quietly keep a pious heart, persevere in the solitary territory, and let Qiu Ma Fengyue unswervingly.

it seems that this is a kind of giving up, in fact, only in this way can we get a rich harvest.


the gentleman in the eyes of the ancients: "focus on yourself when you are unknown, and care about the people when you have status."

being alone is the greatest virtue of a gentleman. The only good is to defend the heart and cultivate one's moral character alone.

Fu Zhao is an official, incorruptible and thrifty, both ancient and modern, and enjoys a good reputation.

when he was doing internal history in Ancheng County, someone gave him fish, but he didn't want to accept it, and he was afraid that the giver would be embarrassed, so he took the fish and threw it outside the door.

when others see this, no one will give him any more gifts.

A county magistrate brought him a curtain and hid a few pieces of silk under it.

Fu Zhao found out and smiled and returned the silk to the county magistrate.

Fu Zhaoche

only when one is truly good, can the soul be purified.

A person who is only kind can have a strong mind without a stain on his body.

Liang Qichao said: "everyone who takes care of himself is called private morality, and everyone who is good at others is called public morality, both of which are indispensable in life."

being alone is not as good as saving the whole of mankind, but many people can't do it.

in this world, if everyone could be left alone, the world would be so beautiful.

be alone

being alone means living alone and keeping your heart, not making any noise, and living in silence or even loneliness.

when Fu Zhao was an official, he did not fight for favor, pay homage, or give gifts; he did not form a party, make friends, or meddle in other people's affairs.

the history books say that he "lives all day long and takes pleasure in the secretary."

A person will never have a bright future if he tries to advance his development by sucking up to his boss.

in officialdom, it often shows that this person cannot devote himself to his career or make any achievements.

and the person who devotes himself to the success of his work must be a quiet loner.

because only by being alone can we see a different world and see the nature of things; we can sit on the sidelines and see through life and officialdom; and we can stimulate our potential and fully understand.

in life, those who work lonely outside the busy circle often have a good ending.

sometimes, people who are unknown and invisible suddenly stand out and people don't understand.

that's because people don't see his efforts in the dark corner.

being cautious in solitude, even if no one sees it, does not exceed the rules of etiquette and law. this virtue was called cautious independence in the ancients.

being cautious and independent is the highest virtue that a man of great virtue must possess.

it is said in the Book of Rites: "A gentleman must be careful of his independence."

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it is relatively easy for people to act according to their conscience and abide by the law in public and in the workplace, but it is difficult to do so when living alone.

once, Fu Zhao's daughter-in-law brought some beef from the outside for Fu Zhao to enjoy.

at that time, the court stipulated that it was against the law to slaughter cattle. However, it is difficult for outsiders to find out when eating beef in their own home, but Fu Zhao still told his son to bury the beef.

youdao is: the darkroom has a bad heart, and the eye of God is like electricity. Only when you walk alone and sleep alone can you be regarded as a true gentleman.

the maturity of every heart must be washed in silence and honed in solitude.

keep your nature in solitude so that you can not be seduced by dazzling things.

every ambitious person should always get out of the noise and find and repair himself in solitude.

connect with the outside world with your mind, let your mind wander around, chew on life, reflect on the past, and turn your solitude into an important value-added period in life.

time is infinite and the world is far away, but only by keeping time and space to yourself can we live up to the gift of life.

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