Putting it down is a rich nourishment of life.
Putting it down is a rich nourishment of life.
It's a relief to put it down.

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in this life, people are often busy and meticulous because of fame and fortune, and the more they live, the more tired they become.

most of the time, putting it down is the great nourishment of life.

put it down and turn back

there are many things in life, only when you let go can you start all over again.

Caigen Tan says:

"where can't the moon soar in a clear sky, but moths throw night candles alone;

Qingquan green fruit, what can not drink and peck, but owls prefer rotten rats.

please! If the world is not a moth or a moth, what is the geometry of a man? "


under the clear sky and the bright moon, where can't the space soar at will? But the moth must pounce on the candle;

clear spring water, green grass, which kind of thing can not be satisfied? On the other hand, owls like to eat dead mice.

Oh! How many people in the world are there who are as stupid as moths and owls?

therefore, as the old saying goes, "the sea of suffering is boundless, turning back is the shore."


in many cases, it is not necessary to go to the absolute position of not hitting the south wall and not looking back. If you turn around, you will be able to have a broad future.

Zhang Guolao in the eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, people are most impressed by his "riding a donkey upside down".

although it is only a legend, it actually has a profound meaning. Some poems praise it and say:

how many people in the world are not like this old man;

not riding a donkey backwards, looking back on everything.

the word "looking back" is often the most difficult for the world to achieve.

people are always used to clinging to their thoughts, knowing it's wrong, but refusing to stop.

I know it's bad, but I won't give up.

over and over again, he put himself in a difficult position to ride a tiger.

in fact, most of the time, you can't turn back until you put it down, and you can start over only when you turn back.

as the philosopher said: how to go up, the only way is to let go.

put it down and be free

there is a saying in Daojing:

risk life and death.

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there are three out of ten people in life, three in ten in death, and three out of ten in people's livelihood.

Why is my husband? Because of his life.

this sentence means: life and death have destiny, which is the law of heaven and earth.

the reason for this is often the result of obsession.

in fact, it is not just longevity, no matter what it is, it will do more harm than good if you cling to it too deeply.

if Li Bai is obsessed with the prosperity of the temple, how can he have the passion that "Hur will sell fine wine, and you will sell eternal sorrows"?

if Tao Yuanming insists on the salary of five buckets of rice, how can he be free and easy to "pick wild flowers by the fence and accidentally see Nanshan"?

the temptations and concerns of the world are all ropes.

most of the time, we are like a cow tied to a tree by a rope piercing its nose. We want to break free from the rope and graze freely, but we can't break free and can only circle around the tree.

in fact, grass is not only in the distance, but you can eat it by bowing your head.

only by letting go of the reins in your heart can you grasp the happiness in front of you. Put it down, and you will be free.

Let it go before you take it easy

Zhuangzi said a sentence: "

those who are in love with life do not think that they do not live;

those who live up to their lives have no choice but to do nothing.


means that those who know the truth of life do not pursue what is unnecessary in life;

people who know the truth about life do not do things that are powerless to life.

Caigen Tan also says:

"try to think about what it looks like before you are born, and what the scenery will be after death, then you will be gray and cold and lonely before you can travel beyond the outside world.


there is such a story:

there was a rich man who felt unhappy all day, so he carried a lot of gold and silver treasure on his back and looked everywhere for happiness.

but I couldn't find it after traveling through thousands of mountains and rivers, and I couldn't help sighing.

the millionaire poured out his grievances: "I have a lot of wealth and have no worries about food and clothing. Why can't I always find happiness?"

the woodcutter put down the heavy wood on his shoulder, wiped the sweat and said, "actually, happiness is very simple."

for me, letting go is happiness! "

then the rich man suddenly realized: how can he be happy if he carries so many treasures and worries about this and that?

so he gave away all his money and devoted himself to doing good deeds, and his heart was much happier.

this story does not tell the world that if you give up money, you have to be happy, but that most of the time, you have to take it easy.

Life is like a play, in which everyone plays a different role.

if you want to do a good job in the play of life, you rely on your own control.

if you are too attached to the "role", it is hard to avoid skating on thin ice and worrying about gain and loss.

the cloth bag and there is still a poem: "if you walk, you will have a cloth bag, and if you sit there, you will have a cloth bag." How comfortable it is to put down the cloth bag. "

playThe next is a kind of relief, a kind of calmness and indifference.

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