Really smart people seldom socialize.
Really smart people seldom socialize.
Instead of smiling and begging others, it is better to practice yourself in silence.

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in the crowded street, suddenly, a person or remembered something, began to run.

then the second person starts to run, and then the third and the fourth also run.

No one knows why to run, and no one knows what happened, they just follow the team blindly.

this is the herding effect.

in our lives, we often want to join the crowd. We are not really looking for anything, but are just afraid of being behind the times.

the rabble says:

"once people are in the group, their intelligence drops seriously. in order to gain the so-called sense of identity, they are willing to abandon the concept of right and wrong and use their IQ in exchange for a sense of belonging that makes them feel safe."

what is most likely to make people lose their minds is the mentality of following the crowd.

blindly gregarious is far more frightening than being alone and out of date.

fools are gregarious, but wise men are of the same frequency

there is an anonymous post on Tianya Forum, which is thought-provoking.

A netizen and a high school classmate were admitted to the same university.

after entering college, netizens want to make more friends and accumulate contacts for graduation to find a job.

as a result, while actively participating in the club, she enthusiastically signed up for activities, devoted most of her energy to socializing, and became an active member of the department.

the crowd around her was so busy every day that she had no time to read and study. Sometimes she had no time to do her homework, so she had to muddle through.

High school classmates, on the other hand, are a bit of a loner, only going in and out with three roommates every day.

in their spare time, four people either hang out in the library or discuss and study in the dormitory.

one day, when netizens saw their high school classmates and roommates sitting in the corner in the canteen, they called her aside and said, "Don't always hang out with the three of them, get to know more people."

the student replied, "it's good for us to read and study together. I don't want to associate with too many people."

after listening to a burst of regret, netizens lamented that the students were too rigid.

in the twinkling of an eye, in the graduation season, netizens have been unable to find a good job because of their mediocre grades, and the so-called friends are busy looking for a way out and have no time to take care of her.

while my high school classmates were admitted to graduate school with three roommates.

writer Wang Kailing said: "crowds are often people's graves."

after the feast, there is only sadness and blind gregariousness, which is the beginning of mediocrity.

people who are too gregarious, like falling Tetris, will eventually be submerged in the crowd.

people who seem to be unsociable, like birds in the air, are not really lonely, but choose people with the same frequency as their companions.

fools are gregarious, but wise men are of the same frequency.

In our marine corps ball dresses, you will define elegance and chic. We are your one stop shop for a perfect choice.

the network that tries hard to please is, after all, just a glamour in the mirror, which is broken as soon as it is touched.

if you keep company with people of the same frequency, you can forge ahead even if you act foolishly.

the real network is not in the essence

American singer Ciara once stood on the podium and said, "having your own small circle is a strong sign of you."

in the sea of life, very few people are really bosom friends, and very few are willing to lend a helping hand in times of trouble.

instead of casting a wide net blindly, it is better to focus on two or three people.

Liu Tao replied, "I don't have time to be nice to everyone."

reveals the social nature of adults, clear and sober.

although Liu Tao doesn't have many friends, he is of high quality.

her friendship with Qin Hailu is a good story in the entertainment circle. In the words of Qin Hailu, "We have a past friendship."

in the early years, as soon as Qin Hailu took over the movie version of Let's get married, she found that she was pregnant.

but it was difficult to break the contract after signing the contract at that time, and Liu Tao acted in place of Qin Hailu without saying a word.

Qin Hailu was a little depressed after giving birth. Liu Tao took the initiative to contract all the necessities of Qin Hailu's child seven months ago.

later, when Liu Tao fell into the trough of his life because her husband went bankrupt, Qin Hailu said to Liu Tao, "No matter how much I can help, I will help you."

when Liu Tao was caught up in the public opinion of "paying debts for his husband", Qin Hailu was directly angry at the reporter: "do you believe what's posted on the Internet?"

No matter how many friends and strong connections, there is no one who is willing to warm you, trust you, and support you.

I abandon those who dislike me, and cherish those who like me.

it is the best investment in life to please people and give back rare sincerity.

there is a good saying: "only by selectively integrating into a certain group can one really make himself comfortable."

if the water is not deep, if there is a dragon, it will be spiritual; if there are not many friends, it is good to be bosom.

the best thing in the world is to meet a bosom friend.

Real connections are better than the noises of tens of millions of acquaintances.

limited time, do important things

Ling Mai, a self-media blogger, does not like to socialize because he is afraid that others will say that she is unsociable and that she will be regarded as an "alien".Attend all kinds of parties wholeheartedly.

during the staggered preparations, she found that she not only gained nothing, but also became more and more empty and anxious.

after reflection, she tried to quit the party and put her mind on her work, and soon there was a new breakthrough in the number of fans.

the collected works of the Mid-levels once said, "if you take back the hope placed on others and put it on yourself, you can keep your romance for the rest of your life."

focus on yourself, and life will really belong to you.

writer Zhou Guoping calls himself an "otaku". He has lived a "light" life for decades.

after the children go out to school and his wife goes out to work, he stays at home alone to read and write.

he was accompanied by only one mobile phone, and most of the time he would turn it off and devote himself to his creation.

it is only in the morning and evening that I turn on my mobile phone to read Weibo and the news and deal with related affairs.

he said: "I have to write every day. Reading and writing occupy not only my time, but also my heart. I also feel good and enjoy sitting down like this for decades."

if you want to embrace future glory, you must learn to reconcile with loneliness and grow up alone.

A paragraph on the Internet is very popular:

"if your ambition is to be an eagle, don't wander around an acre of land behind the courtyard every day, like the group in the henhouse."

remember that your dream is to spread your wings and fly through the clouds. The places you want to go are rivers, lakes and seas, the ends of the earth. "

lingering in the noise is not only a disappointment of time, but also a waste of the mind.

the heart has the universe, the wind and rain do not move.

people with firm hearts never indulge in flashy social activities and will firmly follow their hearts, live up to themselves and live up to time.

time flies like a fleeting time, never staying for anyone.

it is the awakening that adults should have to spend limited time doing what they want to do and spending time with people who are worth it.

really smart people seldom socialize

I have read such a paragraph:

"A sign of maturity is to understand that 99% of what happens to you every day means nothing to others."

Life is your own and has nothing to do with others.

really smart people seldom socialize, because they know very well:

the most important thing in life is not who you know, but who you are.

when you are weak, even if you have thousands of friends, you can't make up for your lack.

when you are strong, even if you are far away in the mountains, good contacts will come uninvited.

the world of adults is all about equal strength.

instead of smiling and asking others, it is better to practice yourself piously and silently.