Really smart people have long been far away from these four low-level circles.
Really smart people have long been far away from these four low-level circles.
The choice of the circle is crucial.

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everyone begins to know all kinds of people from the moment they are born, and is busy entering all kinds of social circles.

but not until a certain age will you gradually understand that what kind of people you get along with directly affects your life destiny.

especially when people reach middle age, they are old at the top and small at the bottom, and it is extremely difficult for them to take every step forward.

therefore, the choice of circle is very important.

walking with the wise can change your life, but if you keep company with the fool, you will suffer from it.

and my suggestion is that these four low-level circles must be given up as soon as possible.

talk about the circle of right and wrong

I have to say that where there are people, there is right and wrong.

there used to be a top-notch colleague at work who liked to complain in front of newcomers about how he was oppressed by old employees, causing anxiety and panic.

he turned to his boss and old employees again, complaining that his new colleagues did not cooperate and took on most of the work without complaining.

during that time, the atmosphere of the unit has been very bad, and everyone's cooperation efficiency is very low.

later, the boss talked to people one by one and communicated with each other only to find that this colleague was sandwiched in the middle and made something out of nothing.

there is a saying in Zengguang Xian Wen: "those who often say right and wrong must be non-human."

those who like to gossip and gossip behind their backs are often the makers of trouble.

there are a lot of people around us.

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they may be one of your friends, inadvertently revealing to your partner that you have been "very close" to a member of the opposite sex;

it may also be one of your relatives who can't see that your child's grades are better than his, and privately talk about how many gifts you gave to your teacher.

or one of your colleagues "inadvertently" talks about your dissatisfaction with your work schedule in front of your boss;

their inner pattern is small, bullying the soft and hard, and they can only get the satisfaction of their inner malformations by discussing others to form a circle.

after spending a long time with such people, it is hard to avoid saying the wrong things and doing the wrong things.

there is no impenetrable wall in the world. Gossip will one day spread to other people's ears, and you will become an abominable person.

what's more, one day you may become a topic of relish in their mouth, and it's scary to think about it.

so, if you meet such a person, you'd better stay away early.

different moments with different values

have you ever met such a person?

you think you should work in a big city when you are young, but he laughs at your incompetence and wants to go outside.

you feed stray cats to participate in public welfare activities, but he dislikes cats and dogs for being dirty and full of bacteria.

you think daily exercise is good for your health. He said that fat and thin are born, and no matter how much you practice, it is useless.

your every move is a show in his eyes, and no matter what you say, he will contradict you and argue with you.

get along with such a person, friction constantly, and finally become enemies.

like Cheng Gong and Hu Liang in the movie Sewing Machine Band.

Hu Liang has been sticking to his dream of music for many years, while agent Cheng Gong collected more than NT $1 million from the developer and disbanded the concert for money.

when the heartbreaking Hu Liang punched Cheng Gong in the face, Cheng Gong did not fight back.

he knows that the first encounter is actually a coincidence, but in the face of reality and values, no matter how hard to support the feelings will eventually be routed.

in fact, people with different values are not bad. The root cause is that each other's ideas and cognition are not on the same level.

it is difficult for you to change his perception, and it is also difficult for him to understand what you think. All the disputed issues can only be broken up in discord in the end.

there are so many people coming and going in life, different people will form different circles.

and people with different values will never be the same people. Even if they are forced to maintain friendship, it will only increase annoyance and unhappiness, and it is better to let each other go.

the rest of my life is still long, but I still have to be with people who are similar to my soul in order to look at each other and never get tired of each other.

A grumbling chat circle

there is always a group of people around us, ranging from work communication to three meals a day.

and they usually have only one way to deal with these grievances, and that is to keep complaining.

I have read a comic book before and was impressed by one of the plots.

the heroine in the cartoon is in a hurry to get to work, but the bus is late. She begins to complain constantly, complaining about the poor skills of the driver and the company's working hours too early.

but what the hostess does not know is that while she complains, her world becomes a gray circle.

everyone stood outside the circle, watching coldly, and no one wanted to get close to her.

in fact, like to complain, strictly speaking, it is not a big mistake, nor does it hurt others.

Why is it so offensive?

because people who like to complain are not really having a bad time, but they are short-sighted and often obsessed with worthless and trivial things.

they also know that complaining doesn't really solve the problem, but on the inner level, complaining makes them feel better.One o'clock.

but no one really wants to be with someone who complains and sighs a lot.

because, for those who listen to complaints, there is no benefit except to receive full negative energy and waste precious time.

and listening too much will inevitably affect your mood, and the loss outweighs the gain.

nine times out of ten, there is no need to make yourself unhappy.

Life can only be interesting if you have more contact with people who are positive in the sun, be close to the aura of positive energy, and listen to sincere and happy words.

keep up with the bloated social circle

A few days ago, I received a message from a reader backstage:

having dinner with friends, they are always talking about whose family has changed the big house, who has bought a luxury car, and whose children have signed up for what class.

the income of our family is relatively ordinary in a table. I feel that the meaning seems to be directed at me.

but when we all have dinner together, we look guilty again if we don't go. Is it because my heart is afraid of being looked down upon by others?

in life, many people like to package themselves in words or actions intentionally or unintentionally, showing a sense of superiority.

and before we know it, we fall into each other's trap, envy the scenery of other people's lives, and care about what others think of us.

as a result, the more you compare, the more you want, the more greedy you are, the more impetuous you feel.

but to put it bluntly, adult life is bittersweet, and no one lives easier than anyone else.

just like when we were young, we always liked to brag about each other at the wine table, but as we got older, we began to complain.

because we reach middle age, we begin to see through ourselves and life.

face is for others to see, the day is their own, there is no need to compare those illusory added value.

I agree with Li Yinhe's sentence: "enjoy what you have and don't envy what you don't have. Only in this way can you maintain a happy mood."

Life is short, why throw yourself into a meaningless whirlpool.

take life seriously and pursue real happiness in order to be happy and happy for the rest of your life.

there are only a few decades left in life, and you need to do and cherish the days to come.

stay away from those who keep consuming you, and give up meaningless social circles in order to make time and space for the right people.

the best way to socialize for the rest of your life must be to know more people, but smaller and smaller circles.

self-disciplined and self-motivated friends, excellent and comfortable circle, is the most precious wealth of our life.

, may we all find the right circle, make good friends, and achieve better each other.